Friday, January 29, 2010

Cast of Jersey Shore Off the Hook. Most Embarassing NJ Person Now James O'Keefe.

Pimp boy, of the ACORN scam infame, is he I speak of.

Now somebody tell me. How stupid must one be to try to run a scam on a US Senator, on US Property?

Way I understand it, as things currently stand, he is only facing 15 years max Fed hard time. I hope they can find some other felonies to hang around his neck. I think he needs more than 15 years to learn his lesson, about how much of a bad and stupid boy he is.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype -- About Scott Brown, Yet.

Things that annoy me include analysts/pundits who are too eager to either predict the future, or make broad sweeping generalizations from very specific, and sometimes not so important events. Yes, the loss of the "Ted Kennedy" seat in the Senate is important, but let's not get carried away with the Monday morning quarterbacking. Not that I am expecting Brown to set a new record for going down in some scandal, or even to sink in the background like most new junior senators (that is more likely based on the odds than the first.)

But as one of the panelists on the McLaughin Group, Elanor Cliff pointed out, the GOP is desperate for a star Even she gave him a 7 on a ten point star appeal scale. I would have given him a 5 if only because we still know nothing about him but for his movie actor looks. All he has done is win the senate seat. Let's see what he does after being sworn in. Hmmm?

(PS. I sorta would not be surprised if a scandal pops up, John Edwards style I would guess, before Larry Craig style. But again, who knows squat about him, really?)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Re That Horrid SCOTUS Decision Freeing Corps to Hijack Elections With Gobs of Corporate Money . . .

I am waiting for the teabaggers and their crown idiot princes and princesses, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Hannity, et all to


and disparage this ruling as the ULTIMATE SATANIC THREAT to American Liberty and sovereignty, as it effectively is a TOTAL SURRENDER of the government to WALL STREET BANKERS and other scum.

(The more money ACORN can raise, the more ACORN can spend. THE HORROR!!!!)

But I am not gonna hold my breath.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At First it's Whoring for Jesus. Next it Will be Whoring for EXXON.

That college football player who writes in Bible citations in the black block below his eyes (making him look like a very dangerously crazy person?) Oh. I never heard about him until a couple days ago. He looks like a very dangerous crazy person, I should say.

Personally I find religions creepy. That is my baseline. But next and more so, I think the urge to proselytize not only creepy, but crazy. I try to live and let live, but I have my limits, and they are,"Dood, you are happy with your choice of dogma and unreality. Goodferyou. Now shutupaboutit. Really."

I am sure some people with very positive views about evangelical christianity think this kid is great stuff. Personally, I put him only one step away from, for example the paranoid schizophrenic man I saw on the 5 train, Sunday. He was preaching the gospel loudly in my car, no matter the fact no one asked him to share. I hate it when people do that shit.

But let's move past the religious part. Wait until the NFL players realize they can make some more scratch on the side by renting out their cheeks to the highest bidder. The NFL might end up as tacky commercial as NASCAR.

Not that I care that much about that aspect. It did come to mind, though.

Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Dim-Witted Samurai Princess, Who Sold Her Fief for a Fistful of Dollars."

Speaking on the matter of Mrs. Palin for a bit, I find the (based on the snippets I have seen) general nature of her 'debut' like some sort of trailer trash Kabuki Theatre.

Now Kabuki is highly stylized, and one of the most formal forms of theatre. And perhaps the main reason I am calling "Palin's Progress" Kabuki is she was being treated like some kind of samurai lord by both O'Reilly and Beck. All that was missing was them shouting "Wakarimasen," as they bowed, before running to do their Daimyo's bidding.

Then again, this play could have been called, in its English Language translation, "The Tale of The Dim-Witted Samurai Princess, Who Sold Her Fief for a Fistful of Dollars."

Both 'interviewers,' managed to lead the The Dim-Witted Samurai Princess to say extremely silly things. In the case of O'Reilly it was the admission she previously was not sure about Saddam Hussein's role in the 9/11 attacks, and had to ask questions about that. With Beck it was her inability to name a single Founding Father. Talk about vapid. Talk about Katie Couric interview flashbacks!

Since I am on the subject of interviews, since when are "News Analysts" excessively interviewed about themselves? And I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that The Dim-Witted Samurai Princess seemed to have completely morphed from "The Hockey Mom, Pit Bull with Lipstick," into a more subdued and ultimately watch-paint-dry-boring persona. Fans of the Pit Bull had to be very disappointed. In the end, Palin totally failed to be the creature her most ardent fans most wanted to see. I mean really. If I went to the circus to see my favorite clown act like a clown, and they came out to the center ring in street clothes and started reading from People Magazine, in a monotone, I would be very disappointed.

And by the way -- it takes a whole lot more than dropping the cutesy regionalisms and forced country bumpkin dialect, and speaking slowly, to appear serious. It takes a serious mind, capable of higher cognitive function, sufficient salient facts, and reasoned, nuanced communication skills.

Honestly, the little I have seen is more than enough. Mrs. Palin's debut was as dull as a doorknob.

I'm reading the latest Patricia Cornwell book. In this one (as in the last few), the psychological observations have been very insightful.

For example, the character here is Pete Marino, recovering alcoholic, and formerly totally messed up human. I think the observation goes way beyond people in his stage of "recovery."

"Her voice was melodic and happy, and she seemed interested in what she did and interested in him. Talking to her was waking him up in a way he hadn't felt in a very long while. Maybe it was because he'd forgotten how nice it was to be treated like an equal, or more important, with the respect he deserved."

"Scarpetta," Chapter 14.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Yesterday I Was Watching This Vid About The Neo Nazis, and How They are Inflitrating the Tea Bagger Movement,

and today I am finally getting around to doing some research on the up-coming Tea Bagger Convention.

I am not likely to turn up any truly juicy bits, but let's review the guest/participant list.

We already know the barking loons, Michelle Bachmann and Palin will attend. And here is a name we have not heard for a while, ex judge Roy More. Yes, he who is known as the 10 Commandments judge.


We also have Dr. Rick Scarborough on the list. He is a self described "Christocrat."

His presentation will be,""Why Christians Must Engage."


Also, the National Taxpayers Union will be in attendance. They are on the record as opposing Net Neutrality.


Let us not forget Rep. Marsha Blackburn. She is not a fan of Net Neturality, either.


Let's mention Joseph Farah. He's a Birther.


And what about Angela McGlowan? She is one of Fox (not) New's non white consultants. She wrote a book called "Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda."

Accidentally ironic.

And lastly, Steve Milloy will be there. He is one of those Global Warming Deniers.

Plainly Delusional.

Well that is all I am getting, really from the website. If any of the really off the grid looneys are going to be there, they are being kept under wraps, or will be out there with the rabble, not on the dais.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid's Silly Quote Proves That More So, Republicans are Consistently Racist.

Let me say first. I am light skinned "black." Normally I do not speak with "dialect." Well, I have a degree in Theatre, spent time and effort supressing the distinctions of the Urban New Jersey Accent of my youth, and my ordinary professional speaking voice is vaguely North East, but close to what a diction coach would call (slightly) Modified General American Diction. I can slip with out much effort into a Beacon Hill. When I am trying to impress I will go a little Midlantic, but that would only be in the right company.

Let me be clear. Both my visual appearance and diction have been noted by many people over the years, and not just my Theatre Professors, play directors, and Diction Coach.

So what is the big deal?

This is clearly yet another of those "Omy my god! We caught a Dem talking about attributes of race. That is racist!"

No, you stupid sons of bitches, that is not racism. That is merely talking about racial attributes.

Now this following quote I have taken off the Internet does not explain the way all republicans making a fuss about this non-story really think, but it explains a large amount of them sons of bitches:

"This should be a wake-up call to the 90+ percent of black SHEEP that blindly vote for DEMOCRATS… year….. after year…… after year……… and nothing ever changes……….. why is this even a surprise? there are just as many RACIST LIBERALS as there are RACIST CONSERVATIVES. If you thought different you never lived UP NORTH."

Is that ignorant irony, or ironic ignorance? Fuck a duck!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

GOP Pundits and Hosts. It's Like a 6th Grade Boys' Gross Out Contest.

Ann Coulter Talks Anus Bombs And Foreskins

It must be the end of days. Bring on the “rapture” because Ann Coulter and the ACLU are on the same page regarding airport body scans. Like the ACLU, she’s concerned about the intrusiveness of the process; but her concerns go even further than civil liberties. On Tuesday night’s “The Factor” Coulter discussed the issue with Bill O’Reilly. Girlfriend must be into some – ah – serious spy porno because she talked about how foreskins and anuses could be turned into weapons of mass destruction. Oh, don’t you love when Ann talks dirty.

Ann's Just One of the Boys.

Ok. I am being lazy, sort of. But ya know. We are not even one full week into 2010, and this is where the GOP Pundits and Talking Heads are starting?

Fuck a duck. Foreskin be dammned!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Arianna Huffington's 2009: The Things I Want to Forget (Part Two)

Arianna Huffington's 2009: The Things I Want to Forget (Part Two)

And there is a link to Part One, there.

You can assume I agree with her, at least 95%.

Happy New Year. The Wing Nuttier Republicans are Still Here, and Sucking Like Never Before.

Not that that was likely to change merely because the planet has completed yet another turn around the sun. Anyway. On to my teaser. Let's call it a pre rant.

Due in large part to some message board debate I was having with some Right Wingers about how people in the USA (likely christians) should learn what the Iranian protesters really want before 'supporting' them, I came to something of an epiphany about what is most heinously wrong about the Protestant Heresy. But before that, let me finish the set up.

Right Winger Number One started in about sending them, the Iranian protesters, guns. That was before even asking whether they want guns. (Some of the protesters are currently dedicated to non violent struggle, so way to go, sport. Ya. Only a republican would want to give guns to non violent protesters!) But after that I was dealing with Right Winger Number Two. I will cut to the chase and say my last main line of argument with that clown was the argument, "Um, what if what these people really want is some lighter version of a theocracy? Do you really want to support a new version of Iranian Theocracy that no longer has a single Supreme Leader but instead has a Imam Council that can overrule any act of the elected government with a 3/4ths majority?"

That is not about the heresy though. The part about the heresy concerns what I see as the salvation-driven aspect of modern American Protestant christianity. Sure, the early church was hung up on Jesus' Sacrifice, and Him as the path to salvation. Seems to me modern American Evangelicals really have a warped sense of what was such a simple and elegant idea. They, the Evangelicals start off with the premise that they are already saved. They know this for a fact, according to them. Next, they think their understanding of the Divine and the Scripture and all that crap is totally right. Next, they believe their view of life, the universe, and everything is right.

And this is where it gets most ugly; they then believe they know everything. So what do these mini Gods (as only God knows all) do? They decided that not only are they saved, but they can be the savior to others.

And that is how we end up with a sick, warped, ugly, actually selfishly driven idea and or movement in the USA to arm nonviolent protesters of some Islamic Government.

One has to be wickedly arrogant to believe they know best and their motivation to act as some sort of savior could be the right thing to do. So thanks (not) Evangelical Leaders and Fathers. Your twisting of scripture has led to the existence of nation of tens of millions (think about the figure for the number of Right Wing Christianist, Hard Core Fundys or those sympathetic to their warped views) of dangerously delusional so-called christians who can't really understand that only God is all knowing, and the Son is the Savior (according to the core beliefs of the original religion), not their dumb assed selves.

Ok. I went longer than I expected. But I hope I made my point clearly.
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