Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What Do We Know about Diversity? | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter | The Gl...


In my rush to call bullshit on these two 'knuckleheads', I forgot what I just heard Briahna Joy Gray say, over the past couple weeks.  Ivy's "pad" their "diversity" admissions  with foreign born students who usually are from the upper crust of their countries, but just have more melanin than the usual Prep School brats.  There is data that backs this up!  So just about everything these knuckleheads' assert in the vid is bullshit.

Really strange shit going on here.  Do both professors have no fucking idea how either admissions works, generally, or how bell curves work?

I worked in my law school's admission office during my first year.  I became well versed wit the conversion book.  Because a 3.7 GPA from Dartmouth is not the same as a 3.7 GPA from Ball State.  Just saying. And as far as bell curve theory goes?  Kids trying to get into undergrad programs from the 10%  in top 10% schools are more in common than not.  That means the kids  in the 99%tile are not really all that smarter than those in the 90th to 98%tiles.  That is the bell curve part.  Correct me if you got evidence to the contrary.

Kids from the mid never mind bottom of high schools are not coasting into Brown or Columbia.  I dare either professor to check the stats at the schools they work at.  Fuck the anecdotal "evidence."  Go to the admissions department, and if they are not very likely to just spit out the data, makes friends with a work study student.  They know!

When in HS, I did ask for a few Ivy league packets.  Did not even bother to waste my money on the fee.  I did not see myself getting over the other black kids with solid A averages, who likely would be applying, too.  

Thousands of them.  So I am calling bullshit on both professors.  You don't even have to pull out a calculator.  Just think about the context and likely numbers form an objective POV.  Just fucking ignore the fucking white supremacist narrative!

Just another instance of people who should fucking know better than to spit out anecdotal "evidence"  and what people assume is the truth,  who should have done the research before they talk about shit in public.  

Pseudo intellectuals!

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