Friday, May 26, 2023

Fuck Your Euro Centric Mythic Superiority Bullshit!

And I am almost 1/2 Eurotrash. I show no loyalty.

Don't get me wrong. Love visiting there.  Love the people.  Well,as long as they are people who don't think they are superior to me because they have a higher % of Eurotrash blood.

A reminder.  the term Eurotrash is not equivalent to white trash.  Eurotrash are supposed to be bougie, not broke assed.  

For example:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Eurotrash" is a term for certain Europeans, particularly those perceived to be socialites, stylish and affluent. Eurotrash is often used as a collective term for such European expatriates in the United States or other areas with a concentration of wealthy Europeans. Some consider Eurotrash as a derogatory term, whereas others see it as a humorous, ironic description of themselves or others. There have been discussions in various forums to clarify its intent, with a majority view that the original meaning was not intended to imply impoverished or trashy Europeans, or be the European equivalent of "white trash".[1][2]

Anyway, on to the decolonization vid.

Decoloniality: A home for us all  | Aliyah Hasinah | TEDxYouth@Brum

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Why the Idea of Western Civilization is More Myth Than History

A follow up to the last post.

It's a Myth 

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It's as Insane as Believing in The Lizard People.

Believing that there actually is a thing called western culture, never mind believing it is superior.

First, the quickies:

 The Dark Ages only happened in Western Europe,

the Eastern Roman Empire remained civilized, and greatly Eastern, culturally.

The renaissance wasn't the rebirth of European culture.  That was just when some Florentines came up with some interesting painting techniques, as

The real rebirth happened when the Moors and other North African Muslims conquered the Iberian Peninsula, and brought the following to the savages:

        math, engineering, architecture, medicine, literature, music, dance, fine and decorative arts,                   education, hygiene, sciences, astronomy, cuisine.  

Did I miss anything?

This is why as of today, I am saying belief in the superiority of western culture is as insane as believing in lizard people.  The evidence that so called western culture is Eastern, Middle Eastern, North African culture in origin, is incontrovertible.  Particularly if you are a middle aged or older adult who has spent your career in academia.  And have been surrounded by this evidence on a daily basis.  For years and decades.   And that leads to my point about how I hope to never be in a room with either Professors Loury or McWhorter.  Because both have made public allegiance to the mythical lie that so called western culture is superior to others.  As crazy as believing in lizard people!

Granted, just because of where I live, I am more likely to run into McWhorter.  But I should avoid talking to him because I think that anyone, never mind a Black, who believes western culture is superior to others is too fucking stupid a person for me to waste a minute talking too.  And in my free time I have actually war gamed it out.  Basically, but for perhaps some relatively obscure facts about the Muslim Caliphate in Iberia?  I would not tell any professor any thing they have not already been exposed to.  So why should I waste my time if given the chance to waste my time thusly?

It's like the experts say.  It is a waste of time to try to educate someone who has given into some conspiracy theory.  That is why I am making the link to lizard people believers.  It's the same kind of  emotionally stubborn stupidity, but for a different untrue belief.

I am less than obsessed but curious about Blacks who to my mind have an ugly and obvious case of  colonial victim Stockholm syndrome;  Over identifying with the so called western colonial oppressor's  so called culture. Granted.  The pressure is hard.  Assimilate!  Fit in!  Be more like a white TV family! But this is the 21st Century.  And we do have the internet.  There a many videos and essays on line explaining human civilization and history.  There really is no excuse not to get the basics about how so called civilization did not spring out of western Europe.  It was brought there!

But I would like a better term than colonial victim Stockholm syndrome.

So I googled for  "what to call a black who over identifies with white culture?"

Did not find any candidates.  So until I or anyone else comes up with better?  Colonial victim Stockholm syndrome.   Oh.  But I am a Star Trek fan.  And there is the evil species that assimilates others, and makes them into drones.  Yeah.  Drone works.  But I doubt it will go viral. But I have tried before.  I have some friends with bigger platforms  and audiences.  And I can always comment  on big media sites.

Drones.  Yeah.  Honestly, that came to me while writing this.

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Sunday, May 21, 2023

I am not going to call the O.W.L. a TERF, but

 but I leave it to people with more skin in that game to do it.

Here is how she published the shit on her blog:

She doesn't buy into TERF dogma there, per se. But she "platforms"  Sullivan, who I admit to loathing, who himself is selling TERF dogma there, per se.

 Fact.  She is a blogger,not a journalist.  However, she is the sole plenipotentiary of her blog.  All editorial decisions are presumed to be hers.  So if she makes a decision to platform TERF dogma, per se?

Then she indeed has platformed TERF dogma, per se.

Oh.  Comes to mind.  I would actually be willing to watch more than a couple minutes of the O.W.L. if she sparred with Natalie Wynn of the Contrapoints channel  on YT.  Not only on the subject of the excuseless wickedness of TERF dogma, but many other topics?  Natalie would make the O.W.L. seem like a gibbering, incoherent lunatic.  My guess. I could be wrong.  I am sure I am not.

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Friday, May 19, 2023

I Will Mute Professor Loury, Yet Again.

He has crossed over from a cranky old man act, to full on troll.

That is above and beyond being a pseudo. 

Anyway, as of today he posted two clips on YT.  That I will not suffer.  

One bore the headline Obama was an empty suit.  The other was about the judgment (right wing white supremacist talking point) that Anti Racism is a scam.

First the trolling of P. Obama.  I don't mean to demean teaching generations of young minds as accomplishing nothing in life.  So let me say but for what ever good he did as an academic? He hasn't done dick.  Next to P. Obama.  Loury sold out for nigger money, and his conservative books and conservative awards will soon be forgotten.  He will never get the status of Thomas Sowell.  And that negro ain't shit, even.

And the "antiracism is a scam" troll?  What is a bigger scam than Republican/conservative publishing?  There is that famous 1971 memo  by Lewis Powell to the US Chamber of Commerce,  that is a road map for capitalist pig dog domination of politics in America.  It called for the creation of conservative think tanks, and other kinds of conservative institutions and terrorist cells, to poison the nation with pro capitalist pig dog nonsense. And work done for the likes of them is basically Loury's side hustle, like 

The Manhattan Institute?

Shit like that shit house.

Scam?  Negro please!  Look in the mirror!

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Most Important Part of the Article on The Subway Strangler

 "Daniel Penny is no sheepdog. He is not a hero, and he deserves no further medals. He’s in the news because he brutalized another human being to death. If that’s what passes for valor, nobody is safe."


Admittedly, I found the article on the O.W.L.'s blog.  To her credit she calls the animal analogy "awfully facile."  

But that observation leads me to the macro level.  All the defenses of the  . . .  as I call him, Subway Strangler are facile:

(especially of a theory or argument) appearing neat and comprehensive only by ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.

You don't need some bullshit animal reference to be superficial.  It just came to me.  Those of us of a certain age should remember the infamous bear in the woods ad that Reagan used.  Yeah.  Some people just love facile, uncomplicated thinking. I believe the word for them is conservatives.  Now I know the word facile applies to more people than politically conservative folk.  But they are well known for Manichean thinking.

I remember this Republican guy who I saw post on a message board, his justification for employing stereotypes:

"Saves time."

It's all related.  Black and white thinking.  Stereotypes.  And white supremacy.

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Monday, May 15, 2023

Old White Lady Has an Emotional Breakdown. If She Acted Like This On A Subway

(Go to the 50 minute mark to see her lose her shit, big time!) 

would anyone have a right to restrain her?  I don't think so.  But the old white lady in question though the dead guy who was strangled to death by the Subway Strangler deserved intervention.

I am sure the old white lady would argue that her shit fit somehow was not really that ugly, and needing intervention.  And beside fucking up horribly on the law?  That is what is totally fucking wrong with her and anyone else defending the subway strangler.  Who the fuck is actually trained, and experienced, and certified enough to make the call between not so dangerous, and actually dangerous people having shit fits?  And let us be plain.  Cops are not well enough trained!

There has been this much needed debate following the George Floyd murder, about the blatantly insufficient training of  cops regarding people in emotional or otherwise mental distress.

I am a little better experienced but not trained, because I did family court for three years in Philly as a lawyer.  I am most sure about what I do not know, however, as opposed to being sure I can tell who is going to go harmful violent, instead of just obnoxiously loud and demanding attention crazy, verbally violent.

Oh.  Where she fucked up,  like One L  badly fucked up?  In the comment section of her post on this shit?  She sort of seemingly deliberately missed the obvious fact that wrapping your arm around someone's neck to subdue them is precisely the kind of risk of killing another activity that the manslaughter laws criminalize. Intent to kill is not an element. It is engaging in conduct where the risk of killing another is so great that as a society we say, collectively.  Don't do that shit.

Before I end this.  And as a lawyer I find it disturbingly humorous to read or hear non lawyer talk law.  I did go through a lot of her homicide loving fan boi's  and occasional girl's posts.  A lot of them seem to think this is a hard case for the prosecution.  Not really.  And a lot think that self defense defense of others is going to be the think that winds the day for the strangler. 
The crime is (let me get the correct language)

Under our law, a person is guilty of Manslaughter in the Second Degree when that person recklessly causes the death of another person. 

The following term used in that definition has a special meaning:

1 A person acts RECKLESSLY with respect to a death when that person 

engages in conduct which creates or contributes to a substantial and unjustifiable risk that another person's death will occur, 

and when he or she is aware of and consciously disregards that risk, 

and when that risk is of such nature and degree that disregard of it constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of conduct that a reasonable person would observe in the situation.

And yes self defense is an affirmative defense.  That means the prosecution has to prove it wasn't.   I am not going to say that is going to be a slam dunk.  But.  I think the lack of evidence of a real imminent threat is going to be easy to show.

Oddly enough.  The Strangler would be better situated with that defense if he used a gun, not his arm. 

I can just imagine the potential witness for the prosecution describing how after the first minute or two that it is perfectly logical to believe the strangler knew he was killing the victim. So it shifts in theory to a matter of at what point did the self defense defense no longer apply and full responsibility for the unlawful taking of a life become the factual truth?  That is a winnable case for the prosecution.  

As soon as the victim stopped resisting?  And as soon as some on the subway car started saying he was killing the victim?  That is the point his conduct clearly became outlaw.  But far as I am concerned?  The Strangler's choice of strangulation as a means of subduing the victim was outlaw.  Out of several choices?  Kick him in the nuts?  Punch him in the face, or belly, or side of head?  He was a marine for crying out loud!  He was trained in various forms of physical violence. And he went with strangulation move?  

What the fuck, guy!

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Regarding That Subway Strangler

 That is how I wish people call him, if not by name.  The murder loving white supremacist scum are calling him a "Good Samaritan." As if Christ Lord's intended purpose in telling that parable was to encourage people to strangle other people who were distressed, acting out, and rude.  By the minimum requirements they think justifies killing?  What about the threatening and seemingly imminently violent crowds at a bozo rally?  

Anyway.  Old white lady is sympathetic to murderers now.  Granted, he got charged with manslaughter.  But the facts support criminally negligent homicide, as well.  I checked, and ironically, the Man. 2 charge has a far longer maximum sentence:  15 years instead of 4.  So what ever about the term.

In brief, I want to live in the world where people are chicken shit about taking the law into their own hands.  Like the line in that movie says.  "People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals."

I really don't think people are smart enough to make good decisions under those kinds of circumstances.  Anything less than intervention to stop an ongoing and obvious violent crime should never be sanctioned by law.  Never mind the too dangerous choice of risking killing by strangulation by wrapping you arm around another person's throat for any fucking reason.

There are reasons even police departments are banning that shit.

Here is a screen shot from old white lady's last post about the story.  At least one poster call out her pro murderers post.  The bit in italics is her pro murderers bullshit.

PS.  I am a frequent rider  on the NY subway.  If someone annoys me.  I switched cars.  Last time some one individually cursed me out was on the platform.  I kept on walking.  I did not engage.


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