Wednesday, November 21, 2018

If Only She Knew The Truth.

Friend of mine is a big time animal lover.

So she posts on FB about how one of her cats is all sad because he is missing his friend, the bird, who hangs outside the apartment window.  Poor bird died, got stuck in the AC  seems, trying to keep warm.

My friend is convinced her cat is sad because the bird died.  If only she knew the truth.  Her cat likely was thinking,"Damn.  The little birdie is dead.  Shit.  I wanted to kill and eat it."

I say that as someone who's family in the past adopted a local, semi feral cat.  And it was an indoor/outdoor cat.  I caught that cat one day with one half dead bird in it's mouth, while it was still trying to capture a second one.  From that moment in time  we called that cat by her new name:  Killer Cat.

Now I am not the mushiest person when it comes to critters.  I have no desire to have a pet at this point in my life.  I appreciate those who do.  And they are free to be as crazy mushy as they like.  But the idea that a cat will miss a bird for any reason other than, "Damn I was hoping to kill and eat it?"

Silly!  Just plain silly!

Monday, November 05, 2018

I am lucky enough to have met the woman who will be the next Attorney General for New York.  She might end up being the person who more than anyone else, saves the republic from Bozo the POTUS.

Goddess protect her!
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