Thursday, April 27, 2006


Ok. I am still hesitant to post anything about where I work. I made a post or two but pulled them down when I realized that this blog is finally able to be found by a random Googling (yea bots!)

But that realization made me think that this blog could be found accidentally by people on my job site.

Hmmm, not good that. Well it is good to be on the grid, but not good to post job stuff.

Sooo pass on that, except to say that being a temp (leastwise according to me) means assuming every day is your last there, and sorry to the member of my cluster who got "sent down" last night. I could be next. That is the way these things go.

Beyond that all I am gonna say for now is what my sister says:

Choose Peace.

I am trying to take that to heart. Life is short and I don't need any shit these days.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh, for a muse of fire, who would ascend the brightest of Heaven's invention . . .

or, barring that, a firehose, tapped to a top of the line pumper fire truck, that would allow for the hosing down of the internet, and wash the scuzz and scum away.

Well, if I wasn't composing on the fly and had my thoughts organized, I might be able to make a wee bit more of coherent thought, and vamp on the idea of "too much ego," of "just plain assholes," but I am not that prepared.

I will merely say this for now.

EVERYONE on the internet is NOBODY SPECIAL.

Except for those who are stand out, special assholes.

That is a lousy claim to fame. Being the king (or queen) of slime and rudnes ain't a thing to be proud of.

What ever happened to real wit? What ever happend to integrity? What ever happend to the idea that the best way to show one's superior mind was to speak and act is if butter would not melt in your mouth, rather than the less noble reputation of having a hell mouth for one's mouth.

OK. let me wrap up for now.

World (I am adressing the widest audience here) stop acting like assholes!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Deliberately Walking Into the Mine Field

Of religion.

I am fascinated by religion, not because I am a religious person (that whole feeling The Holy Spirit thing is definitely not me) but because it is part of our history as critters on this planet, and as well, our present. Nevermind my interests in Sociology and Politics/means of social control.

I am a ROTTEN Catholic. I say that plainly, and I have little guilt over it. Even by the Catholic Church's often seeming (to some critters) loosey-goosey view of the Bible as allegory, I am rotten. I was telling some folk on a Forum last night that I wish "they" had tossed the entire Old Testament over board. Not to say it is valueless, but it is (as I likely said) too weird.

Now being one with many credits of college lit on my transcript, I understand metaphor and allegory. I get that part of it. What I don't get is believing in the stories, literally. Granted I don't, so I likely will never understand the want or drive or possibly need to take the OT literally. I just can't think of the basis for clinging so dear to that belief.

Then again, I might as well be more forthcoming, and I say I don't really understand the call to believe in anything that deeply.

I will try not to go too long here (as I will likely get even more convoluted, again, according to some folk) but if I had to boil down to its merest essence, my views on God, it would be likely as follows:

BE NICE to each other. There ain't a one of you humans who does not have room for improvement. Some have a way lot bigger wider deeper room for improvement.

Yes, I ditched the whole nature of God part. That stuff just confuses matters. The core message to me is the "Be Nice/Nicer" thing.

Happy Easter/Passover, what ever is your thing, everybody.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Following the Lead of Sir Fat Jack

I deleted (moved to draft actually) what I had here about the job site.

There is a blog committed to that (I kid you not) and I thought, today, that someone might accidentally find this site, looking for the other.

Discretion 'tis the better part of valor, and all that!
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