Sunday, May 21, 2023

I am not going to call the O.W.L. a TERF, but

 but I leave it to people with more skin in that game to do it.

Here is how she published the shit on her blog:

She doesn't buy into TERF dogma there, per se. But she "platforms"  Sullivan, who I admit to loathing, who himself is selling TERF dogma there, per se.

 Fact.  She is a blogger,not a journalist.  However, she is the sole plenipotentiary of her blog.  All editorial decisions are presumed to be hers.  So if she makes a decision to platform TERF dogma, per se?

Then she indeed has platformed TERF dogma, per se.

Oh.  Comes to mind.  I would actually be willing to watch more than a couple minutes of the O.W.L. if she sparred with Natalie Wynn of the Contrapoints channel  on YT.  Not only on the subject of the excuseless wickedness of TERF dogma, but many other topics?  Natalie would make the O.W.L. seem like a gibbering, incoherent lunatic.  My guess. I could be wrong.  I am sure I am not.

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