Friday, August 11, 2017

Will you fuckwads finally shut the fuck up! You don't fucking have fucking free speech rights in your workplaces.

I will be brief. The fuckwads defending that fuckwad ex google engineer for being fired for protesting diversity policies, and in doing so crossing the line into  hostile workplace behavior?

#1.  Save if you are a government employee, or work in one of the few states that offer more than usual?  You have no free speech rights in the workplace.  And in the few states which afford  some greater protection, it isn't much.

#2.  As a former Employment Law lawyer, I would counsel anyone, assume you have no free speech rights in the workplace.  You are not getting paid by your employer to express your true and actual self.  You are getting paid to do the fucking shit that is your fucking job.

#3.  I tell people  don't make yourself too much at home at work.  It is work.  It is not your home or social club.   Leave your lame assed  bullshit  personality  on the curb or in the parking lot.

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