Sunday, June 19, 2022

They Are Not White Supremacists, Except When They Are?

Talk about mixed messages.  This from in house editorial is so flagrantly white supremacist I call it flat out anti Black and brown hate.  That was published on the 15th.  But on the 18th they published this opinion piece from a writer.

Whiplash!  Hurts my pretty brain!  The two opinions are so at odds with each other. Even if the writer of the pro Juneteenth piece spends more time white fragility channeling such white supremacist ideas as:

"Right now there is a movement among much of the progressive left to “cancel” our history, "

than he does really getting into the true and obvious importance of Juneteenth.  But he does make the point about it's importance, even if only superficially.

I think the NYP needs a racial issues ombudsman.  I will be happy to take the job for a mere $140,000.00 a year.  Initial contract for two years.   Full payment guaranteed, even if fired for cause, and no waiver of litigation options, and corporate IP rights are limited to a license to use and reuse of work submitted under the contract.  I retain derivative works rights.  

Back to reality though.  When I first encountered the anti Black Lives Matter piece this morning, it was still highlighted on the "front page" on line.  But the link was dead and I had to hunt down the piece.  Granted, my cell phone browser might had to just adjust and update to today's leads.  Part of me hopes that someone there had to good sense to say . . .  that is a very bad look for Juneteenth weekend.  And they deliberately took it off the front page for optics.  However, my question still is:

how the fuck could those educated editors at NYP not get it, that the editorial that they wrote, was blatantly hostile to Black and brown folk?

They clearly need a racial issues ombudsman.  It's not really  giving into  "woke culture" to hire someone to keep the paper from losing respect and readers, by policing it from blatantly obvious, white supremacist bullshit. You would have to be an extremely committed white supremacist to believe it is!

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