Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have been putting off the BIG BIG Diatribe about the Plethora of Douchebags and Douchyness, but

I will cut to the chase.

Much as my mission statement (above) details, I believe there should be standards.

A society with out standards can be driven or even led by the least talented scum that crawls up out of the muck.

And what I am increasingly afraid of (not in the cowering in the corner sense of afraid, but more in the "Such a Disaster is Inevitable," sense) is the fact that we have gone far too far down the road where douchebaggery is normalized.

I will still resist. I deleted the litany of celebrity douches I was working on here, but instead I will say this once again. A world where Infotainment is normalized and all-pervasive is a world where shit is celebrated. And in such a world, the douchebags are not reviled, but they are employed, and made famous and wealthy and powerful for (my take at least) the very thing that should disqualify them from the public sphere; their douchyness.

Say no to the standard less society. Say no to the downward redefinition of normal to include the emotionally-retarded and as well, talentless shitbags.

Join me in the resistance.

It might not be too late (but ya, it likely is. Personally, I am going down fighting. What say you?)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Bay Buchanan has me down COLD!

The following, from a recent appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show. The topic was, where does the more extreme level of hate for politicians come from.

Bay Buchanan:

“You got to understand where it is coming from, on the left. The liberal elite are intellectual snobs.

They really only respect people who are very good with the numbers and the quotes and the facts and the figures.

They have to be on a high intellectual level. They never respected Reagan, for instance.”

Um, ya. Not only do I admit I resemble that remark, I endorse it.

When I am thinking about what I want in a President or Senator, what I want is the guy or gal

"Who [are] very good with the numbers and the quotes and the facts and the figures."

I don't want the one who would be a great surrogate grandpa/ma, or best neighbor, or best hangin' out, or even prayer circle buddy. I want somone who at least understands the way all that shit generally works. if they do not get how all that shit generally works, then they are not fit for the office.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are SOME Republicans So BAD at self-reflection/observation, or is it that they totally lack the ability to get IRONY?

Ok, so this republican says, in response to, and in context of a discussion about some really crazy, ultra freak zone, so far left they are almost a right winger's car, covered in all sorts of bumper stickers:

"More bizarre and pointless 'activism.'"

Oh shit. I need a punchline here to make this funny.

Ok, so get this.

The republican in question said this on an . . . . internet political message board.

(Note: I cleaned this up some, the next day. I can be pesky sometimes.)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

All Hail The Princess Meredith. Weilder of the Hands of Flesh and Blood.

Yes, the awaited latest installment of Laurel K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series, "A Lick of Frost," is out.


I describe the series as sorta like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but more sex and violence (oh and something you usually do not find in an Anne Rice book . . .political intrigue.)

Anyway, I am going to move right on to the moving quote (and it is quotes like the following that make me think Ms. Hamilton has a heart as big as a whale, and an understanding of the human condition that many alleged literary writers sadly lack, actually).

But let me get to the quote.

"It is not merely happiness we all seek. We seek some place where we belong. For the lucky few, we find it in childhood with our own families. But for most of us we spend our adult lives seeking that place or person or organization that makes us feel that we are important, that we matter, and that without us something would go undone and undoable. We all need to feel that we are irreplaceable."

So true, that!

Politics will only get me Upset. I don't need Upset . . .

so I will instead talk about something less bothersome, like which is actually my favorite new TV show this year.

That would have to be "Life."

In short, the premise is that Charlie Crews, a cop who was convicted for a horrific murder, and served 12 years hard time is freed, thanks to his lawyer and the DNA tests that prove he was FRAMED! He gets a multi-million dollar settlement from the City of LA and not only his job back but promoted to Detective. Oh, and the quirk is that he delved deeply into Zen teaching, in order to survive his time in the joint.

Makes for a good point of departure, and the production is tight, the scripts are good, and the performances very good. And the actor for the lead role? Not exactly an unknown but it is the actor who played the legendary Maj. Dick Winters in "Band of Brothers." Damian Lewis.

Fans of "Deadwood" should recognize Robin Weigart there. Oh and ya, that is the ever so reliable Adam Arkin, who plays Charlie's sorta side kick, former cell mate Ted Early, who was in da joint for some insider trading, and currently manages Charlie's money. Speaking of the side kick angle, that character self-consciously asked Charlie if he was Alfred to Charlie's Batman. A lesser actor would have just munched it, on that line. but Arkin just nails it so perfectly; just the right amount of self conscious vulnerability for a man who literally owes his life to the other.

That is what seperates the really great actors from the merely good; being able to nail it, like that.

Anyway, I suggest you should check it out.

Oh, and just because Charlie is Zen does not mean he is a pacifist. He would rather contemplate the meaning of what it means to kick someone's ass. But he will kick yer ass, if you get on his bad side.
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