Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Everyone is Fucked!

 Senator Vance Shamelessly Fluffs Trump.

I am not encouraging anyone to read this. Afterall. Nothing new about the low rent, low class trash that gets elected as Republicans, fluffing for bozo. They are not the ruling class. They are the minions of the ruling class. Being even a senator is too much like having a job. The ruling class do not have jobs. That is low class shit. They don't do low class shit. Mostly, most ruling class aristocrats follow that rule. Politics is low rent trash work, a job.

Don't get caught having a job. Having a job is low rent, trashy.

However, working on the family trust is not a job. It's looking after how family money is spent. Likewise, being on the board of directors of the family empire is not work. You are looking after the family assets. And you get to boss around or fire the CEO!

Ok. Baseline for my actual issue is set. I have said it before, but I wonder why the the ruling class hasn't retired bozo yet, and instead back a more reliable stooge?

I get why low rent, low class trash GOP senators kowtow to bozo. Never mind the GOP congresscritters. Most of that lot actually admire their Leper Messiah, bozo. But I will dismiss the GOP senators as bougie, or upper bougie, social climbing, two generations removed from plebes, who are willing to debase themselves for the sick, twisted, pathological lust for power.

I really don't get that pathology. I mean yeah. I rather live a life where nobody fucks with me or my shit. Who doesn't want that? But honestly, I don't want elected office. I don't want to be a senator or potus. Fuck that. I value my me time too much! But I digress.

Back to the ruling class. I really don't get it. Why haven't they realized that an unstable, nouveau riche, violently envious psychopath is a bad choice for guardian of their status and fortunes?

He isn't William F. Buckley. He isn't dedicated to the current social order, as much as he is personally greedy, and resentful. He despises the ruling class. Because he knows the ruling class despises him. And he actually sort of knows he is despicable. But he is who he is. And he will burn it all down, if that is what he thinks is necessary to appease his twisted ego, and sense of inferiority.

Not only are "we" fucked, if bozo get's back in the Oval. Even the ruling class is fucked. Because everyone and everything is at risk. All the fucking shit, is at risk!

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