Friday, October 27, 2023

Shit That Hurts My Pretty Brain.

 Bad arguments, and bad writing.

So the OWL has posted for a second time, about the melting down of the Granny Lee statue.  At least she recognized that the hated (by reasonable people who know the actual history and purpose of such monuments to white supremacy,) status was about hate.  Yet she still gave voice to the other side.  If you heritage is hate, you heritage is not worth respect.  Sometimes shit really is that simple.

I had a headache before reading the blog post.  I even tried to re read it.  But the headache intensified.  So I will just wing it.

Her writing and argument style is the kind that would give me a headache if I did not have one already.  Simply said, she writes her mostly subjective observations about things as if they are universal truths.  

What is my stock assessment of so many things lately?  Tiresome and exhausting.  Yeah.  That covers it.  Without going too far down another rabbit hole. One of the main reasons I am not a free speech absolutist, is that most people and their opinions are usually tiresome and exhausting.

But that is actually one of my default opinions of the human species.  

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Cringe America

 I finally have figured out how to express in a few words, why I don't like Harleys, and more generally, Harley Culture.

It's the epitome of American cringe.   It's uncool, middle aged Americans, trying to pass for cool.  And failing at it. Spectacularly.  Definitely not cool.

But you do you, boo.

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