Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Quickies. (Well I started out with that intention. Got on a tear.)

Carry over from my fb page:

If I have to hear another GOP pol, pundit, or hack speak that lie about how taxes kill jobs, I'm gonna plotz! I want an emergency Federal Law passed. Repeating the lie that taxes kill jobs is a felony punishable by being forced to live in a particularly bad trailer park, for no less than 2 and no more than 5 years.

Likewise, in a similar vein I am really so deeply sickened by the GOP's conduct during this, as I call it, hostage crisis that even as badly I disparage them, usually? They have really exceeded my low opinion of them. And ya damn right skippy. Part of why they are pushing this shit so hard is because their hatred of P. Obama is so extreme they are willing to fuck the national economy just to fuck with him. But the truth is they are not holding Obama hostage. They are holding The American People hostage. And for that I want them arrested, or at minimum disgraced and chased out of society, like they would chase a scumbag out of town, back in the old days.

Changing gears, Ann Althouse is once again hosting vicious hate speech on her website. In a thread about the Allen West scandal (and her own post was an extreme example of her passive aggressive catttiness,) one of her commenters posted something rather odious. Now to explain, the death of Amy Winehouse had led to another post on the blog about the (dead at) 27 club. And the Allen West post used an article written by Amanda Marcotte as the point of departure.

The odious comment? "Is Mandy 27?"

Go Here to See the Hateful Shit Yourself.

I personally find that sort of shit worse than the blatant "I wish you would drop dead," sort of remark, because I have a thing about passive aggressive trollish cowardly fucks. I hate them on sight. But more's the point, they are trying to be cute in pulling their punches. It's like going for plausible deniability, but failing at it miserably. Everyone gets the message. And in trying to clean up what is a blatantly hateful message, it, to my mind, just comes across all the more uglier. But hey. That's my take on it.

Oh and before I finish here, Althouse's own comments in the post? (Lemme read that shit again, so I can trash it with precision.) I'll just quote her directly:

"I'd like to say that Marcotte and Goldberg are hacks using a boring old rhetorical device, but I think these angry/crazy characterizations do leave an impression.

People are trying very hard to ruin Allen West right now, before he gets anywhere, and they are trying to ensure that Sarah Palin stays down where they think they crushed her."

Remember kids. Allen West was chased out of the Army, narrowly avoiding Court Martial, but was fined $5,000.00 and allowed to retire with benes. The thing that gave rise to his ignoble separation from the Army was that incident where he fired off a gun next to somebody's head, to coerce them to "talk." Basically, it was an act of torture. Basically, he lost his commission because his mental instability became too obvious for the Army to let him remain in the service. And let's be honest here. His behaviour in this, and as well the previous conflicts with Wasserman-Schultz is really good evidence he's fucking nuts, in addition to being a fucking pig. So I look at Althouse's cult of right wing victimhood remarks, there, as evidence she's missing the forest for the partisan, invisible trees.

There's no crying in baseball. And there are no victims in politics. (Of the Media, that is.) When will the fucking wing nuts stop acting like a bunch of whinny babies? Tiresome, that!

Oh. Lastly, Althouse quotes that other wing nut, from Instapundit:

"Yeah, first Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, now Amanda Marcotte: What is it with the Democrats sending white women to attack a black man, anyway? Are they trying to play on gendered racial fears among white voters? It’s some kind of dog-whistle, isn’t it?"

I find it passive aggressively intellectually dishonest, how she will quote shit like that, and not affirmatively endorse, or otherwise comment. So I can not, or at least will not here criticize her for specifically believing in and endorsing such an odious and cynical employment of both the sexist card and the race card, that is contained in a vicious and unfounded group libel of the Democratic Party, and the women specifically mentioned.

But I do get to, and will criticize her for giving that hate speech voice on her page, without condemning it.

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