Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Quickies

Right wingers, The Fox Fux and others, are in serious denial about the Norge Killer. According to Expert Researcher on all things Right Wing Violent, Michelle Goldberg, in her performance today on Bloggingheads.TV, Der Norseman Killer is not a Christan Fundamentalist. But he definitely is a violent right wing cultural warrior. Allegedly in his manifesto he cites (if not copy pastes directly from) standard American right wing wing nut conservative writings.

Getting more specific, I read somewhere that Satan Spawn anti Islamic Bigot Pam Geller is upset that she's being linked to him. Shit, woman. You so impressed him he mentioned you in his rant. So deal.

Fox News Channel is not dead yet. Allegedly we have to wait for a conviction in the UK shit before anything can happen here under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Unless some shit shakes out of the trees here, we are in a holding pattern.

I am still on a tear about the Hostage Crisis. Interesting thing, I read today quoting a former CBO head. He says we ought to do away with the debt limit. Sounds good to me. Granted, we can't get the teabaggers in Congress to go for it, as they are not going to be willing to give up their extortion weapon. But it would be better for the nation, I am convinced, that it never be held hostage again like this.

Anything else for now? That awful movie about Palin has totally bombed at the box office. Expect it on DVD soon. If you dare watch it. My understanding is never mind the subject. It's such a bad piece of documentary film making it might end up famous, in the same way Ed Wood movies are famous. For how bad they are.

Anyway. Enough. Later, people.

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