Sunday, July 09, 2017

Meme War? Are you fuckwads serious?

Meme War? What the fuck is that?

Yes, good people of the world.  There are fuckwads among us who think there is a thing called  internet culture, and that it has meaning and value.  As someone who has been on line since 1997, I call bullshit.  As someone who helped invent internet trolling, I call bullshit  (as a liberal, I used to waste time arguing, sometimes viciously, against conservatives on net forums.)

That being said, I think the major distinction between the peeps  who view CNN's calling out but not by name, the fuckwad who did the Trump beat down CNN meme as a horrible thing, and those who don't get what the fuss is about?  Beyond identity politics as a gateway matter?  I think the difference is between those who take so-called internet culture seriously  (the immature and silly people,)  and those who don't (the grown ups.)

There has always been people who never grow the fuck up.  There has always  been people who glory in being obnoxious.  There always  has been people who think they are funny, but goodness knows, should not give up their day jobs.  The addition of the internet just allows for unfunny, idiotic trolls  in different  zip codes  and time zones, the ability to virtually smell each others' stench farts, and declare them to to be awesome.

Let us not take seriously, the infatuation that some immature, silly people have for the trivial thoughts and witless output of their inferior minds.

And no, this is not a free speech issue.  Even at the widest possible interpretation of the culture of free speech, the idea that people have a vested right to engage in stupid, petty, unfunny, insult-hurling anonymously on the net, is absurd.  If your Kung Fu is not good enough to keep yourself anonymous?  Then fuck you, your Kung Fu isn't good enough!  I might come off as harsh there, but for the past 10 or more years, I have been earning a living doing digital data forensics.  I love to tell people that everything they do on line is redundantly backed up on redundant server farms.  So act accordingly.

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