Wednesday, July 14, 2021

But I still want to keel haul white supramacists, in theory at least.

I want to go easy on Professor Loury of "The Black Guys at Blogging Heads, here.  He at least had a borderline epiphany.  His guest, professor of politics and public policy at New York University Lawrence Mead, got past Loury's blinders and opened him to some ideas I would have, if I had a chance to.  But I would have been more blunt.  Loury has shown in the past a distinct inability  to get out of his own skin.  And I don't mean his black skin.  I mean his Ivy League Professor, clearly part of the top 10% by income, living the good even if not life of leisure of trust fund babies, skin.  To make a more direct point (and I am an America Jacobin of sorts,) his, I am an invested stakeholder in the American status quo, skin.

And His Booker T. Washington-esque obsession with lecturing blacks way out of earshot they need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, bullshit, seems to be well related to a sense of, I did it why can you negroes, rant  is way dull.  Anyway.  Professor Mead blew his mind with the thesis that African Americans really ain't part of the Western Tradition.  Loury is so fully invested in that myth (currently, for most black and brown folk, it is a myth) that he pushed back.  But he seemed to get the point, at least.

Both agreed that even if the anti racist faction is not really as invested in the status quo, they as individuals and group, fit in to the description that Professor Mead calls  individualism.

It's an interesting dialogue.  I have never seen Loury so  . . . . intellectually challenged, in a good and professional way.  I hope this will lead to Loury at minimum reevaluating his useless lectures, even if  the idea is black and brown folk need to assimilate more.  Meade makes an inference we need some policies and programs to help with that?

And back to the what about the racists part?  Neither professors are as radical as I am.  I pretty much have been saying the following for years and years.  It is not an either or, a false binary.  Black and brown folk all at the same time can be victims of systemic racism, and can still do more to help themselves and their families.  I think about how Loury and his intellectual drinking buddy John McWhorter need to stop with the fucking bullshit about how anti racists and like minded fellows are teaching black and brown folk to be permanent victims.  

Fancy negroes please!  If one is living in the PJs, the hood, or on Catfish Row, one needs not be taught to be downtrodden.  (For the record I am fancy but, don't make as much $$ as them guys.)

Oh.  let me be clear.  Without some sort of useful policy or otherwise action attached to the Booker T. Washington lectures?  Those lectures are about as useful as standing on the dock, seeing someone drowning a few yards out, and shouting at them:

"Hey you !  Drowning man!  Ya know if you knew how to swim that might help!  You really need to learn how to swim, drowning man!"

African Americans are not "Western."

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