Friday, December 03, 2021

Anger, Shame, Sadness, and Race in America | Glenn Loury & John McWhorte...

I was a little bit tempted to remark on the Youtube page.  but the fanbois over there are too fucking stupid and toxic.  I don't want near them. I don't swim in that shit. 

Yes, I had these too serious, and disturbingly funny, too full of themselves, negroes on indefinite mute.  But the attractor blurb over on the Bloggingheads.TV page led me to think there might be a little bit of introspection in this vid.  And there was.  It came late.  And it was . . . indicative of some really deep problems Glen has with his anger, and it seems related to his couch potato superman/savior complex.    I am not a psychologist.  But my guess is there is still some residual born again Christian, toxic malware running in his brain.  Just my guess.  Let me help Glen the tiny bit I can,  if there is any chance of him seeing this.  Actually, this applies to both professors.

No, no,  fuck no, negro no!  You are not going to do anything that will help the peoples on a macro level, doing and saying what you have been doing and saying.  I can all but guarantee that!  I am not saying stop trying.  That would be arrogant of me.  But I will say . . . as the discussion started off.  You negroes are wasting your time doing shit the way you do shit.  (Never mind your message.)

If the negroes you want to help never read or see what you publish, you are truly wasting your time. 

I might have said that on this blog regarding these guys before.  It is still as much true now.  If you want to go out there and try to help people one on one, fine.  Or if you want to contribute money to charities and let them spread your bread around where it could do any good, then fine.  But being angry at negroes ain't going to help.  It actually hurts your public standing, Glen.  You might get some stupid conservative fanbois cheering you on.  Toxic energy is their favorite fuel!  But people who actually know something about Psychology are gonna think.  He got some issues and could use some good counseling.  Work on those anger issues!  You will be a much happier person when you learn it is ok to say to yourself, fuckit. Those bitches are on their own.  Let me find a good Portuguese restaurant in Providence, and have some lovely arroz de marisco. 

But reality check.  You ain't got a single solution to anything. Not at all.  Anger might be an energy, but it is not a program for change.  And John?  You make more sense when you say conventional liberal stuff.  You might not be totally lost.  Yet.  But you really are not coming up with any new ideas.  Now you made a comparison between your field and engineering.  There are two kinds of engineers;  design and operating.  (Three, if you count sales engineers.) As a former real world operating engineer, you are at best that.  You have to invent shit to be a design engineer.  That is not only a fact but it is a dare.

Last observations.  Ya'll need to at least entertain the idea that you are totally wrong about everything and wasting your time, really deeply  think it through, in order to be an intellectually honest person.  Ya'll seem too certain in your biases, I mean opinions.

One more.  I had this thought before watching the vid.  And it is me at my passive aggressive best:

"You have an opinion about something? Good for you. Now let me go find someone interesting to talk to."

One really last more.  I am well aware of the really low hit rate I get on this page.  I am engaging in what is a mostly useless, ego satisfying to some extent, mostly performative activity.  But I know it. Now do you negroes know the same about yourselves?  I think John knows. He did have that one acute observation that his audience is mostly white,  and therefore not the people he claims to want to help.  But he is getting paid.  So it is more than some mere masturbatory exercise for him.  It's monetized!  

And Glen has some monetization side hustles going on, too.  Got to say that.

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