Monday, December 31, 2012

My Internet Year in Review.

(Hey  it is one way to get to a point I have made in the past.   Humor me and follow.)

My hate - hate relationship with the Internet continues.  I view the Net primarily  as the delivery conduit for data, and what is still a fucked up, inadequate means of communication.  (But Skype is pretty good shit.)

Honestly, as much as I am not a fan of typing to communicate, I am a bigger fan of cell phone texting than Net texting.  Mainly, that is because if I am cell texting it's with someone I know in the real world.  Not some lying ass  fucking  Net Personality.  Turns out I have finally changed my cell plan to accomodate the increased  text traffic  I am having.  It's just the way things are now. 

True,  I blog here, still.  This is where I vent.  And I am something of a FB whore.  Mostly that is me forwarding the fun pics and ecards I see.  And posting video of songs I like.  And some lower level venting.  And yes, keeping up with my peeps.  And something like 90% of the peeps on my friends list there, I already know in the real world.  So I am not really having to deal with the one particularly much sucking aspect of the Net I fucking hate;  lying assed fucking Net Personalities.

And great news for me  this past year!  The one last remaining Net Discussion Forum I participated on, abruptly closed months ago.  And I mostly don't miss it.  Granted, I have to live without my favorite pet peeve related activity.  My peeve is redneck racists (getting really particular there.)  And the activity is calling out these racist rednecks for being racists.  But honesty.  That really hasn't been giving me much pleasure  anyway.  So  Bub-bye to that.  The only thing about not being on a board anymore that I actually  miss?  That would be the fun I used to get from bragging about parts of life to some obnoxious rednecks, just to enjoy their demented, idiotic reactions.  But for that?  Message Boards are some of the most fucking creepy  shit on line, that does not involve fetish sex.  Or cults.

Now I am sure there are some insane, fucking creepy motherfuckers out there,  who if they learned they were dying might be thinking,"Oh shit  I wish I had more time . . . for my Internet . .  (fill in the blank.)"  I could feel sorry for anyone like that.  In theory.  But I think they are so fucked in the head they don't deserve even if only my pity.

If I knew I was about to die, the last thing I would be regretting was losing  Net time.  I would be pining for time spent with family  and  (real world) friends.  And going to the ballet,  and opera, and enjoying other real world art things.  Fuck the Internet.  Fuck anyone who doesn't know it's not really a virtual world.  It's just a data pipe, a cloud, and a bunch of remote access points.  The community aspect of it is fucking fake.  But you know what they say.  Some people dig that fake shit.

So I wrap up my 2012 Internet review by saying the following.  Fuck the Internet, people.  go out there and deal with the real world!  You don't have to interact  (much) with actual peeps if you don't want that.   I get that.  People get on my last nerve all the fucking time.  But real life, real world experiences  are more  . .  for lack of a better word, real, that all that fake fucking shit.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year End Review.

Now on paper, 2012 was not the best of times nor the worst of times for me.  On balance, it was an OK  year at best.  For me. Personally.  A little bit better than 2011.

However . . .  nationally?  Andrew Breitbart's black evil heart gave out on him.  That fucker is dead.  Praise Jah!  And 4 more years of Obama  in the White House.  And the GOP is weaker  (as an institution) than it has been ever!  Conservatism is seeming more and more like I have seen it for years, to more and more people.  A bunch of insane lying  monsters.  A movement that is doomed to die under the crushing weight of it's own evil.

And beyond that, it's been a shit year for some of my enemies.

Not a bad year at all.

Happy New Year, All.  Except my enemies.  Fuck you btiches, if you are on that list.

Friday, December 28, 2012

I saw Django today. Spoiler Alert.

I led the applause when the racist motherfucking plantation house was blown the fuck up.  

Hey.  I did say  spoiler alert.

But I do get why Jamie Foxx  had so much fun doing that shit. Only thing better than pretend killing  fucking racist  southern redneck  plantation owners  and  white over seeers  is pretend killing fucking Nazis.  (By only a cunt hair, I add.  And Tarantino made that movie  already.)

No the fuck wonder tea baggers  and wing nuts hated this movie before it opened.  It is an affront to all they hold dear.

Fuck them!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Survived Another Xmas, Yea!

Not that that thing . . . . event is all that brutal. But for a single, no kids, non believer, Xmas  is  all, "What the fuck is everyone so excited about?"  For me at least.  Fuck it.  I say that in the I am not opposed to it as a rule, but fuckit  I can take it or leave it, sense.

Personally, I think of it as the Saturnalia Season.  That's the way I roll.

Anyway, now comes the holiday I actually like: New Year's Eve.

New Year's is all about optimism, and looking forward, even if we look back a little  over the year past.  Point of the holiday is what is coming next.  Not what is immediately  or distantly past.

And Xmas is more neurotically  chained to the human often-perversity of  adhering to "Tradition."  Even if most folk don't really understand the origins of the traditions.  (Again, I'm the guy who thinks of the season as Saturnalia Season.  I know my origins of traditions, bitches.) 

Now I do follow some of the few New Year's Traditions.  Particularly  the champers.  Got to have champers.  Caviar too, if I remember.  The idea in enjoying  prosperous people food is to start the year off right, hoping for  increased prosperity in the new year, and to be able to continue to afford to live the good life.

But I do at least one of the rituals to bring the luck.  I'll skip on the ham hocks.  But I will have my Black Eye Peas.   And some greens.  That's for New Year's day, though.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas, Negroes!

Funny stuff!

Oh and merry Xmas to you not Negroes  too!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Althouse Says Something So Stupid, it Burns!

What's worse?  Sloppy, lazy thinking, or flat out ignorance?  Well both at the same time is flat out worse.

Anyway, Ann Althouse has a habit of posting and commenting about some rather mundane news "items" that serve as her shiny object of the day.  Today, she posted about a story from the NY Post about the end of a Christmas caroling tradition.  The tradition began when a certain home in NYC belonged to composer, Irving Berlin.  And at one point, after he died, the building became Luxembourg’s UN consulate.  And the tradition of letting the carolers come in and sing in the ballroom continued until this year.  But it had to end because the ballroom is stuffed with extra office equipment for additional staff at the consulate.  That is because Luxembourg has won a seat on the UN Security Council. 

Her ignorant reply to that fact?

"Security Council?! That's the excuse?"
Now I must confess that I know people who do or have worked for a UN Mission.  And I am aware of  the fact that getting on the Security Council is a very big deal.  How big?  Fucking Huge  big.  It's not a mere matter of throwing your country's name in a box, or some random selection.  Nations  campaign for that.  They budget for that.  They have brochures  printed up, they buy swag to give away.  They throw extra parties.  They assign staff to the campaign, and do what ever they have to in order to do the usual work, and additionally put in the major effort to get that seat.  As far as the UN goes, for the non permanent  members, getting that seat is the ultimate in prestige, and influence, and power, at the UN.

When I use the word ignorant, I mean in the 'does not know what one is talking about sense,' when I say she's pretty damn ignorant, she has no fucking idea what she is talking about to think, say,  and or argue that some stupid-assed, one day a year cookie and singing party means more than a seat on the Security Council. 

Ok.  That covers the ignorant part.  Let's not forget the sloppy, lazy thinking, part.  At one point in her post she says: 

"You'd think the traditional would be so deeply internalized that they would never let it go."

Using that  "you'd think" is really dumb and lazy and one of those  huge warnings:  "Lazy Sloppy  Thinking  Coming Next."  What she should have said is that "she"  thinks.  It is pretty obvious that "they" did not think.   And I am not sure who is the "you" she was talking about, but it is a safe bet that many of the people who would qualify  would not agree either.  I don't know.  It's a pet peeve of mine I guess.  I hate really lame arguments, and lazy, sloppy thinking.

Anyway.  Go here to read that stupid shit yourself. 

Let this be a lesson to you all.  Do not speak out in public  (or on line) about shit you don't really know about, says the man who has a literal swag bag from one of the other UN Mission's  campaign to get on the Security Council, this year.  It's not a bag full of swag (although at one point in time it likely had additional swag in it.)  But the bag is a tote bag, and in of itself swag.  It has the campaign logo on it.  Ya.  The campaign had it's own special logo.  That fucking big a deal.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Should Leave Justice Scalia and Ann Althouse Copies of Strunk and White's

manual on writing.  And or if they already own a copy? Both should reread it.  Particularly  the part about effective communication:  

"Vigorous writing is concise." 
And as well:

"Clarity is not the prize in writing, nor is it always the principal mark of a good style. There are occasions when obscurity serves a literary yearning, if not a literary purpose, and there are writers whose mien is more overcast than clear. But since writing is communication, clarity can only be a virtue."

Now why am I barking up this tree?  Well, there was a story going around about how Justice Scalia got in it with some student, during a lecture  at Princeton U.  The student took issue with what on the surface seemed  to be a horrible, vicious comparison  by the justice, between  bestiality and homosexuality.  Althouse chose to revisit the topic this week, based on something that happened on her page yesterday.  She chose to defend  the justice on grounds of (merely) employing  a rhetorical device.  Now as a mostly honest person, who has had fun with language, and has  been known to use language to mess with people, if not fuck with their heads, I say that Ann Althouse was being full on, totally bullshit, with that defense,  I bet she knows damn well she was defending the justice for nothing more respectable than being an Incoherent Fucking Asshole   when instead, he could have been communicating clearly.

Lawyers know better.  My best piece of written work was in what we call a "Lawyer Letter."  My task was to effectively communicate the idea to the other lawyer that I was going to fuck up his client so badly, they would be very smart never to file the lawsuit against my client to start.  And of course I could not be concise, or clear about that.  I had to employ all kinds of sleight of hand and indirect, not exactly-really threats  to not only communicate the right level of, "Fear me  --  you can't withstand my wrath," but do it without  actually  being actually threatening.  And I was successful.  (Bitch backed down, and my client never was sued on the contract.)

But on the other hand, when lawyers write for court filings, it's usually the opposite we strive for.  Be concise.  Be clear.  Avoid being tricksy.  Play it straight.  And since Althouse is a law prof, she should know that better than I do.  She has to grade tests, every year, and has been doing that, for years and years.

Now I could go longer, but I will head for the door, almost presently.  Saying it politely, the justice is known for having a wicked  sense of humor.  Saying it bluntly, he is known to enjoy fucking with people.  (And he's far from alone among jurists, in that regard.  Ask some trial lawyers.  Many are likely to say too many judges/justices think that is the main part of the job.  Well, the part they most enjoy, at the least.  And they are too accustomed to getting away with fucking with people. )

No need for a rhetorical device here.  The truth  says it well enough.  So what Althouse was defending there was not rhetoric, or cleverness  (I have encountered so few actually clever people in my life that I wonder sometimes  if I have even met one.  But I digress.)  She was merely  defending the disreputable practice of fucking with people.

That's all it is dearie, no matter how much bullshit you use to over complicate it.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on the Massacre.

I let a whole day go by with out talking, here at least, about the massacre. Before I get to my point, I have to say the following. The wing nut spin machine is just getting warmed up kids. Expect a N'easter of vile bullshit to come on down from those psychopathic monsters. Seems to me a lot of people are "publishing" a lot of stuff that is so vile I just want to tell them to Shut The Fuck Up, and to go sit at the Children's Table. There is no allowance for that shit, in the world of sane, rational adults.

Anyway, speaking of psychopathology, I have been reading, even if not talking about the mass murderer-shooter. And some back and forth is being “published” about whether or not he was autistic, and whether or not that had anything to do with his rampage.

My thoughts.

Beware black and white thinking, false choices. Even if the vast majority of those people on the autism spectrum are not necessarily sociopaths. Some are. He could have been one of those who deserved a differential diagnosis (or some longer laundry list of disorders.)

Here is what seems to be clear, at this point. He was severely damaged/disordered, and functioning very poorly in this world. He clearly did not have deep and meaningful emotional bonds with other humans. And he had way too easy access to an arsenal of weapons, including one that was specifically designed to efficiently maim if not kill a lot of human beings in a very short period of time.

And he had a lot of rage.

Beyond that? I will risk speculating the following. Even if there likely was some twisted mommy issue eating away in his head like a metastasizing cancer, I think there is a further reason he attacked those kids.

I think he really truly hated them. They were, after all, what he never had been, and never would be: normal kids full of life, and laughter, and love, and presumably with decent if not bright futures ahead of them.

My guess.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

About Today's Mass Murder By Automatic Weapon.

I am not going either batshit here, or long.  I will just repost this haiku I wrote, and posted to my FB page.

More gun mass murder.
And yes guns are the problem.
Makes it too easy.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Been Watching the Sandy Benefit Concert.

Best Quote:

"We'll get through this. This is New York. New Jersey. Long Island. We're too mean to lie down and die." -- Billy Joel.

Moving to a more personal matter.  I have had the shit kicked out of me, metaphorically speaking.  And I'm still here, bitches.

My biggest problem in life now is I don't have a girlfriend.  And yet  I have fabulous women in life.

Shit,  my life is good, actually.  NO PROBLEMS  here really.

Carry on, people.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ann Coulter Comes Out of the Closet.

I mean the racist closet.

Not Even Pretending She's Not A Racist. Anymore.

She's not the only one singing this racist tune.  I mean, on the one hand, it's sad that the GOP keeps on doubling down on the racism.  In this case, from the woman who recently wrote a book saying there was no more white on non white racism.  Ironic, right?

But ya know?  Since this is my pet peeve in life, I am enjoying it.  I am enjoying seeing all these racist motherfuckers come unglued, and dropping the patently false facade that they are not a bunch of mean old racists.  I enjoy it too, that they are losing power and influence in America.

About time, damnit!


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Deleted That Rant

But thre's a reason for my ranting.  GOPers have always  seemed dangerously ignorant, selfish creatures.  But they keep getting worse and worse,  seems to me.  I am not going way down into the "Fiscal Cliff,"  issues.  I just want to say.  The way they are threatening to jack the rest of the nation, in  order to protect the most privileged and wealthy couple two,  three, few percentage points of the population?

Fucking evil.  That shit.

And anyone who votes for those assholes  has a lot of  'splainin to do.  I say, at least.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Too Early On A Saturday Morning

to wax long on my feelings about organized religion.  Or even the core, underlying ideas of religion.

I'll post the following, and comment  a wee bit after.

I try not to harsh too harshly on religious folk.  But I lean more to this (Mr. Clemens') view, rather than the respect religion, JUST BECAUSE it is said to be a person's religion, thing.

I think that is perhaps the biggest con of them all:  getting people to accept the idea that an individual or a group supposition about the true nature, will, and allegedly inherent superiority of invisible sky people deserves more respect than the supermarket check out person's question, "Paper or plastic?"


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