Monday, December 28, 2020

I Blame Every Fucker Who Voted for Bozo for Every Horror He Has Done.


And I want them to literally pay for the harm they have caused.  Double the income tax for every motherfucker who voted for Bozo who makes  more than $100k.  Tax corporate bonuses at 50% for any corporation that either directly or indirectly through  PACs, contributed to Bozo's 2020 campaign (including golden parachutes/stock options  of all executives whey they leave the corporation.)  

And more importantly  every motherfucker who voted him either time should lose the right to vote in any election for 12 years.

I know the odds are against any of that happening.  But I am not talking about what can happen.  I am talking about what I want to happen.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Son of Son of Seventh Son of Shit I Can't Post on FB.


Consider the image to be a statement on the derangement of the stupid bitches who either think the election was stolen from The Leper Messiah (as I often call him), or at least are aware that is not the case, but are fine with his attempt to steal more time in power.  

Fuck each and every one of them bitches!   Anyway . . .

There are several variants of insanity I have been seeing, mostly on line, but I did have an in person convo. with a former neighbor, who used to be one of the town GOP committee members.  He is convincing as far as his own buy-in, when he expresses doubt about the fairness of the Biden win.  But he (as is, and has been his habit) spits out Wing Nut talking points like a gagging party doll who has had too many shots.  But let's go on to FB insanity.

One friend, who raged, republished the most insane conspiracy theories, and tried praying for a different result.  Ultimately she gave in.  At least she stopped posting politics.  (And I bid peace unto her.)

A childhood friend, who is rabid, and still in denial.  He has this terrible habit of using messenger to blast his political thoughts.  Tiresome! (And I bid peace unto him.)

The friend who is smart enough to know better, but still posts the occasional witless memes  and articles.

Those who just went silent.  After fussing.

And lastly, the friend from work.  Who was likely bi polar when I first met him 10 or so years ago.  How he has been melting down since before election day.  Who has been unfriending people for  . . . you can call it calling him out on his bullshit, or more generally, for daring to have a different opinion than he.  Which is what he did to me, yesterday.  He is a conservative practicing Jew, who conveniently forgets most Jews in the USA are not either religiously or politically conservative.  And he takes the view that any criticism of  Likud Policy, is antisemitism.  And he posted some opinion article (he should know better but acts not,) condemning Tufts University students for condemning the training of bad American cops by Israeli military, in bad tactics.  I dared at first in my remarks, establish my belief that such training was evil no matter who was teaching, it, and asked him, what was I missing?

So he messaged me, and said he was unfriending me and I am now his enemy?

Truth be told.  I have not called him out personally on his bullshit, that much.  But I did, and did so mildly.  But on my own FB wall, as anyone who has read my political posts here can well guess,  I am brutal.  I am merciless.  I am all about destroying  the GOP as in institution, and when I insult GOPers  you know it!  So I think it was a combination of things.  My merciless despite against the GOP.  Him being all butt sore about The Leper Messiah's loss.  And yes. He does have that nasty habit of blurring  the line between people not liking Jews specifically and people not liking conservative bullshit no matter the source.

Anyway, ya.  Hate to say it though, he is most likely to end up in jail, dead, or both in the next 3 months, out of my former work mates.  Can't make people go into therapy if they don't think they are fucked up in the head.  I don't wish him peace but instead wish him connecting with a board certified psychiatrist,  and if they deem it necessary, some of that good three month dose of anti psychotic meds, to start.  And he needs a lot of couch time  to work though his shit.  He has so much shit to work through.

Oh well.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

5 out of 4 Americans Do Not Understand Statistics

 I talked to an old friend of the other political persuasion, today.  And he threw some third or fourth part hearsay stats gibberish at me.  I did not even bother to quiz him about his lack of training in math generally, never mind quant math.

Here is the link to the article who's title I use in the heading here.  4 out of three of me  have read it already.  

You Know Nothing!

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