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I Call Bullshit, But . . .

Apparently  a lot of folk think that race was not behind the Zimmerman/Martin thing.

Ok.  So they fact that everyone  has been talking about race since it first got on the radar screen  means what to you?

Ok.  So you want to say  but Zimmerman wasn't a racist  because?  Because why?  Are you a mind reader?

I call bullshit on that fucking shit.  Being a racist is not a matter of black or white thinking (pun intended.)  You can't be  a little bit pregnant.  But you sure as shit can be more racist  at 9 am  (either in your heart or outwardly)  than you are by 9:15 am.

All Americans grow up in the same country.  This country is far from being  past its racist  legacy.  And I am mostly talking about white on black or brown or what ever  racism.  That is the context people.  If your warped mind  is more preoccupied with alleged black racism, you are fucked in the head.

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Talk About Lost In Their Own Bedroom.

Career  academic  Ann Althouse does not seem to understand why  U. California  System  could want a former  state governor, former  Federal Cabinet Secretary, former executive of one of the most broad, powerful, and huge bureaucracies in the world,  who happens to be tightly plugged into  the ruling  and monied classes  of not only the USA  but the whole  mother fucking planet, as head of that system. 

She don't get that.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Althouse Almost Nearly Gets Close to Getting it.

Firstly  the base lines.  Blogging  is an inherently  self centered pursuit.  Secondly, it is not likely to solve the nation's  or world's problems.  That being said,

few things are more entertaining to watch, than wing nuts fighting.  Even  blog to blog, which can get tiresome fast, can be entertaining.  But I am not saying Althouse's  go round with that racist, sexist piece of shit,  @ Instapundit is  entertaining.  It actually is kinda  sad stuff to see, really.

Close but not close enough to getting it.

In a nutshell, Althouse  is taking issue with InstaSexistRacist's  mischaracterizing of some argument  she made about some aspect of humn sexuality  and choices  related.  She takes  pains to deconstruct the errors  that  InstaSexistRacist nmade regarding  what she said.  And I am not going to get lost in that briar patch.  I will just say the following:

Yo!  Althouse!  How many fucking years have you been reading   InstaSexistRacist  (and how many other of these  conservative  lying sacks of shit) with out knowing that they lie?  That is part of the Conservative play book.  Strawman argument, followed by red herrings, and a few flat out lies  is the usual format of a conservative argument.   She stops short of that conclusion. 

To make matters even sillier, she skips over the patently  obvious.  Shit bag  professional conservatives like  InstaSexistRacist are in fact sexist.  And if they could they would take laws regarding women back to the 19th century!

But even more weird, she goes on a Rush Limbaugh  sidebar.  She claims to get his  humor, but again misses the point.  She claims  he uses  absurdity to highlight absurdity.  Funny  (meaning not so much)  but his show does not appear to be a comedy show.  He is a political hack, and advocate for the wing nuts and other right wing monsters.  When one uses one's own  warped and nasty  and  demeaning  "sense of humor"  while advodating  specific positions on the political issues of the day, one is engaging in a stupid and foolish  form of argument.  But I say again:

Strawman argument, followed by red herrings, and a few flat out lies is the usual format of a conservative argument.

What do law professors  tell their students?  Never crack a joke in front of the judge?  I am not saying  Limbaugh  has to live by such a harsh  commandment.  But he really  has no skill as a comedian.  And he and the rubes who listen to that shit   should know, it is a stupid way to make a point. 

Anyway, at the end  Athouse deconstructs  aspects of  Dr Helen's  ( InstaSexistRacist's  wife  I believe)  poor excuse for social science (basically  I understand it to be  barely disguised  wing nut propaganda) book.  I repeat:

Strawman argument, followed by red herrings, and a few flat out lies is the usual format of a conservative argument.

Yes  I deliberately  followed the rule of repetition there.  I actually  think Althouse has known for years and years, that lies  are the foundation of conservative arguments.  I guess that she really doesn't give a shit, as long as it is not her that is being lied about.

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