Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tar Baby vs. Briar Patch. I Really Need to Stop Posting About a Certain Law Professor Blogger, . . .

So I am taking the conversation up to the higher level. And/or I am not going to name names in my remarks. Anyway, some writer used the phrase "Briar Patch," in a piece about P. Obama's threatened veto of the Boehner Extortion Plan. OK fine. No big deal. Unless one goes off on a tar baby tangent. Some unnamed blogger did exactly this. Now both the briar patch and the tar baby stories are found in the infamous Uncle Remus stories. But beyond that, what is the linkage? Not much. But the unnamed blogger did not seem to get it, that tar baby is a bad thing . . . because it has been used as a racist insult. Briar patch has none of that baggage. So what was this blogger thinking? Who the fuck knows. Maybe the blogger is totally ignorant of the specifics.

Now does one need to be an expert in anti black, racist insults to know this? Fuck no. All one needs to be is a fan of classic Saturday Night Live (or call it Richard Pryor) skits.

Sometimes life is that simple. No need to muddy and muck things up, now.

One last thing. Granted, the tar baby = racist insult part is not the only part of the Uncle Remus shit that is basically racist. The whole mythology of good niggers back in the good old days and all that Southern Imperialist, Slave Plantation nostalgia shit is very, very bad racist shit. But beyond that, there's that fucking fake patois that the racist goober, Joel Chandler Harris used in the stories.

If someone were to post a chunk of that shit on their blog and not be clear they were doing it for a credible reason (like pointing out how odious that shit is,) they might find themselves open to the charge of being tone deaf on a simple and widely known racial taboo.

And to make matters worse, there is now a link to the clip from the Disney film, "Song of the South." I watched it. And it's pretty bad. I only saw the movie the one time, when it was in theatrical re release, back in the 1960s. So I really don't remember it. And it's bad. Minstrel Show bad. (Oddly enough, or not, cause people love their stereotypes so fucking much, there are comments on the YouTube page defending this racist shit. This is America in the 21st Century? Good fucking grief!)

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