Thursday, September 09, 2021

'Stupid sounding': Republican reacts to Trump's Robert E. Lee comment

A housekeeping note.  I am going to try to be less reactive to previously named podcasters and bloggers.  But in the case of the one blogger? I will still be monitoring her blog.  For my peace of mind, I am resolving to just take the looney things she says, time to time, as par for that looney tunes course.

Case in point.  She has some weird admiration for Bozo.  She likes to take his side, even if she did not vote for him, at least the first time.  She thinks the media is unfair to him.  Whatever.  But she analyzed his remarks about the take down of this racist traitor's statue, she had the deplorable audacity to compare that to when the Taliban blew up Buddahs.

Mind you.  This is an educated person, and retired Constitutional Law professor.  She is supposed to know the difference between religion and politics.  The former is considered sacred.  And the latter, profane, but at best some kind of necessary "evil."

And to make matters worse, she spun Bozo's remarks about the physical item as evidence of a (sophisticated?)  appreciation of art?

Shit. I don't have a fine arts degree, but I do have an arts based BA. And  that statue is not August Saint Gaudens quality.  It is at best a typical example of the craft and art.

And way to miss the obvious.  No matter how stoogish and witless Bozo's specific remarks about Granny Lee's vastly overrated skills as a battlefield commander.  The inclusion of that part is evidence that the remarks were not about art, but were about politics; his political present and future.

But she knows that.  I know she isn't a stupid person.  But I have accused her of trolling her own followers, before.  But hey. Doesn't Bozo do that himself?

Imitation/flattery.  All that stupid shit.

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