Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Expect the Rev. Dr. King's Bones to Spin in His Grave, Today.

Glenn Beck, Mrs. Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and a host of mangy (mostly) angry white extremist tea baggers will be having a "Civil Rights," rally in D.C. today.

After all, they have been the victims of the most injustice and illegal if not immoral injustice over the past 400 years in this land. NOT!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now is the Summer of Right Wing Racial Resentment Made Glorious Fall, With the Burning of Sacred Books.

Ironically, people have given me shit, over the years, for saying things like, generally, there is a whole lot of racism in America. Specifically, I have been saying most of that shit is on the right side of the political fence (and it is the more ignorant of that political persuasion who tends to give me shit, unsurprisingly.) I, when I bother to calibrate my message, tend to blame the most extreme third of the Right Wing. And they never back down on opposing my evaluations and conclusions, even while they go about

(a) supporting anti-latino legislation, such as that AZ anti immigration law, or

(b) making moderately vile to excessively vile, unsubstantive attacks on P. Obama, from the he's a socialist, a muslim, not an American, to calling him a racist, to portraying him as a Witch Doctor, or accusing him of taking the whole country "ghetto," or

(c) phony ACORN stings, pimped by the most racist news network, Fox. God forbid poor urban blacks try to make their and their neighbor's lives any easier, or

(d) phony voter intimidation cases. That shit happened a year and a half ago, and an appropriate sanction was handed down to the ONE obvious wrongdoer. Get over it, or

(e) phony charges of racism against any black in the Obama administration. Brought to the world wide web by one of the same racist dogs who brought us the phony ACORN story, and

(f) raging Islamaphobia. "It's not that we deny their right to worship what they want. We just want to dictate where . . . .," as if that makes it less bigoted, and

(g) now we have the announcement that the crack pot bigot preacher who was told that it is illegal to have his Koran Burning, is not only going forward with it, but with an armed militia to defend it.

Yes, race relations and related issues have gotten that bad.

And people wonder why I curse the Extreme Wing Nuts, and hope on their own they decide to move to the Australian Outback and form their own dystopia where their insanity and bigotry can be enjoyed by them, way the hell out of sight or harm of us normal rational folk.

(Nota. Credit to Mark Sawyer for the "Summer of Racial Resentment," line. Credit to The Old Bard himself, for the intro speech to "Richard III," of which style I have modeled.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is What a Real Journalist Looks Like. Harold Dow, Dead at 62.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The US Constitution Protects Me From MONSTERS Like YOU!

Firstly, I am not calling anyone out (nor am I really the Me there. I will make that clearer, further on.)

Secondly, I could have done the title from another direction. But in watching a discussion on the NYC Islam Center issue (on from the pov of the legal question trumping all else? I was suddenly reminded of why there is a Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights protects me from you.

No matter who the me is or the you is, the Bill of Rights is there to prevent monstrous, discriminating bigots from using the government to strip people of their (some would say God Given, or Natural) rights as American Citizens.

My enjoyment of my constitutional rights is not dependent on anyone else's opinion.

My enjoyment of my constitutional rights is not dependent on the popularity of myself in the community, the region, or the whole nation.

My enjoyment of my constitutional rights is not dependent on whether other people approve of my ideas, my views on and/or spiritual/religious affiliations.

My enjoyment of my constitutional rights is not dependent on whether other people approve of my skin color, ethnic or national origin, gender, age or even where I live in America.

In short, the Bill of Rights is supposed to defend minority rights. It is supposed to defend the lawful unpopular from the tyranny of the mob.

How can adult Americans forget that?

That is a rhetorical question. There are just too damn many mean, selfish, ugly people out there. Again. That is why we have a Bill of Rights, and the 14th Amendment, and Civil Rights legislation. It's all there to protect Me from You.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are Some Religions More Equal than Others? No. Actually. Ya Bastards!

Top Religious Leaders Denounce Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment; Express Support for NY Mosque, Community Center

Challenge Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin To Stop Exploiting Fear

August 11, 2010

More than 40 prominent Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders and religion scholars issued a statement today condemning the "xenophobia and religious bigotry" fueling the increasingly strident opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero. These leaders from New York City and across the country are specifically challenging the divisive rhetoric of Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, who have strongly opposed a center that will promote interfaith relations, combat extremism, and offer community programs for Americans of all religious backgrounds.

Remember kids. I am not against all religion. I am against religious bigots and any attempt to un separate church and state. Ya buy your property, you build your house of worship or what not, and as long as you do not do anything that reasonably can be seen to disturb the peace, and do not expect either the gvt. or any other people to give a rat's about your beliefs? Then that is fine by me. Do your thing. Keep that shit to yourself, but do your own thing with out fear of interference . . . . as long as you keep that shit to yourself.

Problem with the way the Christo Fascists are acting is that they, the same knuckle heads who essentially argue that the mere fact other people hold different opinions on the validity of their beliefs is oppression? The same hypocrites who argue there is a war on Christianity because some of us do not want to see or hear their shit on any gvt. property or see it enshrined in law?

These same shit for brainers now think they get to say which of other religions get to locate their venues? Fuck a duck. These people are disgusting.

Oh. And what is the deal with Harry Reid? I have not read the articles yet -- just saw the headline. In advance of that, I say:

Dood. Either you believe in the free exercise clause or you don't. Either you believe that all religions are equal under the law, or your don't.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Mrs. Palin is Still a Moron, and Full of Shit.

(Call this an update on the continuing real world reality TV series, "The Wasillia Hillbillies.")

Mrs. Palin Fighting for YOU!

I really don't believe she can think that quickly on her feet to deliberately spin the protestor's complaint of her being a quitter into being some declaration of support for her as gov. In of itself. I really think she is that far gone, that her personality is that far past ordinary narcissist, and right up there in the borderline psychotic realm, that she really sorta believed that, to start.

She is not right in the head. I have no doubt.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Christofascist Hypocrites.

Re building of mosques?

"We're all about religious freedom, but . . . ."

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Meg Whitman is the Most Stupid Rich Person in the World.

She spent 99 million of her own dollars to try to become Gov. of California?

I don't care how good a job she did running EBAY. Gov. of Cali is not worth anywhere near that sorta dough. I mean? Doesn't she live there? Doesn't she know how deep in the shit the whole state is? Does she really think she is so brilliant (while still a political novice, actually) that she can turn that shit around and run for and win the White House?

Fuck a duck!

Shit. For way less money I could (not that I am in this line of business) finance a takeover of any of a number of tropical countries. Hell. I think (but I would have to contact some sub contractors and get their bids) I could hand over Venezuela for under $50 million. Gimmie a break!
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