Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Shit is Just Too Freakin' Crazy. I Mean, Some People are Just Too Freakin' Crazy.

Oklahoma Republicans Ready to Blame the Recession on ‘Debauchery’

What the fuck? Then again the Fat Man, Limbaugh blamed Gov. Sanford's trip to Argentina on Obama. Being bat shit, lock 'em up for life crazy, seems to be the way of the GOP these days.

I almost miss the days when they at least seemed more sane than not.

Anyway . . . .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chalk That One Up For the Redneck Horde.

Only some racist republi-con judges could think that you can handle a Title VII Race Issue matter, deliberately trying to remedy past discrimination, and not happen to take race into consideration, while trying to remedy past racial discrimination. Well one not need be a repuli-con judge. All one needs to be is a racist republican, actually.

And I will cut it short, and publish version II of the Haiku inspired by the insipid ruling in the New Haven Firefighters' case.

And we're not surprised.
How get an activist court?
You stack it with cons.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speaking of Lying Evil Republicans

One of the most perplexing lies they tell, perplexing in the sense that can anyone actually believe it, is the one about how christians are some sort of oppressed group in America.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so does a pie chart count as such?

And at risk of further complicating what has so far been a very straightforward point, I will say as follows.

One of the worst things about Republicans is how and when they play the "Apples and Horse shoes" game. Don't know what I mean there? That's ok. I'll 'splain what I mean. Apples and Horse shoes is a reference to how they will unashamedly compare two things that are very dis similar, and then try to say that they are the same.

These lying-assed evil bastards don't care about reality or truth. They care about making their ideological or if not that, whiny-assed point. So when they say they are oppressed they mean that they are not allowed to have the nation declared a Specifically christian one, where christian views and orthodoxy are the law.

That is how they are being oppressed. They are being thwarted in their theocratic ambitions. Someone dares disagree with them, and does not let them have what they want, on account of that whole, they are not entitled to what they want, part. To them, that is being oppressed.

Get it?

Anyway, I have had the following chestnut in my head for a few days and I might as well drop it in here.

Praying to God is Blasphemy. Yes you read right. I will say it again. Praying to God is Blasphemy.


What is the alleged nature of God? God is supposed to be an all powerful and all knowing being. So if one prays to God, one is attempting to exercise some sort of power over God, to move God to pity and grant the desired thing. And if you think you can move God to pity, you think you can exercise some control over God. And that means you really don't think God is all powerful if you really believe you, a puny earthling, can can move God to pity and get God to grant you your request.

This stuff gets quite perplexing, if you start to question it. Am I right?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am Feeling So Good Right Now . . .

That I think I can avoid cussin out Racist Redneck Republicans for a day.

Then again, maybe reason I am in such a good mood is I was out of the house for the day, and since getting back from my day out, I was in a music mode, and have not even checked the usual sites for the usual racist evil lying redneck Republican garbage updates.

Still, it feels good to not be swiming in that shit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

Yes, he was a freak-toid.

But he was one of the most talented freak-toids, ever.

Not a shock, but sad.
The King of Pop's last bow. Finis.
May he find some peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Just a Brief Mention of The Latest Palin Redneck Reality TV Moment.

Some Blogger posted a photoshopped pic of this ugly (in every sense of the word) redneck's head on baby Trig's body, from that photo.

The same photo I posted last week accusing Alaska Evita of not really actually finger banging the lad, but still doing something very creepy.

Nasty redneck man is an Alaska Republican Racist Radio Guy.

The intent of the blogger was to highlight the unnaturally cozy relationship between Palin and this shitty racist redneck radio guy.

Palin's reply? Went off on a vamp about making fun of a special needs baby. As if the intent was to mock Trig. (And honestly bitch, ya don't want your child ever mocked, don't give him an unnatural name like that. Shit.)

But the point really is, is she that vapid that she does not get it that the disconnect between the original topic and her reply is as huge as the Pacific Ocean?


Haiku Inspired by the Idiot in my Last Post, and All Similarly Minded Dangerous Idiots.

Spew those talking points.

Won't matter who dies from it.

They're not your voters.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dispicable. Just Friggen Dispicable. And Ignorant.

I'm watching the vid of that Redneck Rep. Rohrabacher, criticizing Pres. Obama for not talking tough enough (for his likes) about Iran.

Here is what he says, trying to make a point that Obama is acting scared; the Mullah regime are murderers and thugs . . . .

Um bitch, that is the point. They are murderers and thugs and the wrong sort of rhetoric could get a lot more of those Iranian peeps killed by those murdering, thuggish Mullahs.

And the odds are still that if there is regime change any time soon it will be of the,"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss," Mullas still actually running the show there, but with a different supreme leader, sort. It ain't gonna even look like Iraq-style democracy, leave alone ours.

Congressman Rohrabacher. Either learn how the fuck the government of Iran actually works, or if you do and are just talking out your ass, then do the people of Iran you claim to care about so much (all a sudden) and shut the fuck up, before you get a bunch of them killed.

Then again, any shit head who thinks Ronnie Raygun ended the Cold War is likely too stupid a fuck to know not to gamble with other people's lives for the sake of a momentary ideological moment.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the One Side, We Have the Stereotypical Lying Cheating Republican, and on the Other, the Friggen Racist One.

Where to start? With the allegation that Lizzy H. plagiarized her book (shocking - not!) Or with the fresh but stale news that psycho Dick Nixon thought abortion was proper for a mixed race baby?

As some one so mixed that I have mixed ancestors going back a good 4 to 5 hundred years, I take offense. Metaphorically I pee on his grave, and if there is a hell and he is there I hope he's in a particularly shitty corner of it.

And ya know somewhere there are Racist Republicans who agree with Tricky Dick. God, do these people fucking suck or what?

Monday, June 22, 2009

How Many Friggen Times Must I Remind Ya'll?

The movement under way in Iran is NOT a freedom movement. It is a movement against the current leadership of a despotic theocracy, but the protesters wish to remain, for all the info we currently have available, under a theocracy. Less despotic, for sure, but they still seem to want the government to be an Islamic Revolutionary one. The guy who was robbed in the election? Mousavi? He was a revolutionary insider, and was close to Khomeini. You remember him don't ya'll?

I should be laughing my head off, but I have seen head-up-their-fat-asses Republicans over on the Hannity Board who just weeks ago were likely wishing for an excuse to, as that genius McCain once sang."Bomb bomb, Iran," now ignorantly put their ignorant support behind someone who is, from the point of view of a real lover of democracy, the enemy. What The Fuck, Indeed. Honestly I wish there was a proper counterrevolution going on over there, but that is not the case, not yet at the least.

(Oh, and after finding this panel from Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel "Persepolis," I am reminded of the need to say the following? Have you seen the movie "Persepolis" yet? If not, what are you waiting for? A fraking invatation? Consider yourself invited.)

I will end there, for now. But be warned. Focusing this much (and that is to honestly say not all that damn much, actually) time on the land of the Islamic Revolution has me thinking about one of my favorite pet peeves. Organized religion may not be totally a force of ill in the world, but whenever it gets too closely intertwined with government, it is the fucking worst thing.

I will try to end there -- save maybe for some Haiku later.


(Accuse me of hedging my bets, but) I hope I am wrong. I hope that there is a real genuine freedom movement there. I just watched a chunk of an event with the ex Crown Prince of Iran, who stopped short of calling it a revolution, but thinks, based on the info he is getting out Iran, that it is a movement that is now more than just over one stolen election. But still. He is not sure of what it is now. He seems to think the current regime is in dire straits, and that the people are not going to be merely satisfied with a new election or a recount that finds that in fact Mousavi won. But he also admits that the regime could go ultra psycho killer.

Given my low opinion of religious fundys, particularly them who not only think they are that infallibly right, but in charge of the government, and the guns, and the army, and the police force, and the secret police force, and the paramilitary force? I am expecting slaughter before the flowering of a new day and a new way of self governing there.

Wishing harder for that is not going to make it any more likely to happen. I will wait, and watch and comment, and if I see real signs of counterrevolution, I will break out the green. Then. But it has to be a real counterrevolution for me to get really excited about it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ok. I am Up. Awake. And Watching McLaughlin Group.

Expect an update later, following some horrible or ignorant or bullshit thing Monica Crawley says.

Before that, though. People please; don't go bat shit stooge with the green ribbons and calling this event in Iran a Freedom Movement. It is way less than that. For now. I can't say it will not, no way, become a full blown counterrevolution. But we (they, actually) are far from that point, at this moment in time, and I am not holding my breath on their getting there, anytime soon.

Questions to anyone thinking this is a freedom movement. How much do you know about Iran/Persian history? How much do you know about the Islamic Revolution? How much do you really know about what is and has been going on in Iran for the past 10/20 years?

Ok. Here goes Monica. She is one of those ignoramuses who thinks this is regime change, or a chance to help that happen.

Oh. Lawrence O'Donnell called her on it. Asked her directly for more,"Nonsense."

Shit. Monica is so far off the deep end here, that Pat Buchanan is schooling her, explaining why Prez. Obama can not take sides.

She really is an idiotic ideologue. It is like what I heard this guy in a vid I watched earlier today, said about neocons. They are like that football team with only one play -- run it up the middle. And they never learn to try a new play. Ya Monica, despite the mess that still is Iraq, she still wants to run the ball up the middle. Silly Twit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am Momentarily Tired of Cussing Out Douchebag Racist Redneck Republicans. So here is a Vid for All Ya'll

Ms. Palin. Mothers who Fondle Their Infant Son's Genitals Should Not Insuinate that Others are Pedophiles.

What the fuck?

And in any case, as I will admit she really is not finger banging her baby there (and yet it is so close to that it is damned creepy. Am I right?) But still. What the fuck kind of way is that to hold a baby. Hell. The junior crumb snatcher could be a born genius, but he ain't gonna remember him self the GOP Convention of '08. Even a genius baby would be thinking . . . oh goo maks fak ah. At best. So why the fuck is this bitch holding the kid that way? Exploiting him for the cameras, mebbie?

What an evil cow elephant seal she is.

I confess, I should not enjoy hurling insults at her this much. But hell. She is unofficial queen of the rednecks. And I despise rednecks on account of that whole being stupid, ignorant bastards who celebrate the fact that they are stupid ignorant bastards, part. So I heap scorn and and ridicule on her, with little to no guilt.

I do sorta feel sorry for the kids. It could not have been, nor can it be easy growing up with that fucking disaster for a mother, and that lump of whale shit for a daddy.

Edit to add:

I was going a few rounds of political tag with a Republican friend in email. The topic was that canard about Palin being so hot. Granted, I made some good points earlier, but I decided to shut that shit down in the way I could and win. So I posted a message to this friend with the punchline, this is why I grade hard, and posted a pic of a woman I know who is an ex model. On look at that picture as my evidence for not thinking Palin as hot, and the friend immediately (well this is email, but still) changed the topic.

Game. Set. Match!

Back to One of the Core Reasons I Despise so Many Republicans.

I was just watching vid of Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. They were talking about abortion.

I was painfully reminded of one of those core reasons why I despise so many Republicans, well and that is to say I despise those who warp the language to frame the debate and try to score a point by not only basically but blatantly cheating.

Case in point: that recent poll saying now for the first time more Americans describe themselves as pro life. That lying assed piece of garbage Huckabee presented that factoid as if it meant "pro life, as defined by the anti-abortion rights movement." And I feel perfectly justified in calling Pastor Huckabee a lying assed piece of garbage because I bothered to check that seemingly suspect poll, the first time I heard some lying assed piece of garbage Republican spit it out. And lo and behold, when the pollsters moved on to the actual questions about actually being in favor of the rights of women to make their own reproductive choices, that phony majority disappeared.

Nevertheless, that lying assed piece of garbage, Pastor Huckabee, sat there at the desk and spat out that factoid as if it actually meant what he was trying to sell it as. That makes him a bald faced evil liar. To his credit, Stewart took the high road, and instead of calling bullshit on Huckabee, did the "Hey everyone is for life," routine. That was very kind of him, but as I am the guy who has posted time and time again about how it is a fundamentally wicked and dishonest game these bastards play, that I really have no desire to even tacitly legitimize their evil lies.

Using the label "Pro Life" for the anti abortion movement is fundamentally a lie, in so far as to make a bold as brass assertion that only people on that side of the issue are in favor of life.

And since we are on the topic, let's hit on some of the other lies those on that side of the issue regularly employ.

No. It is not a baby. If we are talking about a 24 week old fetus, it is not a baby, damnit. It is a 24 week old fetus.

And no. person hood does not begin at conception. To argue it does, is lie. Plain and simple.

I know that the kind of people who think that such warping of the meaning of words to bolster their weak arguments are fundamentally dishonest people. And I also know few peeps ever see this blog, but still. I want to make the point here that it is not a matter of what associations certain individuals make with certain words that is what define the parameters of accepted reality. It is the actual meanings of the words. So even if I know begging is not going to change these dishonest shits, I beg . . . stop lying you lying liars. Ya'll supposed to believe in Hell right? So where do the liars go, if there really is a Hell?

Again, fucking lying assed shit for brains Republicans really seem to have trouble with the obvious, even when it is a core concept in their religion. How the fuck does someone accept that the 10 Commandments are God's law, and that sinners go to Hell, and liars are sinners. And then lie lie lie lie lie, as they advance their political agenda, and miss the blindingly obvious (assuming their religion is not bullshit) conclusion that they are gonna go straight to Hell for lying like that?

What the fuck, indeed!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Now I Remember. Fucking Conservative Fucking Republican Hypocrite Evil Liars.

I am not really steamed here, I should say. I am just enjoying cussing that scum out.

Now from my Yella Dog Dem's POV it is fucking hilarious, and totally evidence that Republicans have to be the most hypocritical evil liars -- on this side of the Atlantic Sea, at least.

And what I mean is, ya know how those lying shits whine whine whine, about how "Political Correctness” is so much of a danger to the world that it is more pernicious than terrorism, be it the foreign or the domestic kind?

But when David Letterman cracks a joke at the expense of one of the Palin moppets, then the whining and caterwauling from the Right Wing is so shrill and loud it must be near about the sound of 10,000 piglets being slowly slaughtered at the same stockyard at the same time.

What fucking evil liars. It is not “Political Correctness,” they actually deplore. It is being told to act decently, that they don't like. But if someone does not live up to their redneck values, such as worshiping Ronnie Reagan as the almost 2nd Coming of the Christ, or kissing the ass of Alaskan Evita, well? Tham's faitin' werds. Don' matter none either bout no fust mendment, wich we cry about when ever some one talls us ta stop shoutin' kill the nig, oh, we men the social'st, or , tries to shut us down when we make tew mach noise (never maind that part about how the fust mendment only prevents the gubbamint from shuttin us down. We actually know thaat, but don' care much fer facts that gett-in da-way of a good whiney talkin' point.)

We will insist tht everyone does and acts and thinks 'zactly way we wanem to. That is why we want prayer in school and Gawd on the wall of every gubbmint bild'n. Not some Jew Looking God neither. We want a proper White Jee-zus, up thar. Damn straight!

Again, these people are evil lying scum! Heinous hypocrites!

Continuing With Haiku.

They just make things up.
Knowing full well, that they lie.
Truth does not suit them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sort of Random Haiku.

Drop the phony-ness.

Entertainment is one thing.

But I like life, real.

Yes, I Had an Annoyning Ghetto Trash Moment Today, but . . .

no racism was involved. The peeps in question neither implored that I get with God, nor called Obama a socialist or Kenyan fifth columnist. Nor did it involve use of the expressions "Political Correctness," "Palin is a breath of fresh air," or "This is A-mer-ca. Speak Anglish."

And it only lasted about a minute and the worst part of it was that G-unit Mack Daddy smelled a little pungent. That is all there was to it. But for the fact he and his darling beloved acted like 14 years old, and likely were twice that age.

So that really wasn't too bad.

But let's talk very bad rednecks.

And yes we do have local North East rednecks. They are few and far between, but we got them too, and here's the proof (like the one psycho lady says in the video.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

40. No. Make That Only 15 Protesters at the Fire Dave Rally.

The other 25 peeps were the press.

Ok. I admit it is hard to find 15 local racist redneck Republicans in the Tri-State Area, willing to look like batshit stupid assholes by showing up to that shit-tastic event. Hey. I even heard that the alleged organizer saw the low turnout, hailed a taxi, and got the hell out of there (not before being spotted, obviously.)

But more to the point. I may have misspoke about Mrs. Palin. She might have to work a lot harder to become Auto-arch of the Redneck Army, if Dave can call her slutty, and not apologize for that, and only get 15 protesters to show up.

Yes, he apologized for the daughter joke (the knock-knock joke) twice. But he did not have to 'pologize for the other crack. Speaking of crack . . . wait no. I can resist the urge to go for the low hanging low humor there. But I will say this. Alaskan Evita doesn't seem to mind them jokes about looking sleazy. I guess she is comfortable with that.

Oh and hey. I have not bothered to check the stats, but if Alaskan Evita is so worried about the continuing virtue of the 14 year old, she ought to do something with the family Teen Ho Mom, like get her married off ASAP!!

That is what Alaskan Evita should be worried about -- how teen unwed mommy elder sister is getting all that attention for being an unwed teen mom. Ya. I have no idea, personally, what kind of psycho shit goes down in the Palin Residence, particularly over Bristol's fuck up. But again, with out seeing the stats? Odds are for some major acting out by the 14 year old. Eventually. I see either therapists or a reality TV show in her future. Maybe both.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Palin's Less Than Phyrric Victory over Dave Reminds me of Caligula.

And it has nothing to do with sex, kids. Beyond Dave's Knock-Knock joke that is.

Now the Roman Emperor Caligula was fucking nuts. People thought oh hey ain't that odd, when he started saying he was Zeus. Then he decided he was mad at Poseidon and went to war against the Sea God. Then he actually led some Legions to the sea, and came back with the treasure he captured from Poseidon; cases of sea shells. Now if there was anyone in the Senate or Patrician Class of Rome who was holding out the chance that "Little Boots" really was not all that fucking crazy, this is when they basically said, aw fuckit, and found excuses for leaving the Imperial City or any where near it.

Why does Palin's 'victory' remind me of Caligula's psychotic capture of worthless treasure? What did she gain, here? She got an already apologetic late night TV host and comic to apologize a second time (setting herself up for sweet slow revenge. No doubt.) And she got the cheap thrill of energizing the Ignorant Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP.

And here is where the law of diminishing returns really kicks in.

She tipped her hand, and all she is holding is a pair of threes. Moving right away from the cards analogy, she has shown that for all her pit bull with lipstick, mamma bear bullshit, she will whine whine whine whine whine, like a particularly bratty and emotionally underdeveloped pre adolescent girl child who's been told she is not going to get her way on something she reallyreallyreally wanted.

In other words, it is not so much that she plays dirty. She plays like a hypocritical brat, and really is not at all good at the finesse of the thing. She is as obvious as the smell of rotten eggs.

So what does that mean beyond her looking like a fool? The other major contenders for the crown of Nominal Auto arch of the Redneck Horde, Messrs. Gingrich and Huckabee, now know what crass and lame tactics she will employ if she does actually run for the nomination. And That Blow Dried, Executive Looking multi-millionaire Romney is watching the low rent Palin Family Redneck Reality TV Show with interest too. Likely he has already commissioned the dirt file that the Dems never did (never really needed it.) And I imagine he is going to hold on to that bag of flaming shit until the moment is ripe and maximum political damage can be had.

Of course he won't throw it himself. He is a real executive. He has servants to take care of the shit work for him. He doesn't go on TV to do that him self.

Monday, June 15, 2009

And for an Irregularly, Not Really Scheduled Haiku Posting . . . .

Such a Ruiner!

But for some, that's their pleasure.

Such spite, they kill joy.

Why is some Long Dead Japanese Guy Smarter Now While Dead, Than Alaskan Evita?

Because Adm. Yamamato's prescient quote, following the attack on Pearl Harbor yet lives on in history:

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

And before I tie that snugly into the tempest in a teapot that is Dave vs the Palins, let me talk about Dave. Letterman. Happy go lucky comedian, late night show host; in thirty years of doing this, he has a reputation for being smarmy, juvenile, and sometime just plain stupid.

But mean?


Not at all! Not in the Least.

For over thirty years he has taken his shots at everyone from David Dinkins, to Giuliani, from Reagan to Elder Bush, to Clinton, to younger Bush. Perhaps he seems to have spent more time making fun of Republican Presidents, but hey. Dipshit. Check the POTUS timeline and do the math.

Anyway, so he has gone on in his smart ass, Midwestern meets N'East Hipster way, for years. No not ever any great sturm and drung. Not ever. So last week he goes and delivers a lame (low hanging fruit, if you ask me) kind of joke aimed at the Palin daughter who is at the same time an unwed teen mother and a self (if mommy's forcing her counts as self) appointed teen abstinence spokesperson. (That shit is so fucked up right there, I sorta wish Dave had gone specifically after that low fruit.)

And Sociopathic Succubus Sarah (yes I am reviving my former favorite appellation) saw what she thought was a target of opportunity. She has sorta, half heartedly, tried to keep a lower profile, but after this crack? What a great way to (try to) whip up the Redneck Army in a frenzy. Dave went after Willow? Seems, she accused.

(And here I take the break and call side bar. Who the fuck but for some Palin-loving Trailer Trash knew the 14 year old daughter's name before Palin spit it out on TV a dozen fucking times over the past week? I am sure Dave did not know it. Who the fuck cares? We got the now barely adult, and because of her status as a spokesperson for abstinence, the unwed teen mom out there? That is where the joke lies; good taste or not.)

Anyway, here is the latest in the war. Dave has already been quoted from tonight's broadcast (it's an afternoon taping, kids.)

Here is the most salient bit:

'Well, what can I do to help people understand that I would never make a joke like this?' I've never made jokes like this as long as we've been on the air, 30 long years, and you can't really be doing jokes like that. And I understand, of course, why people are upset. I would be upset myself.

"And then I was watching the Jim Lehrer 'Newshour' - this commentator, the columnist Mark Shields, was talking about how I had made this indefensible joke about the 14-year-old girl, and I thought, 'Oh, boy, now I'm beginning to understand what the problem is here. It's the perception rather than the intent.' It doesn't make any difference what my intent was, it's the perception.

Granted, I am vamping and speculating here. But I have been an off and on again Dave watcher for years. He never took this shit personally. It was his job, and a job he likes, and was good at, to tell jokes and make fun of the silly things people famous and not so famous, sometimes do. And it was all in good fun.

But Palin? Redneck idiot she is? She just "Schooled" in the ways of Republican Smearing someone who has a nationwide audience, five times a week, and millions of viewers. But more importantly, Dave knows how to play his game in his house. Dave will likely never talk about the kiddies in a joke again ever. And He is not likely going to take the gloves off in some vulgar, redneck, throw-down style, either. Save that crass vulgar shit for crass vulgar people.

But I have to speculate here and now that Dave's revenge shall fall on her . . . persona, and is going to be like that old Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts. Metaphorically speaking. And the bitch is too stupid to know she showed up to a battle of wits with a paper knife, cut out of a paper plate. And its soggy.

And remember kiddies. Ya heard it here first from Uncle Abs.

And for a parting cheap shot at Alaskan Evita. Have ya'll noticed how she is back to dressing like some rube who got an extra $20.00 and got to go to the Target Store for clothes, instead of Wal*Mart?

Yes, I am mean where rednecks are concerned. I am mean where ghetto trash is concerned, too. But even if I have to deal with them in the real world day after day, they are less of a bother to me than rednecks. Not to say I have not met or perhaps the better word is encountered ghetto trash peeps with seriously out of proportion senses of self worth. But here is the difference. Ghetto trash do not have a political party or movement. They are not organized into tea bag parties, and they do not have their own cable network, like the rednecks do (one and a half, if you consider how rancid CNN is lately.)

Don't you dare mention BET. No body watches BET.

Well, that is the joke anyway.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Really Should Not Be a Surprise to Anyone With Half a Brain, Not a Republican, But . .

It might be at least ironic, that the Republicans are actually the more contemptible race baiters, not even needing the appearance of actual racist leanings, to hurl the charge for it's value as a weapon, and beyond that, that they are the whiniest group of emotionally disturbed folk outside of a reform school for adolescent girls.


I thought (they claimed) to be the party of manly men. They cry over anything. They cry over everything.

Well, mostly it is because they are once again figuring out that the rest of us really do not like them very much.

They claim it doesn't matter. They say they don't want to be popular if that means relenting on their (they say values, I say) bigotry and ideology.

They lie. They do actually care, many of them. Thing is, even if it hurts their sociopathic little, only really care about them own selves, feelings, when people tell them, they suck on account of that whole being mean shits, thing? Well they just are not willing to give up sucking and being mean shits. They will instead deny being mean shits, as the pee in your Cornflakes, and set your dog on fire with lighter fluid. And then they will act out even more. Then they will sulk. And if we are talking about Sen. Grassley, he will tweet like the loudest tweetie bird ever, all about how he is the victim.


This Demonstrates Why Frank Rich is an Award Winning Writer, and I am a Hack Cranky Blogger.

His take, on the rise of violence and hate mongering rhetoric among the Redneck Wing of the GOP. And he doesn't even use the word Redneck. Classy Guy. I, as you all know, call them that because this is a blog, and I don't feel the need to be polite to or about people who act that way.

Anyway, here is the core of his observation (although the piece is much more comprehensive.)

What is this fury about? In his scant 145 days in office, the new president has not remotely matched the Bush record in deficit creation. Nor has he repealed the right to bear arms or exacerbated the wars he inherited. He has tried more than his predecessor ever did to reach across the aisle. But none of that seems to matter. A sizable minority of Americans is irrationally fearful of the fast-moving generational, cultural and racial turnover Obama embodies — indeed, of the 21st century itself. That minority is now getting angrier in inverse relationship to his popularity with the vast majority of the country. Change can be frightening and traumatic, especially if it’s not change you can believe in.

The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers.

He comes to very much the same idea as I do, without the fanciful descriptions I favor, like "Redneckus Americanus, the disappearing sub species," or "The Last Ride of the Republican Redneck Racists."

Again, he? Award winner. Me? Hack blogger.

But we agree on the core idea. The 'base' of the GOP is comprised of, to a large extent, scared white people. They are scared of the change that is happening to this country, and we have not likely seen the worst of it yet, by far. Calling these people irrational, as Rich does, is close to the truth. But he likes to use polite language.

At my kindest, I say them rednecks are unhinged.

At the euphemistic level, I call them nucking futs.

But I really think them Republican racist rednecks are fucking crazy and fucking dangerous, even when not shooting their guns at people. When that starts happening, that means the shit
(from FOX, from the redneck radio haters, and the redneck hate columnists) has gone too far. And we are past that point, now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now All Right Wing Republican Redneck Racists are Not This Bad, But . . .

The mere fact the rest of them seem to hold up as objects of merit and respect theclearly racist ones, says a lot about how mind fuckingly stupid the Redneck Wing of the Republican Party is.

I am talking about the now known as, and arrested for double murder bitch who has been associated with that racist bunch of trash, the Minuteman Movement; Shawna Forde.

Here is the quote that says all you need to know:

"Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said of Forde, "If you look at her history closely, and you know what we know, she is at best a pyschopath.""

Shawna Forde Arrested for Double Homicide.

As tempting as it is to link this incident to the two recent publicized incidents of redneck terrorism, I am going to pass. This was a plain old fashioned felony committed by a plain old fashioned crazy bitch, who just happened to be involved in sick Republican Redneck Racist garbage. However, the victims were Latinos. It could turn out to be both a pathological hate crime and a pathological crime of opportunity.

Now that I think about it more, let me amend what I just said. YES. This might not be an act of domestic Terrorism, but it is a violent felony committed by Right Wing Racist Rednecks against them sort of people they don't consider to be "Their kind of people."

Ordinary redneck racists are bad. Homicidal ones are worse.

And On a Similar Tack.

Those with simple minds.
They're afraid of smarter folk.
That's where their hate breeds.

Pat Buchanan Prefers Old-school Bigotry.

Makes one wonder if he wants to brig back Jim Crow, too.

Old Bigotry

I can not even act surprised, as I have been accusing the main stream GOP of being far too lenient of the obvious racists in their midst, and not at the least concerned about the far greater number of border liners or closet cases who know enough they can't say what they really think about "Them Others," out loud. But you know they will talk differently when their guard is down and they are among like mind bigots.

All the complaining I do about the Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP is proving to be more true, every fucking day. And the Sotomayor hearings are going to be the main event.

It is ironic though. It seems that the Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP is turning out to be the biggest Race Baiters of all time. Oh. And they are the biggest whiny assed babies, too. Just watch.

Friday, June 12, 2009

And No, Mrs. Palin. There is Not a Double Standard. The Problem is YOU.

More people despise you, than think you are worth an inkling more than a bucket full of snot.

It is not some huge conspiracy. You are odious. You lie. You are insane. You are so self centered you pimp out your unwed teen mom of a daughter as a living breathing talking point for a conservative position, "Abstinence." And after that, you have the fucking nerve to whore out your 14 year old as a foil to beat David Letterman over the head with, when he obviously was making fun of the unmarried teen mom daughter.

Mrs. Palin. There is low. There is a Hamas or Hezbolla Terrorist. Then there is you.

You are uniquely odious.

Sarah Palin is Whoring Out her 14 Year old Daughter.

For political points.

She is an evil person. Period.

There is no excuse for her. Period.

Those Palin Kids are going to make some thrapists careers, as far as billing goes. That is if they only end up moderately to strongly fucked up. At the more extreme end of the scale there is the Chasity (Chad?) Bono way to go. And there is room for more dysfunction past that shit.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Haiku. Another Variation on Last Night's Theme.

Freedom of Press? Good.

But some folk are psychotic.

They're pimping race war.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Haiku, Instead of

blaming Fox News, and Palin, and Newt, and Limbaugh for the shooting at the Holocaust Museum today.

Them who fan the flames.

They're not guilty of murder.

But are promoters.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This Might Be the Only Time I Ever Agree With Alaskan Evita.

(Save on account of her uttering one of those univeral things.)

I heard this in my car today. So it is not alleged (I just don't have a link yet.)

Apparently she got a little tipsy as that GOP Bore Fest of a party (likely on that Elitist Champagne -- ohh my goodness it tickles my nose more than Moosehead beer does, dontcha know.) And in front of a microphone or tape recording device said something to the effect of the following:

Gosh no, I'm not ready to be president.

I hope that if she changes her mind about that, that people play that tape until most everyone but her most die hard supporters can not think of anything regarding her, but for her saying that (oh, and that she wears a modified Mullet.)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Let's Just Do a Haiku, for Now.

I thought we're in June?

Is Earth having menopause?

Hot. Cold. Hot. Repeat.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Newt Says Sotomayor's a Racialist?

Ok. I admit I was working on a post re this new twist in Newt's rhetoric. After reading, and reading again, I had to re think what I originally was going to say, and I have to say

(a) Newt is being clever, even if acting like the Wanna-Be King of the Racist Republican Redneck Club, and

(b) I have been saying this shit for years; redneck Republicans want to bend, twist, and warp the meanings of the words used to describe real racism to the point where they mean nothing at all.

The word racialist actually is a real word and has a distinct meaning from racist. The racist, as opposed to a racialist, is supposed to be hung up on the superiority of their race (or the inferiority of other "races.") A racialist is suppose to be preoccupied by race.

Here is a definition of racialism:

a. An emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or interpreting events.
b. Policy or practice based on racial considerations.


So it seems that Newt thinks he was making some point there that Sotomayor puts too much time and thought into such things, based on that one quote. And he might have a point if the thing she was talking about was not race and sex discrimination cases, actually.

What The Fuck!

But the use of this word for her is not even his idea, likely. The shit fer brains over the NRO have been kicking it around for a few days and he picked it up.

And I know some people might think I use these cuss words and insults too much, but I can back up this instance by pointing out the (lack of) logic being employed here by Newt and company. If we are going to start judging people by the context of what was the topic they were talking about, when they were talking about something that inherently concerns the subject of race, well than by the same token, everyone who uses that word, "racialist," is a racialist. You can't use that word that way without yourself doing what you are accusing the other person of doing.

Ya that is disturbingly ironic. But irony and disturbing things are not strangers to the Racist Republican Redneck Club.

Expect to see that word used a lot, between now and the end of the hearings (if not longer after that.) I have half-jokingly described the Republican Rednecks as an endangered sub-species that acts like they know they are an endangered sub-species. This -- the hearings -- is only act one in the battle plan. And the battle plan is going to involve race as the new big wedge issue. Like I said, they are seeing how far they can go, and that only means they will entrench at that point, and then push.

And even well meaning white folks are feeling more threatened than usual. Not so much the reality of the America they know and have known (which has always been a dynamic, changing, evolving thing) but it is their delusional, fictional, fantasy version of America that is now disappearing. I want to just call it The Lilly White America of the Imagination, but the reality is it is more subtle than that, if we want to keep the point as broad as possible, we should not focus exclusively on race. Instead we should call it more like "People Like Us" syndrome. Every human has the seed of that syndrome in their personality, and in their minds. But most keep it with in reason. In its more extreme forms, it is quite pathological. And Newty and the other Republican racist rednecks are betting on this to be the thing that unites the right wing, and hopefully increases their appeal across America. Pretty crass and disgusting, I'd say.

But they have telegraphed their intent. We know they are going to entrench on that line. So be prepared to see even worse shit, to come.

Oh, and did ya'll catch Alaskan Evita's saying "Screw the political correctness."

And that reminds me. It is time to add the following entries to the Dog-whistle Coded Word Glossary.

Racialist: a word Republican Redneck Racists use to describe any "other," seen as a threat to People Like Us." You know, civil rights advocates, defenders of people other than us. Liberals.

Screw Political Correctness: the war cry of the Racist Redneck Horde. We can't say screw people like them, but we can say screw being nice to them and protecting their rights. Right?

Religious Racist Redneck Republicans

Ya. Now we have the full slate. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Rhetorical question, that. I know what is wrong with these people. I have said it here over and over. It is not merely that they believe they are right, but they can not accept the slightest possibility they are or could be wrong about anything. So should it be any surprise that Huckabee and Newt showed up for one of those (allegedly) Christian Bigot parties?

"At an event in Virginia titled "Rediscovering God in America," Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee aimed to recapture lost political momentum for the Christian right with strong exhortations for members to involve themselves in politics in order to maintain and increase the presence of religion in the public square."

Again, this is why those people piss me off. I don't care who they worship. I don't care how they worship. Just keep that stuff in their churches and homes. Ok? The moment they start dragging their crap out into the public square is when they start fucking with my peace and tranquillity. And they are not allowed to do that. Their rights to believe and worship what ever the fuck they want ends at my nose, and my nose does not want to deal with their shit. Unless I am in the mood for it. And if I were in the mood for it, I know where to find that kinda shit, I don't need some Christian Hypocrite standing on the street corner preaching at me.

Never mind that I believe that spending one's time informing an all powerful and all knowing deity, Who naturally understands that They are an all powerful and all knowing deity, that they are in fact an all powerful and all knowing deity, is basically an idiotic thing to do. It makes as much sense as standing near the ocean, and telling the ocean it is wet. But still. Even if I don't get the why of it, that shit turns some people on. And that is fine by me. Humans are known to do even stranger shit than that. So I really don't care if they do it, so as long as they keep that shit to themselves.

Edit to Add:

These fucking Religious Rednecks scare the shit outta me. Just saying.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Bliss. No Real Political News. Perfect for a Haiku post.

Tools out on my desk.

Like them more than the 'puter.

They seem more human.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Alors! The Worst Republican of the Week Ain't Even Republican.

And the winner is . . . . The So-Called Main Stream Liberal Elite Media.

Now you know I am being as fair to you guys as possible but ya'll be fucking up way too much lately.

The Real Republicans in Congress and in other offices, and on the radio and TV may be douche bags, and crazy racist rednecks, or just plain crazy folk, but sometimes they are crazy like a fox. No pun intended there. They may act like crazy douche bag rednecks, usually, for the sheer joy they have with their stupid, foul, sociopathic selves. But one of the other reasons, they do that shit is you wankers keep putting them on TV and in the papers with out pointing out the fact that they are acting like stupid, foul, sociopathic crazy racist rednecks.

Use the right adjectives, or don't give them airtime. Fuck!

So until you all get that right, you have a continuing status as enemies to truth, reality, and willing jailhouse bizzatcioches of the stupid, foul, sociopathic crazy racist rednecks. And if that is who is punking yer azzes, what does that make you?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

You Don't Crank on the Ghetto Peeps Anywhere Near as Much Ya Do on Rednecks. And There is a Logical Reason for That.

In the arena of American Political Noise, the rednecks are like Roseanne slaughtering the National Anthem. Ghetto peeps? Hardly a peep outta them peeps.

Ya sure. Some redneck cops rape a black man with a nightstick? That will get you an angry protest.

Some redneck cops get acquited of murdering a black man? That might get you a riot.

But them racist Republican rednecks?

They loose an election mostly on account of the fact that the rest of folk really do not like them their political party, and their shitty psycho ideas about most anything very much?

Them whiney assed bitches protest that, and start planing a March on Washington. Ya. That is supposed to be about taxes. And that my friends is just another evil lie from the evil Republicans. They are just pissed that the truth about them is out again. So they are going to act up even more in public, and prove what trash they are.

Bring it!

Speaking of acting out? Sen. Graham, you are supposed to be one of the Republican Adults. Ya sure. Lots of the peeps who routinely vote for him are pure redneck. But his stance on Sotomayor? Troubled? Let me find that quote.

"Being an average, every-day white guy ... that does not exactly make me feel good hearing a sitting judge say that."

Yo, Senator, yew bitch, you prove her point, even at the most sharp and extreme, right there.

I am hoping to see in my lifetime, and the sooner the better, him loosing his seat in a general election to either a black woman or a Latina. The first scenario is more likely though.

Let's send this redneck back to the backwoods country where his race baiting if not racist ass belongs.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Being Facetious. But Follow My Argument.

The Racist Redneck Wing of the Republicans is calling Judge Sotomayor a racist for suggesting that based on the empathy she has based on her life experiences, she hopes she might arrive at better decisions than a white male judge. And they are saying that in nearly the same breath they say they do not believe in empathy being a good thing for judges to have.

Miss the irony, much?

Everyone rise with me as we say as one:

"Empathy is a good thing for all humans to have. Humans who lack it, are sociopaths. And for the record, that is a very bad thing to be!"

Don't these people actually check their arguments for consistency? How about check them for at least not sounding like a total hack, slinging any kind of shit, hoping it sticks?

Changing tack if not topic, I have noticed that the Racist Redneck Wing is pulling back on the excessive rhetoric, following the "Adults" telling them they should.

Now I HATE, HATE, thinking they, the Redneck Wing, have any thing like smarts, but like vermin, they do posses cunning. So perhaps to a small degree, they sorta deliberately engaged in a childish version of Recon By Fire. Or, to go back and stick with the infantile metaphor, they could have been testing their boundaries; seeing how far they could go before getting whooped.

And ya know? I hate to say it (and changing metaphors one again) they gained a single yard on the play. So we need to push hard and make sure we make the bastids loose some major yardage here. This is not a mere matter of payback. It's needs to be a reckoning. Not so much do we need to be seen as dominant. But if we get the chance for a sack or a turnover? Ya, that would be some good shit.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How Did I Miss This, First Two Times Through Lakoff's Piece.

"People without empathy
are sociopaths."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have out push back club right here, to the GOP's attack on Empathy.

And how many times have I noted individual or group sociopathy in the GOP?

Prof. Lakoff, you are singing my song, and I know how to play that one really well.

Now let's make some music.

Great Teaser Line. I Haven't Even Read Past it, Yet.

The author:
Eric Deggans.

The link:
The fight over Sonia Sotomayor.

The line:

"What irks me most about the media circus around Sotomayor's nomination is that white politicians and pundits pretend their race and culture have no impact on their sensibilities."

I will add commentary after finishing reading it.

Ok. Done. And it is a very well presented essay on some of the side issues of the Nomination Circus. And it is already quite the circus, thanks to the racist redneck wing of the GOP. I should tie mention of this piece to another that was posted over on Huffpo by the noted linguist, George Lakoff:

Empathy and Sotomayor.

Apologies for major paraphrasing (and since he is a linguist, he know this topic better than I do, from this angle), but I so agree with him about how GOPers try to re frame the debate, and how we (the sane people) need to fight them. The two essays dovetail in my mind as they highlight not only something critical here, but something I have been carping about for ever here on this blog, and that is how we can not give these GOP evil liars an inch when it comes to reshaping the dialogue/conversation/issue. There are few things they are good at. Fucking up the conversation is not only something they are good at, but are deliberately doing knowing they are good at it. So we, the reality based progressive humanists have to make sure that we push back and push back hard on the GOP, both the semi rational ones and the redneck racist wing.

If let to their own choices, they would redefine racism as not only when ever any non white mentions the fact they are not white, but have it be exclusively the infraction of non whites.

What obnoxious, evil bitches they are. And they have the nerve to believe God is on their side.

What the fuck!

Monday, June 01, 2009

And Up Jumped One-ah Them Crazy, Homicidal Rednecks, Assassinating That Doctor at His Church . . .

about a day after I post about how if the trend continues, the Redneck Wing of the GOP is going the way of sabot-eurs, known mostly if only in history for an act of violence. And this time it really was domestic terrorism.

I am not happy to be correct.

But I if the trend continues, I will be proved correct.


I would love to see Bill O'Reilly indicted along with the shooter. It is about time for the cowardly Rednecks who preach violence like that, but are too chicken shit to do it themselves, to own up to it, if only when compelled by lawful writ of seizure and being bound for trial.

I doubt that would happen. But how about a nice, big, fat Civil Rico Suit? Proceed X Billo, and FOX, and any of the other hosts/commentators who were metaphorically shouting Hellfire in a crowded room of witless, and armed Republican Rednecks. Drag Randall Terry in, too. Fuck him. Take all his money, I mean, make sure that two out of every three dollars he lays hands on for the rest of his life, goes to the Tiller Estate, until a $10,000,000.00 judgment (+ interest) is paid off.

Ya. That.
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