Friday, July 16, 2021

You Must Be Crazy, Negro! People Pay Me Money to Tell Them, "You wrong."

To explain, I re watched some of John McWhorter's latest  . . . adjectives are lacking to describe it, near total misunderstanding of CRT, as published in his latest vid with Loury.  I had just enough wine tonight to think I should give him some instruction on his Substack space.  But only subscribers can comment,  there. Hence, my title, here.  

So here goes something.  I posted it on my FB wall earlier. Hope I don't need to tweak it.  But for the record, the blogger I refer to is Ann Althouse.  Even if she is not a Republican.  She really needs to follow my rule for white Republicans commenting on any issue having to do with black and brown folk, as such.  Just stifle it!  (Archie Bunker quote deliberately employed for emphasis and irony.)  Here goes.

So much to pack into one post. Firstly, some teacher got fired for exposing some white childr'n to this poem. White supremacists once again proving that CRT and the other anti white supremacists are clearly on to something.

Secondly, at the blog where I found the story and the poem? I usually hold back on calling the blogger there a racist. But she is so fucking tone deaf about race that she . . . .

how much????

She is one of them fucking idiots who thinks she passes the I'm not a racist test for not allowing posters to quote the ennn woid. But she posts racist shit like this from her racist fan bois. This is in reply to her post about the story/poem. And all the comments are pre moderated before she posts them. She chose to post this racist shit:

""Separately, I feel sorry for this woman. She has so many negative half takes in her mind that she seems emotionally crippled. I’d like to see the class break down each line in her poem to show her how she is portraying only the negative side of every thing she speaks of. Someone who only sees the negative side of life will drive themselves crazy whether they are black, white, brown, or green.""

Like I said, fucking tone deaf!

Thirdly? I am running out of steam. I wanted to crank on these two black Ivy League professors, one conservative one a Democrat, who demonize CRT. And I re watched some of a dialogue vid they did (the black guys at Bloggingheads.TV.) My rant in summation.

I will tell you the open secret about CRT. They might have invented some new terminology, but none of their/our (I am a member of that tribe) ideas are new (even if you are not lumping all the anti white supremacists under one column.) I am Cape Verdean. Arguably some of my mainland West African ancestors were enslaved by the Portuguese even before Cristóbal Colón got lost and ended up in the Caribbean. We don't have a family oral history. But I am pretty sure the original stolen ones, finding themselves stolen and moved by force to the Cape Verde Islands had thoughts like:

"Who the fuck are these white devils? Why do they think they are better than us, and have a right to force us to work for them for free? We need to end all that shit!"

Yup. CRT was invented in the mid 15th Century, if not earlier. And that is at core what CRT and all the anti racist splinter movements are about. Ending all that shit.

I will stop there. for now.
______________________________________ New content after my self quote. Even If I got McWhorter to see that, I don't expect him to have an epiphany and take back all the silly, un founded, sub high school debate team shit he has said about CRT/anti white supremacy even fucking even even if I pierce that part of his African American Mind that has pretty much known, all his natural life, that it is all the fucking same anti white supremacy movement. And the goal has never changed. The movement is more than 600 years long and running. The labels of the flavor du jour really don't mean shit. And even if not especially if one is a linguist? Don't get blinded by the terminology. What matters is the idea being communicated. And as far as I say it, the idea is . . . and I repeat myself supposing what my first stolen ancestors would have thought, said:
"Who the fuck are these white devils? Why do they think they are better than us, and have a right to force us to work for them for free? We need to end all that shit!"

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