Sunday, September 18, 2016

My notes are too late, for today's Sunday News Shows. But journalists and hosts and commentators please. Don't mention birtherism with out saying, "Obviously racist birtherism."
Thank you. The Truth.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

So regarding that appearance of Ann Coulter at the Rob Lowe roast?  Yes the others were  merciless with her.  And it was a thing of beauty.   But here is my most important observation.  Even after being pounded again and again over her racism, skank a slore still told her prepared  "spade"  joke.

Never minding her lack of character, and ability to self edit on the fly.  But that is a good example of why so few conservatives can make it in comedy.  If your idea of what is funny is a pun based on a racist insult, you are not only not funny.  But you are dated.  Like 100 years ago when blackface was still considered wholesome fun entertainment.

Ann Coulter Mocked for Being a Racist at Rob Lowe, takes the mic, and proves it. 
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