Tuesday, December 07, 2021

John McWhorter Shares About Holding Power in Book "Woke Racism" | The View

So I was ready to put McWhorter and Loury back on indefinite mute. But I could not resist seeing how it went down with the ladies of The View.  This is at least part two of the clips.  Everyone seems on their best behavior.

Notes about McW.  I repeat my recent "No negro, fuck no," remarks about his basic lack of power to change any Black or brown lives for the better.  No one, for the most part, who he believes needs to hear what he has to say and could in theory be "helped" is part of his audience. The only good he can likely do is give some of his ill gotten money to people who can make good use of it. (Lots of worthy Black  and brown charities out there, bro!) I ain't calling him a sell out.  Mainly because you have to have been in the avante garde before you go commercial  and in doing so, sell out. He never was one of us. He might have been a liberal.  And he might still consider himself a liberal.  But I never have seen him at the radical's meetings.

And I have to call out his imitation William F. Buckley rap.  And furthermore, if you are thinking you are needed to defend the institutions and you see that is important to defend the institutions?   (More couch potato savior complex?) Ya know? Ya might be more than a little bit conservative.  But I repeat myself again.  Man might not be a sell out, but the man is clearly bought into the society as it now is.  Compared to me? Not literally, but burn the motherfucker down, as an imperative,  is more my speed.  And yes, I believe in preserving existing and enduring artistic forms and styles.  But I also believe in promoting the avante garde.  Because, not literally, but time to time we need to burn the motherfucker down.

I like to hear it when he admits  that yes there is systemic racism.  He is not unhinged.  And I like it when he talks about policies, and shit.  Welcome to my world.  Oh.  I have been in the trenches, and even used to be a lobbyist.  So you are welcome to actually come into the world I have had dabbled if not toiled in, time to time, for years and years!  I know the NYU Law Radicals, but I am sure there are Columbia Law  Radicals.  Go hang with them.  They might put you to use.  You can write sort of decently, English Professor.

I loved that last bit where Sunny tells him what time it is, or was, when the Civil Rights laws got passed.  Unfortunately the convo ended there.  I am still of the mind that I would be better off not having a convo with him, ever.  He still hurts my pretty brain.  Oddly enough, I would be better off having lunch with Loury even if he hurts my pretty brain, too.  But it might be worth my time  provided, I can lure him into a Cape Verdean restaurant in Providence, and have some cousins for back up, at least.  But I would love to bring them into the convo, particularly, some immigrant CV.  I would like Loury to hear the truth out of the mouth of peoples who were born and lived in a country were most everyone is mixed race, including the ruling class, and then moved here.  The eyes of someone who is Black/brown who immigrated here from a Black/brown country see way differently than the native born.  I can't speak for all, but as fucked up as shit looks to me, to my CV born cousins, it must seem twice as fucked up!

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