Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sherrod Matter. When it Comes to the GOP Talking Racism, It's all Yargle Blargle.

I will actually go short. I have wasted far too many keystrokes on the subject already, fighting the pin headed apologists for FNC and that loathsome political terrorist Breitbart.

I will post the link to Tom Tomorrow's 'toon.

He gets to the point quicker and with more wit than I would.

Yargle Blargle.

Oh. And while I am here. Kudos to DOJ lawyers and the Obama Admin. for winning the preliminary injunction fight in AZ. It's a great win for the constitution. And it is a well deserved defeat for flaming racists, sorta racists, semi racists, and only a little bit racists.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rip Daniel Schorr

He was a mensch, a righteous man, and a sure friend of democracy.

Longtime Journalist Daniel Schorr Dead At Age 93.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Megyn Kelly -- Race Baiting Racist She-Troll.

If I found her in my bed, not only would I kick her out of it, have her arrested for trespass, and get a Restraining Order against her, I'd sue her for the cost of a new bed, and for pain and suffering.

Sure. She looks like a hottie. But she is probably a far nastier piece of Racist Republican garbage than Ann Coulter. That's my opinion at least. At least Ann has the good sense to now and then act so silly that we (those of us with IQs above 35) know she doesn't even take herself all the seriously.

But Megyn is the real bad girl. She takes herself quite seriously. Shit. I might have to give her co-honors with Mrs. Palin, who I call the shield maiden to the Four Horsemen of the PoxyClipse. Megyn at least is First Runner Up.

Anyway, ya. I am on her case for the pimping and whoring of the "Voter Intimidation" case that oddly enough lacked a single person complaining about being intimidated (hard to make the case in court with out genuine witnesses and evidence and all that good shit.) Personally, I think that nonsense is tied in with how many in the GOP are evil people with no shame, and are playing the race card against P. Obama as if their very lives depend on it. And further (now that I think of it) I am sure some of them likely wished there had been a whole lot more of that ugly shit thrown at P. Obama in the lead up to Election Day, 2008. They probably think McCain punked out in not going there. In any event, these bastards are not afraid to go there now.

So why am I singling out Ms. Kelly? Well, she has been in the vanguard of this whole bullshit thing about the panther case. But more so (or additionally) she is the perfect example of the sort of garbage they have in the GOP. I am sure that woman would protest as long as the day is long, that she does not have a single racist bone in her body. And yet she pimps and whores the bullshit racist race baiting charge that the Obama DOJ is playing racial favorites.

Takes a special kind of hypocrisy to pull that shit off. And I would go further, it takes a special kind of evil, too.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Thought of the Day. Topic. GOP Race Baiting

There are few things in this world as disturbingly humorous as the sight of some right wingers all ginned up on a race baiting bender.

Need I say more?
Right wing's phony allegations against the DOJ.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy Independence Day

How will I celebrate it?


I saw the spectacular Macy's fireworks last night.

Other than that? Maybe I'll try to convince a teabagger they can have the perfect form of government if only they immigrant to the Ross Ice Shelf.

That would be good for the nation!
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