Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing the Forest for Imaginary Trees Part Deux.

I don't mean to obsess about Althouse, but in a weird sort of follow up to the Allen West hate speech fest, the following, regarding some blogger's crack on Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin. The blogger called her the journalistic equivalent of a fluffer. For those of you not up on the term, a fluffer is a girl on a porno movie set who's job is to give head to male actors between shooting scenes, to keep them fluffed up. Anyway, Here's what Althouse says.

"Rubin's writings about the Norwegian massacre deserve criticism, but aren't liberals supposed to refrain from writing about women like this?"

Find That Stupid Shit Here.

Ok. Let me break that stupid shit down. Firstly, one writer is one writer. Making a general swat at liberals - plural, from that one incident is stupid.

Secondly (and I am no real fan of Kos. The blog, I mean to say,) this is just some no name blogger. So if one is going to make some sort of comparison to a person of power and privilege in the United States Government, like a sitting Congressman, one is making a stupid comparison.

Thirdly, let's look at the words. And the usage. The nobody blogger made a comparison that clearly was not meant to be literal. Granted, it's a metaphor I would not want anyone making about the female folk in my family, but there is a difference between metaphorical statements and flat out disparagement. For example calling someone an attention whore is not the same as calling them a whore. What the blogger did there was closer to calling someone an attention whore instead of flat out calling them a whore. So taking too much out of the analogy here is just stupid.

I'll go for brevity. Up till now, the most stupid thing someone has said this past week to take a shot at liberals, in general or specific, was the fucking asshole who tried to compare P. Obama's infrequent smoking to Michele Bachmann's debilitating migraines. As if smoking a ciggy is the same as having to be left medicated, in a quiet dark room for hours if not days at a time. The two are not even on the same continent, never mind in the same ball park. But this twisted comparison of the nobody blogger and the congresscritter going all unstable batshit in a personal email sent to another congresscritter, and cc'd to congressional leaders, is at least a close second if not itself, most stupid crack of the week.

Oh and lastly, how fucking typical of wingnuts. The fucking problem with Allen West's email was not principally the, "Not a lady," part. It was the whole fucking thing. It was the entirety of the email. All of it. It was that, and the seeming mental instability of the person for not only thinking of the entirety of the content, but then typing it, addressing it to a recipient, and hitting send. Then again, I totally agree with Marcotte. West is not so much a sexist in my eyes. He's unhinged. That's his problem. I was just reading up about the changes coming in with the next edition of the DSM. The whole way of thinking about personality disorders is changing a great deal. So I have to break myself out of the habit of calling people by the (still current) old diagnostic labels. So I will stick to the layman's terms and just call him a crazy man.

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