Saturday, February 10, 2018

Complaining about Blurred National lines at the Olympics. Merely wrong, or also a bad person?

I am not going to name names, but earlier today I read some remark from some far, far more popular blogger than myself, throwing shade at the Blurred National lines at the Olympics.  Of course I think she is wrong and I am right, in thinking, ain't it fucking great how  someone can compete for a nation under the grandfather/mother clause?  She does not agree.  Why?  She did not explain why, but I have to guess she is one of those petty and small people who can't t look past her own narrow views.

Why do I think it is great when someone  can compete in the Olympics for a nation even if the only connection to the nation  is one had a grandparent born there?  Should be obvious.  Firstly  the Olympic movement  is a duality  where  international competition is the obvious game.  But the ideal is  international cooperation. All that in the end  we are all one, shit. And I like that we are all one shit.  So the ability to have grand kids  compete advances both.  It increases  national competition, and it fosters  the idea of blurring the lines  between  nations, and people.  Yea all that shit.

And it is a win for the athlete, who might not be in the crowded and super competitive (particularly  and for example) 97th% American percentile for the sport, but still could rate as internationally  competitive.  And it is a win for the country to be represented.  So why the fuck could anyone not like that?  Fucking beats me.

Oh  and I will name the name, only in the tags.

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