Friday, October 30, 2009

Sarah Palin is Still a Crook.

Yes, the whole Artic Cat bruhaha had my interest, and it still lives as something that might take a bite out of her ass, metaphroically speaking.

In brief, it appears Sarah Palin can't quite be honest about her finances, not only re the sponsorship, and all that. She also failed to report a trust that really was not limited to atty/legal fees.

Still and always a crook!

The ramifications of Linda's Arctic Cat complaint are still playing out, even three months after Palin quit her job, so that she could go out and start a third party movement or a new religion, or something else.

Linda's actions in the way the Arctic Cat complaint is playing out may have had more to do with Palin's resignation than any other set of events. Combined with activist Andree McLeod's continuing questions on chief executive accountability, Linda's remorseless peskiness is one of the highest achievements of our notorious Alaska bloggers.

This past week, Palin's people have filed her final Public Officer Financial Disclosure. It is incomplete, dishonest and may be so rife with enough purposeful lies, to be material evidence for a Federal or State of Alaska criminal indictment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Sign of New Leaf for Fox News?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Re Obama Administration vs Fox (NOT) News Network

I am all for it. I have been saying the same thing about Fox for years.

I have been saying they are so deeply invested in the GOP Agenda that they should be regulated by the FEC as part of the GOP Political Party Operations.

Now I just saw some clip from a CNN show, where various people were voicing their opinions. One of them is a Journalism Professor who used to go on O'Reilly's show to represent the sane rational people's pov. She, I believe, said that it was a mistake, as you can't beat Rodger Ailes at his own game. (She called that came name calling/fighting. I call his sort of game scumbaggery.)

I think she was wrong. If there is one thing that I am seeing plainly is those people really are wussies. They can't take criticism. So instead of backing off, I would like to see more, much more pressure on those people. It doesn't have to come from the WH Communications Office, but come it should.

The more they get challenged, the crazier they sound and act. We can Ju Jutisu the bastards. It really can be done. Just stick with it, everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What The Hell is Wrong with Republicans? Nothing New. Same Old Shit. They are (too many of them) . . .

just racist, hatemongering shits.

Heard the one about the South Carolina politician who used the stereotype penny pinching Jew as a compliment?

Fuck. A. Duck!

More Racist South Carolina Republicans. Shocking!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

30 Rock is Back!

Civilization itself is saved!

Not really. But the one sit com I really love to watch is back with new episodes.

Love me some Liz Lemon. Or we can say, Tina Fey!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bad Olympia Snowe! Very Bad! Where Does She Get Off

caring more about how history might judge her, instead of the tea bagging death eaters?

Snowe Melts.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am so Friggin Tired of the Wingnuts.

Let me find an example of this shit, just to hold out as an example of their delusional, barking loon crazy assed shit.

Let's pick on Dickie Morris.

Morris: Obama awarded Nobel Prize as part of Euro plot to "reverse the American Revolution and re-colonize us"

Fuck a duck!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well They are Predictably Getting Crazier and Crazier.

That is one of the reasons my posts have been fewer, lately. It is just more insanity followed by more of the same.

I think I should shift over to more Haiku.

Maybe soon. I am just chilling here, had a late day, thanks to mass transit delays.

Monday, October 05, 2009

I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton Sheet Wearing Racist Bastards -- South Carolina!

They (not all of them but the bumper crop of racist shits they got there) suck.

Let’s look at the numbers: The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 45 hate groups in the state—the highest per capita of any state in the union, if it still in fact is in the Union. Mississippi and Louisiana have a combined total of only 44 hate groups. There are so many hate groups in the state that a store—The Redneck Shop--had to open to supply these folks with all their bumper stickers and apparel. These sales hopefully will make up for losses due to the socialist boycotts over the rebel flag. And don't forget that Al Qaeda aider Jose Padilla called a South Carolina military brig home, albeit against his will, for five years.

The state reported a whopping 156 hate crimes in 2007 compared to 0 in Mississippi, 6 in Alabama , and 14 in Georgia. Of course 55 agencies in South Carolina actually submitted completed crime reports, while only 8 departments in all those other states combined bothered to, but that kind of accuracy ruins my headline point about the state’s dangers.

Next let’s look at the turbulent history and angry political orientation of the state. When they couldn’t get along the rest of Carolina, they split in 1719. Then in March 1776 they skirmished with the British and became the first state to declare independence. The state was also where a disgraced Aaron Burr sought refuge in 1804 after killing Alexander Hamilton in a New Jersey duel.

South Carolina; America's Friendliest State for Racist Bastards.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chicago (and America) Looses Olympic Bid. Republicans Cheer?

Appalling. Just appalling.

And this is not the floor kids. They are no where near the bottom.

This is just the point where the GOP hate is crossing over into the realm of merely plainly anti-American. It will get worse.

I am reminded of the line from "Addams Family Values," where the perky camper notices Wednesday Addams dark, and dreary clothes and remarks,"You look like you're dressed for a funeral."

And Wednesday replies,"Wait."

That is where we are in America. The GOP is just starting its gutter diving. Where will it end? How deep into the never ending hole will they go? To what depraved and demented depths of their dark and disgusting version of "Wonderland" will their spite lead them?


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lindsey Graham, Best Republican of the Week . . .

for denouncing some of the more insane wing nuts, inc. Beck, birthers, and the idiot who wrote that coup against our duly elected POTUS.

Wish more of the so called leader of the GOP had enough balls to speak truth to the morons.
Those People are Crazy.
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