Saturday, February 20, 2021

Funny how people who complain about the idea of white fragility

 Seem to be so fucking fragile.  There has been a story kicking around about some lady at Smith College.  She could very well be a perfectly nice lady, usually.  But she first got famous for posting a vid on YouTube complaining about racial sensitivity training.  Some such.

Quick sidebar.  I used to be an employment lawyer. Your job is basically to do what the fuck you are told to do.  Your job is not to be your most fulfilled, and expressive, authentic self.

So if you are complaining about what you are being told to do.  And as long as that is not illegal, unethical, or harmful to yourself or others?  If you complain  because it challenges you on some internal value level?   Go ahead and quit.  But you are not a martyr.  You are just fragile.

And if your internal value is some how related to your discomfort with how race sensitivity programs are triggering your white fragility, you are more than fragile. You too white.  You are trying to preserve the value of your white status.  And yes.  That is what racial sensitivity training is supposed to do.  It is supposed to challenge white people's value of being white.

I tried to read the lady's letter about quitting  with as much as an open mind as possible.  But when I got to the part where she was whining about how her presentation got shot down because she was planning on doing it as a rap song?  I had to stop reading.  Few things scream I am a white pickanny as loudly as a white lady being upset when told.  Loose the rap song.  Some people my take offense.

It takes talent to prove and miss the point why racial sensitivity training is needed in one instance.  Rethink that.  That likely is more common that I first thought.  I will guess.

Anyway. I always guessed the next critical step in decolonization of Racist America was going to be hard.  I thought  the extreme Republican racists would go down fighting and screaming.  That was an easy guess.  I did not expect better educated, liberal white women to be so fussy.

But that is the sickness of white privilege on full display for you.  Some people are going to resist having their presumptions challenged.  Even if they mean well, usually.

Nota Bene.  Education is the process we undergo to learn how to play by the rules, and also how to challenge the rules.  And hopefully at the same time, we gain the wisdom to know when to do the one or the other.

I could say that one should never quit the job they have on account of some mere socio political twaddle, at least not before you have the next job lined up.  But personally I have been part of the gig economy for most of the past 40 years.  But still. If you have a real job with benefits, don't vote with your feet until after you have the next job with benefits properly lined up.  



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