Monday, March 22, 2021

Racists Who Spew Anti Anti Racist Bullshit are Stupid if

They believe the woke mob is out to get them.  And yet they keep coming out of the closet.  Curious. If it turns out to be true that the arc of history is toward justice, these bitches  have chosen the losing side, in the long term at least.  Furthermore.  They act like they are the ones about to get lynched, even if they are the actual 21st Century successor to Racist American lynch mobs.  Oh.  And trying to paint the anti racists as the racists?  What street drug are these bitches taking?

I am going to do a quick shout out to those negroes who side with the white racist oppressors.  (Even if that is mostly on account of inherited wealth and status.)  I won't name check you folk, but.  Seriously?  Seriously?  How cheaply did they buy you off for?  An Ivy League tenured slot?   Yes, your salary makes you part of the 10% (don't have to make six figures to be that, actually,) and what ever you make on the side is gravy for the biscuits.)  But next to the really rich white folk, you are no better than some bougie tradesman.  I have worked at law firms where all the partners were millionaires. So pulling  down a mere $175,000.00 to even $250,000.00?  To a really rich person you are just some useful bougie "professional."  You are still nothing more than the hired help.  Don't you negroes forget that.

I could hit the lottery  for over $100,000,000.00 dollars  and I will never forget for one minute.  I am never going to be one of them.  Granted,  I am a lover of the arts, and I go to as many high art things I can.  When I go to the Metropolitan Opera House for any event,  my friends and family know what I mean when I say I am going to hang out with the mink coat ladies.  Hint for you who are not familiar with that world.  That is as close to neutral turf there is.  You look proper, and speak proper, and dress proper, and you are good company.  There at least. 

 No guarantee about being invited to any of  the fancy parties, though. But the point is.  There is  neutral turf.  But beyond the continuation of those delights? I have no vested interest in maintenance of the status quo and the current hegemony.  And I do not get how any educated negro can buy into it.  But my lack of understanding isn't the point.  Some obviously do.  

Poor misguided bastards.

But hey.  What the fuck do I know?  I might be a low rent lawyer, but I used to work up at Lincoln Center. And at other elite arts venues.  So yeah.  I am used to going to the high arts people's parties at least.  And I fit in!  Oh and keep meeting venture capitalists  and bankers at my alumni parties.  The rich are in fact different.  They have more money.  And power.  Never forget that last part.

Oh.  I am going to post Chris Rock's genius routine about the difference between being rich and being wealthy.  I should go back and edit some verbiage.  But I am in the mood to say, fuck that shit.

Rich vs Wealthy

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Who The Fuck Wants To Be That Person?

 So I had a draft post ready to publish, about a certain lady blogger who complains about stupid shit, stupidly.  And I was trying to make the point, that people who complain about stupid shit with the sense of entitlement that people should give a fuck about their complaints about stupid shit, are tiresome.  Well dull.

Who wants to be that person?

And even if I was being more judgmental than complaining?  I deleted the text, and never posted.  I did not want to set myself up for a attack saying something like you are just complaining about her complaining.  So I let it go.

Granted, rant as a performance style is mostly thought to be a product of 1980s comedy.  But it is an old line of business, in the performing arts world.  I have a degree in Theatre.  I know shit.

And before I let you go.  Who wants to be that person?  The whiny Karen?  But I might be asking the wrong question.  Who can be exposed to that shit and think, ya.  Gimme  more of that shit?  That is the better question.

Saturday, March 13, 2021


Wasn't it cousin Malcolm who said something like:

No one gets it worse than black women.

Some Native American women might object.  But there is room enough for both groups in that unfortunate place.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Accessory After The Fact.

 If I were AG, I would want to charge every one taking time and expending effort to minimize the actually successful, if only temporary attempt to keep Congress from certifying the 2020 election results.  That and the fact some of those fuck tards planned to arrest or do worse to Congress critters gets you to insurrection land.  

And don'tbe surprised if eventually some of those Proud Boys and Oath Keepers get proper sedition charges.  Last I heard the Feds were not actively playing let's make a deal.  Good for them.  Let the peeps get desperate to save them selves some jail time, and flip on someone more guilty of more stuff.

And since I am on the topic.  Love that Rep. Swalwell is suing a bunch of the ringleaders for conspiracy charges.  That includes Bozo, Jr, and Rudy.

May the depositions start in record time.  May smoking gun emails show they were in contact with the foot soldiers of their insurrection.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

They're Just Horrible People!


The GOP is just a mob of horrible people.

I read some article today, advancing the idea that the inurrection mob from 1/6/21 was not an outlier.  It was just the latest eruption of white mob violence.  And the author cited example after example.  

There is nothing new about white American whites turning into violent mobs.  But the body count and casualty list was short.  This time.

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