Saturday, January 03, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Just haven't been feeling the whole, blog thing, for a while.  So here goes  a quickie.

Isn't it disturbingly  humorous how it is, lately, some big talking point for the racist wing nuts  to bitch and moan about Al Sharpton's back taxes?

Takes a certain kind of hypocrisy to condemn your political rivals  for doing something  you cheer your team members for doing,  and in this case, trying to get away with out paying  their taxes.

I wonder how many of the hypocrite wing nuts  repeating  the Sharpton tax talking points  cheered on that asshole who clearly, beyond any reasonable doubt, owes the Fed Gvt a shit load of money for his un paid grazing fees?

I am not a fan of Sharpton.  But I am an attorney who has taken tax law courses.  As my professor  used to say in his  stand up comedy  style  sometimes when one of those  tricky points  of tax law was at issue:

"Now is the time we all rise as one and say, it depends."

Cause tax law is like that.  I am sure The Right Reverend  Sharpton owes.  But on the one hand they don't throw your ass in jail  lickity split for that.  And another thing, the talking point  lumps in back taxes for some  company  he ran/runs, is/was associated with.  That is artificially  inflating  the arrearages.  And the comparisons  to Al Capone, Leona Helmsey,, and even Martha Stewart are all false.  Martha  wend down  for a securities  rap  anyway!  That is how  scumbaggy these wing nuts  get.  They just make up shit, on top of their hypocrisy.  

No wonder I took a break from political blogging.  Sure my head was in other things  but ya know?  This never seems to get better.  And those lying hypocrites  just get worse and worse.

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