Wednesday, June 15, 2022

How Diverse Should Viewpoint Diversity Be? | Glenn Loury & Jonathan Haid...

Glenn Loury admits the dishonest, cowardly, wicked truth about why GOPer who know the party is extreme and intolerant of  diversity of opinion, still vote for them evil fucks.

He goes into some ignorant rant, worthy of drunk uncle on his fifth beer, about  (mi sobrina) AOC and the far left.

As a nearly 60 y.o. progressive left liberal, I describe my status in the Democratic party and that of the rest of our wing, as being permanently seated at the kiddie table for Turkey Day and Xmas. How fucking ignorant need someone be to actually believe the progressives run the Democratic party?

Sub average IQ,  plus five brewskies, plus FNC as your main news source, ignorant.  Or maybe  not ignorant, but actually knows it's bullshit, but for what ever bizzaro reason, still spews that shit, like some parrot on meth.

His histrionic love ode to capitalism was off the hook.  In a very troubling, ugly way.  You really get that passionate about capitalism?  That is abnormal, sir.  Not merely eccentric. Abnormal.  

And to act as if the Democratic party is anti capitalist?  Laughably dishonest.   Keep up with your evil,  dishonest party's current talking points, will you.  

Right Wing million and billionaires, good, left wing ones, bad.  Right Wing corporations, businesses, good, left wing ones,  bad.  

But to be generously fair, it is not as if right wing, Republicans are at all concerned with consistency of message.   

Earlier today, I went on at length on FB on the topic of trolling, and ended with the idea, you should own it and mean it.  I mean to troll Loury here.  I do that not because I think he is that bad a person.  My guess is that he is not that bad a person. 

But I troll him in particular as I believe with out any evidence , but for that part of his public record, and my credentials and experience in deconstructing performance.  I have a degree in theatre.  That is my first career.  In any case, I believe he does not believe in half the political shit he spews.  

I want to say only he knows the truth.  But ya know?  We will never know if he really knows now, will we?

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