Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now if This Was a Shakespearean Appreciation Society, or . . .

or a group singing the praises of Italianate Opera (and many say that Austrian composer Mozart wrote the Best Italianate Opera, just saying) that would be one thing.

But you just know these bitches are slightly watered-down, white racist bastards:

A student group that bills itself as "America's right wing youth movement" focused on countering radical multiculturism, socialism and mass immigration is causing a stir on a growing number of college campuses across the country.,2933,518378,00.html

Friggin' Racist Bigots. Fwk them.

I am not saying any more on the topic but fwk these bigots. Shitbags.

(Granted I have a more varied vocabulary at my disposal. But fucking trailer trash racist bigots don't rate my $64.00 words. Fuck them.)

Say it in Haiku.

A cowardly claim.
It's euphemistic blood-lust;
Defending torture.

Listen Up . . . Ya Sick Bastards. I'm Getting Tired of Having to 'Splain All This, Over and Over.

It is not ONLY torture when you deliberately inflict pain when you do not think you have a good reason to do it.

It is torture when ever you deliberately inflict pain, for any reason, or no reason at all.

And you don't need to cut one someone, or cut off bits that do not grow back with out any fuss (like anything but hair) for it to be torture. When you cut on someone, leave permanent marks that is not mere torture. That is Torture-Plus. The word from the land of ordinary criminal law calls that mayhem.

Get it yet? (Ya sick bastards!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is How Sick the GOP Has Become. They Chased Arlen out of the Caucus.

Of course I have no sympathy for the GOP caucus as a whole, but I do feel sorta sorry for Olympia Snowe. She must feel like the only sane adult in a room full of emotionally maladjusted children on crack, now that her co-babysitter has fled.

Poor thing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sounds Like a Splendid Idea, to Me.

Fmr. Chief of Staff to Secretary Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson:

Disbar the Bush (pro torture) lawyers, and then appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after the rest of those sociopaths.


And that sorta solves the problem with Judge Bybee. Personally, I am not sure if you can properly retroactively impeach someone. But if a judge gets disbarred, that sorta brings his or her past misdeeds into the nearer present. Then the impeachement is not over the acts the judge did before becoming a judge; the impeachment is for getting disbarred.

Nice play, that!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maybe I Should Only Post Here in Haiku?

Totally unworkable, but that is what it takes for me to be succinct.

Here is my Haiku summing up my rage against the Pro Torture Psychos:

Justify torture?
The end justifies the means?
For a psychopath.

Beware! Alarm! The Forces of Evil are Advancing the Ball Down the Field.

Honestly, they are some what good at that shit. But I digress, but I should point out that when the peeps in the MS Media use the phase "Enhanced Interrogation" with out contextual quotes, they are lending the evil scumbag sociopaths some glimmer of reasonableness to their psychopathology.

Stop that shit now!

And beyond that, there is the opening that they, those evil scumbags who are apologizing for that shit, have given us -- and we should make them choke on it (only metaphorically as ya know . . . that would be torture, if literally.)

Here is what we, the forces of good and decency, should be exploiting. They have reverted to the "Ends justifies the means." form of argument.

Again, ya evil bitches!!! That is the way a psychopath lives.

Granted, we say they have no morality, but they do have a prime directive; a rule that they live by and justify all the shitty evil nasty things that the do.

And do you know what that rule is?

"I got what I wanted. That is all that matters."

In other words, they are the people who live most fully under the philosophy of,"The End Justifies the Means."

Sick fuckers. We need to shame these people into irrelevance, if not oblivion.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am Still Raving Mad at the Torture Apologists. I Will Try to Not Use the Eff Word. But I am not Promising That.


I am in the middle of watching some video of Baptist Minister Mike Huckabee on the Sean Hannity program, dismissing water boarding as a carnival ride, and further more, here comes the twisted sociopathic thought process he uses for saying that telling our enemies we are not going to do that shit anymore is bad for the country.

Granted, he is dismissing the ancient and universal fact that water boarding is torture, but he says it is bad to let our enemies know we are not going to do that thing anymore (that he says is not torture) because now our enemies know we are not going to go that far (meaning not torture.)

These people are fucking sick. I do not apologize for the cursing. It is fucking sick to say "No we don't torture -- even when we do -- and if we stop torturing that will let our enemies know we do not torture -- like we say we do not do -- because we do not want our enemies to know we do not torture, even when we claim we do not torture."

Friday, April 24, 2009

And the Worst Republican of the Week Is . . .

Every bitch in the Bush W.H. who was behind the practice of torture, including water boarding, and every bitch who defends that shit, for any fucking reason, and even more than that, all and exclusively by itself, twice as much, any Republican bitch who dares say/argue that water boarding is not torture.

Fucking sociopaths.

I am more mad now then when the story originally broke, primarily as some sociopathic bitches have not yet got with God, the Forces of Good, and Decency, and fucking common reasonable sense and admit that no, ya sick bitches, torture does not stop being torture because some Republican sociopaths try to define the meaning down.

Again, I say:

Fucking sociopaths.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I will Try Not to F'ng Curse Out these F'ng Sadists.

Here is their sick, twisted logic.

Since our Military used the torture tactics our enemies might use on our servicemen on them, for training . . .

that means those torture tactics are not in fact torture . . .

since . . .

they were used against our service personnel . . . .

to show them what torture is like?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's end the night with fresh Haiku.

It is time for sleep.

There's no fun for me, tonight.

But for my slumber.

Ahh took me three minutes for me to do this. Beyond the oddness that me, mister long form, works well in this brief form, I say, if I could get paid to do Haiku for $30 an hour, I would be doing it like a ballroom dance instructor dances the Tango; at the drop of a hat (Make that a $20.00.)

Anyway I mean it. I am going to bed. Now.

The "Craig'sList" Killer Was A College Republican.

No suprise there.

And in totally unrelated news, Fox (alleged) News Network has filed a FOIA for the source material for the conclusions in the Dept. Homeland Security report about right wing extremist terrorist threats.

Do you think Fox is going to do anything useful with the source data, like, I dunnknow? Fire and send the email data dumps of all (future ex) Fox employees who meet the profile, to DHS/FBI?

Ya that is why they want the data. The just wanna keep the world safe from right wing extremist psychopathic killers.


I'll be here holding my breath on them acting like good citizens.



Edit to add:

It is shaping up like the Bush/Cheney team were gung ho on waterboarding not for it's record in producing reliable data (doubtful at best -- any dime store spy novel reader knows that), but for producing false data, like false confessions, or what ever the fucking sadistic bitches doing the torture seem to what to hear?

Ya. Build up to Iraq war. No suprise there.

And yes. This shit is all over. I am only reporting the reporting here, kids.

And yes. I did a very good job of cutting down on using the Eff word, lately. But I went with the flow of emotion there, as if that was at all a factor in why those fucking psychopaths were so gung ho on using torture in the name of My Government, fuck them bitches. Let's prosecute them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am a Lawyer. So I Know We Can Not Indict Dick Cheney Merely for Being a Sociopath . . .

But I bet he is the one mostly behind the torture scandal.

And NOPE. I am not going to fall into that sociopathic vein of wanting like-kind payback.

If convicted, let him serve his time in a hotel room of his own choice, provided he can pay for it.

I really want to hammer the point to his evil self. You don't need to be the victim of sociopathic violent deprivations to be deprived.

And that is what I want the bitch to be thinking about for all the remaining days of his pathetic life.

I Could Rant and Rave Against the Sociopaths Who are Upset That the "Tortue Memos" Have Been Released.

Or not, as that is as self evident as the core base fact that torture is in fact evil.

So I will just post Jon Stewart's bit.

It is a good bit.

Says it all -- and in the appropriate mocking tone:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will Mocking Baseless, Excuseless Bigots Make Them Rethink Their Bigoted Ways?

Hell no! But it can make for some damned funny social commentary,
and satire.

Now I could post the "original" vid this one makes fun of, but I will instead just comment on people like that, and why I could not ever be people like that. I would be totally ashamed of myself if I could harbor such baseless bigotry. And to explain the lack of anything close to a basis for this sort of bigotry, consider the following created-purely-for-example quote:

"Look maw. Them folk got the nerve to think and act differently than we do, by God. The mere idea that the different can be allowed to exist along side our 'normal' is a threat to our way of life."

You get the picture.

Not to say I am not judgmental. But I honestly do not care who people want to have sex with or marry, as long as both are adult humans. As long as someone is not annoying me by literally being in my physical space and demanding me to put up with stupid crazy shit, I care not.

I don't get the sort of thinking where people get all upset over the mere idea of difference.

Oh. And re that 'original ad?' Dropping in that talking point about the elimination of protection for health industry workers to refuse treatments based on their religious beliefs? That shit had nothing to do with gay marriage. And beyond that, well I do think that someone who can not in good conscience deliver the best OBJECTIVE MEDICAL treatment with out some artificial (from the patient care/science pov) limit getting in the way, really needs to get one of the few jobs in the private sector where that doesn't matter, or get out of that field.

Follow me here. I am not saying they do not have the right to a choice. But the choice is not what care to give a patient, under and in keeping with their religion. Their choice is what is more important to them? Working in a public health job, or living their lives in exacting slavish devotion to some artificial creed?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Speaking of Secessionists, and Why They Must Be Forced to Surrender, or Die.

Here is my quick and dirty analysis of the U.S. Civil War:

For what ever reason (and the reason does not matter) the Southern states seceded.

What did that mean to the USA? The Union? That meant that they were faced with a National Security Threat that was an 11 on a 10 point scale. And the only way to restore the level of national security that existed before secession was to keep on killing rebels until they surrendered, or were wiped out.

When dealing with rebels, either way works just as well.

And eventually they surrendered, after many were killed. And our generals, Grant, and Sherman, would have kept on killing rebels until the last one was dead, if that is what it took.

And all real America loving Americans cheered them on.

That is what I am getting at. When someone goes reb, when they choose to secede from the USA they are not only saying they are giving up their status as Americans, but are declaring themselves to be enemies of the United States, by creating a National Security Threat to the United States of America.

So when they do that (or even talk about stuff like that), they do that under threat of, if not at least understanding, as a matter of 4th grade history fact, that the Response of the United States of America, and all loyal Americans to rebs is this:

We will force you to surrender, or we will kill all y'all if necessary. And we will keep killing rebs for as long as it takes. And we will pin medals on the chests of those who are better at killing rebs than the next guy. And we will sing songs in their honor, and praise their names. And we will not shed a tear for any of the rebel dead. If someone dies as a reb, they die as an enemy of America. America's enemies do not deserve any sympathy, or tears.

They Don't Know F**k-All About Tyrrany!

Leave it to the comic smarty pants over at the Daily Show to get the most warped and at the same time, illuminating (as well as funny) take on the Tea Parties.

And they did not even have to to go for the low hanging fruit, um, er, I mean testicles.

I really like John Oliver's protests of indignation against the 'don't know f**k all' teabaggers.

(Then again, that filtered cuss rich phrase really says it all.)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Worst Republicans of the Week. A Three-Way Group Tie.

Group One: any Republicans who helped plan or hyped the Tea Bag parties, while knowingly lying about the fact that it was an "Astro-Turfed," event, not a true grass roots movement.

Group Two: the specific Republicans who were blaming President Obama, not really honestly for the economy, but were there at the tea parties mainly to get their hate on against the First Black President.

Group Three: Republican Secesh trash. That includes that asshole governor of Texas, and Hannity, and Beck. These people have no love of America, if they don't get it that the ultimate in America Bashing is talking Secesh trash talk.

And for some balance (not really but follow me here) Best Republican of the Week is . . . now don't go and have a heart attack: Alaskan Evita Sarah Palin.

Crazy fool leaves her Home State on the even of sin die for the Legislature, to attend some rubber chicken anti reproductive choice event in Indiana. And that left her loony-toons some what racist, ex-separatist Atty General pick without support, and his confirmation was de-nied.

At the rate she is going she might get recalled by the end of the year. We all should be so lucky to see her political career die that soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabag This!

I'm tempted to post a gay porn clip just to hammer home the real meaning of "Tea bagging."

But instead, I will move on to finishing my filing for the year.

And no, I am not complaining about the rate. If I am going to complain about anything it is the fact the the bottom fell out of the lucrative crap end of the law profession (actually the so called profession has been seeing set backs in all sectors) and my ability to live large has been curtailed.

Not that I lived all that large; I was NOT exactly making six figures . . . exactly but I miss making more money.

Anyway I have some filing to do here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Perhaps First Attempt at Speed Blogging.

I never played speed golf, but I have shot speed pool. The idea of course is to get done asap.

Here goes.

FOX News. If they did not deserve to be pulled under the Fed. Election Commission's jurisdiction before, they sure do now, for how caxsuxkingly fluffy they have been in support of the blatantly Astro Turf Tea Bag Movement.

I quote myself on the subject of the Tea Baggers. Republicans being all upset over big government and taxes? That is as new as (I will change the punchline) learning that soiled caca baby diapers tend to smell like caca.

Speaking of Caca, Norm Coleman would be the most embarrassing Republican, but for his competition.

Sarah Alaskan Evita Palin's AG pick turns out to be worse than a closet racist.

And Sean Hannity is a dick. For. Being. Himself. Check out how that notorious dick himself Bernie Goldberg called out Hannity for being a particularly patently nasty obvious knee jerk Obama hating dick.

Shit. I haven't even had the chance to see the vid myself; I only read the text ( I can speed read.)

Ok -- out of time here.

Hope to post something more rambling and circumloquatious soon.

Later, kids.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the Immortal Words of Fictional Cartoon Character Brock Sampson,"This is Getting Stupid!"

And I am not only talking about these shit-stupid tea parties and "tea baggin," but the tag along claim by Republicans that it is some shame and conspiracy that the main stream liberal elite media are ignoring this movement.

Shit on whole wheat toast. I just watched this vid on line with Neil Cavuto going brain damaged, crack addict berserk against this lady re that part of the silly dog and pony show.

The lady was pretty good in opposing Crack Head Cavuto, but she made a mistake in playing his game. Particularly when he uttered this outrageous lie that the tea party movement was not about party.

If I were in her position I might have mocked him by saying that,"Um . . . I thought I was on all the proper Democrat email lists, but I did not get the email informing me that from now on we Dems are going to do what the GOP has been doing for years, and that is pathologically and incessantly whine about big government and taxes."

Or, even earlier in the discussion, she should have said to Cavuto:

Do you want to know why the Main Stream Media are not interested? You really don't get that? You really need that explained to you? Ok here goes. Republicans whining about big government and taxes? That is about as new and interesting a thing as the sun rising in the East and Setting in the West.

Like Brock Sampson said,"This is getting stupid."

Worst Republican of the Week

I am not even going to do the list. I am just going right ahead and going to call Glenn Beck Worst of the Week. Granted, his insanity gets more nucking futz, day by ever loving day. And I am not giving him the award on account of any particular thing this week, but to him just for being him.

Here is how I got to this choice. I have, for at least a couple weeks, been thinking about the question whether or not it is a good thing, generally, for Beck to be his increasingly nucking futz self? And that leads to the underlying question, is it a good thing (for the rest of us) that the GOP is increasingly dominated, both in its elected officials and it's cheerleaders, by increasingly insane or at least crazy talking and acting people? And I have to answer that no. Not good. And here is why.

These crazy Republicans are defining deviance down. The more like loons they act, the more common it seems for people to be loony. And for my purposes, I do not want the definition of normal to include some really crazy kinds of thinking and talking and acting. That is what kills a society.

If I might borrow the line from Bill Buckley, I would like to be known as one of the fellows who stands athwart this trend towards the normalizing of craziness shouting STOP!

And only to make matters worse, I was rolling some tape off the web of Beck appearing on O'Reilly's show, and he had the audacity (and well delusional lack of self awareness) to criticize (liberal?) journalists and commentators on other networks as being bitter and angry and not normal. I think I need to run that again. Yes he said it. I can not make this shit up. The loony tunes nutter who is saying Obama ain't a commie but he's a fascist, the two-bit actor who cries on camera because he loves his country that much, who actually broadcast a story about the tin foil hat theory about the FEMA concentration camps (debunked it, but that was only after raising the profile of something that was more nuts than either the Troothers' or the Birthers' theories) is now the arbiter of what is normal?

And O'Reilly has flat out accused the head of GE of specifically hiring people to specifically go after him. Not only is he your ordinary garden variety of crazy but let's add paranoid to the list.

Edit to Add:

I swear, I gave Beck the award not even knowing about this stunt:

I really don't know where the line is with him; whether this is all, or mostly an act, and he is laughing all the way to the bank, or whether or not he is really at least 1/2 that nuts, if not more so.

I don't want to say, but if you watch this vid, pay close attention to the end. He switches off the Howard Beale insane news anchor persona, looks at the wet guy, and starts cracking up.

Makes me think it is partially an act. The ability to drop out of character like that says a lot about the fact he had been in character, just before the 'reset.'

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I am Tempted to Use the Best Joke from This Routine.

But that would ruin the fun, and I don't want to be a ruiner.

But I will give you this much of a hint. Remember what I said a few posts back about how the Republicans are whining with out cause, just because they lost the White House? Well the main thrust of this routine is like that. But funny!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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Suggesting a Do-Over for Ted Stevens? Now if I Were Not Already Critical of Palin

and that is for several reasons, the believing in magic, the believing that God speaks or otherwise communicates directly with her, the believing that people who speak in tongues are possesed of the Holy Spirit, and the generally being a shallow-thinking feeble-minded git, I'd have cause now. (And that is only a partial list of preexisting reasons, mind you.)

But even if none of that were the case, her personal cartwheel on the issue of Ted Stevens, first when politically expedient, calling for him to resign, and now when the tide has turned (not that he has been exonerated, but cut loose on account of prosecutoral misconduct), to call for a special election, begs the question, is there any doubt she truly is a shallow-thinking feeble-minded git?

And I know I am harsh on Alaskan Evita. I admit that I would have preferred to see her arrested and convicted over Ted. But follow my logic, here, or to be more specific, consider how inherently illogical the argument for a special election is, actually.

At core, the argument is this: if the voters only knew ( or believed) something then, that they know (or perhaps believe) now, they might have voted differently.

Well hell's bells! The same could be said about any and every election, ever.

See how stupid that argument actually is?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Didn't I Call The Whole Palin Circus Trailer Trash Reality TV, Back in the Fall?

Levi Johnston on Tyra.
I agree with Keith Olbermann that Alaskan Evita's release of a harshly worded statement is more newsworthy than the actual facts of the actual broadcast.

Now I did see a clip of O'Reilly's show, and he had Monica Crowley and some insane lady named Hoover on his show. Crowley said she believed Alaskan Evita had to do it, to shore-up her base. However how often is she right on anything? I mean it is not as if Alaskan Evita is in danger of being considered the most trivial minded of State Governors. (I was being snarky there.)
Now that Hoover lady was really really harsh on Levi. I mean, she was so harsh on the lad that a reasonable observer would have to think that if she was not a paid agent of Alaskan Evita, or getting paid to smack the kid around, specifically, that she was basically a mentally ill person. And in saying that I mean, that to be that incensed at someone who is a total stranger who only engaged in the petty and simple act of going on TV and giving his own version of some events, and being so concerned on the effect that thing had on another person, who also is total stranger, is just crazy people stuff. Seriously.

But here is the thing she said that sort of resonated with me, even if at first I took it for her, the Hoover lady, just being a cow. She repeatedly said the situation was like "Jerry Springer." Now pardon my digression, but that proves she was a republican. She played that frequently used move which is to compare two things that are not the same, and say they are, not to employ an actual metaphor but to mischaracterize the matter in question. Tyra Banks show might not be comparable to "Charlie Rose." Her show might not even rate favorably next to a Barbara Walters Celebrity interview. Now if we get to the level of Oprah? Well Oprah is the dominant one, but Tyra's ratings and appeal in the younger demographic makes her either the younger or the next Oprah.

I went long there in not so much defending Tyra Banks as much as correcting the cow-ish comment from that Hoover lady. But my real point is that even if she meant that to specifically criticize the Johnston clan, she, Hoover lady-cow just missed the obvious point. And that is the Palins and the Johnstons are peas in a pod. They are the same sorta people. As they say up there in the Mat-Su, they all are Valley Trash.

Now people can love Sociopathic Sarah all they like. They can even try to hold her up as some kinda Redneck Royalty, as I saw on that one self confessing redneck website. But the thing is, you got to deal with the reality that the Palins really truly are at least one of the things that Alaskan Evita claims to be, and that is about as far away from any one's idea of "elite" as one can get. Sure, random Republican supporters, even professional right wing commentators, and even Palin herself can try to run down the Johnstons as something beneath the Palins, but the truth is, they are cut from the same cloth.

I mean really? How clueless-partisan can some people get? Oh. I remember. We are talking about extremist right wing Republicans. They made all sorts of excuses for the teen pregnancy and were all gush over the prospect of what from a distance looked like a pending shotgun wedding between Levi and Bristol. And now they think the kid is somehow beneath the level of the Palins? Give me a freaking break!

Monday, April 06, 2009

We Will Never Run Out of Examples of Republican Psychopathy.

And even more specifically, we will never run out of unconscionable conduct by Fox (not) News.

And for a example of that, consider Fox (not) News Network's abuse of the technique called "ambush journalism." Not only do they abuse the tactic, but they, in their group psychosis, are damned proud of it. And they must be damned proud of their lack of getting any awards for excellence in journalism, too, I will say. But anyway, this tactic, which on the national level is used for mother killers and father rapists, and for big dollar embezzlers, and people who defraud the government or the people for millions, or at the local level, against your neighborhood crooks, and crooked politicians, is now being used by Fox against political enemies.

Ya. I said it. There really is no use in mincing words. Fox is sending two man teams out there to harass people who dare have a different political pov.

The last tape of this I saw was surprisingly not from O'Reilly, who as of late has started harassing people that way who dare speak critically of him ( and that is its own level of sickness), but was from one of the other shows. Griff Jenkins, the 'producer' was sent out to confront a Columbia U. history professor over what was essentially a bullshit claim about what was in a book he wrote.

But let us be more accurate than Griff here. Even if there was a factual inaccuracy in the book, the claim was bullshit. Sane people do not stalk people with TV cameras over a single sentence in a history book. That is just psychotic in of itself, thinking this merits the sort of hounding usually reserved for either big deal felons, or at least serial felonious local businesses who if indicted could be facing multiple felony count indictments. So in this case it was double bullshit.

By the way, go here for the story.

But even in a country that values free speech, you have to wonder about why there is a market for this sick, silly shit. I mean it is not as bad as snuff movies, or watching dog fights. But what kind of sick shit sits at home, flicks on the tv up to Fox, and cheers on some alleged 'producer' hounding some person for not generally being a Republican, and/or not agreeing with the Republican version or spin on some idea or event?

That is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know what kind of sick twisted person can sit there and think something along the lines of:

"Heh, heh. Lookie that. The producer knows the guy ain't gonna answer any of his loaded questions. And he keeps asking them. And the questions get more and more unhinged. And the guy still ain't answering. Heh, heh."

And getting back to the way Fox abuses the tactic, they seem to use either of three major variations (but one can slide from one to the other, in an instant.)

There is the Classic Confrontation Straw Man. The 'producer' asks what is a classic strawman question, and tries to pull off the silence is agreement conclusion. This can also be described as the "When did you stop beating your wife," type of question, as the attack does not always have to be only on the politics.

There is the Editorial Comment. That is where the 'producer' basically if not literally reads off some Republican talking points about the thing, issue, or idea, and either tries to lure the target into some ad hoc debate, or sort of if not more so mock the target for not agreeing with the Republican talking point.

And then there is the Bait and Switch and/or Abuse. You can actually get there with the other two as the openers, but if the target actually refutes the set up, and starts to fight back, the 'producer' either changes the subject, or gets increasingly belligerent, hoping to piss off the target enough to get shoved or pushed out of the way, or get some salty or explosive language on tape, or some combination of the above.

It is such a witless childish game. And I know I am sort of following the trend to talk about this now, but I hope I have at least added to the discussion. The pathology of the way Fox is warping this technique is fairly apparent, but the loyal audience must dig it. Shame on them for that. I heap as much shame on the audience as the network, just like when I made my previous bear bating analogy. It fits here too, I'd say. And it is just plain sick, but not on blood sport level. I'd say it is sick, in the the pathetically childish way, sick. Oh. I got it. It is Homer Simpson simpleton sick; but with a mean streak.

Yeah. I doubt I can come up with better that that on short notice.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Heritic, or Harbinger of What Will Come of the Christian Conservative Movement.

Great read, or to put my spin on the whole of it, great trend, since I am totally against theocracy, or any thing that even remotely could be considered religious influence in or over my government:

Is the Christian right finished as a political entity? Or, more to the point, are principled Christians finished with politics? By Kathleen Parker.

In brief, there is an up and coming movement to get the actual devoted Christians to stop acting like partisan political pests, and actually go back to acting like actual Christians, actually.

Here are a couple key points from the piece, and yes they are arguments not facts:

"It's hard to admit defeat, but this one was self-inflicted," he wrote in an e-mail. "Yes, Dr. Dobson and the pro-family or Christian right political movement is a failure; it would have made me sad to say this in the past, but they have done it to themselves."

For Christians such as Moore -- and others better known, such as columnist Cal Thomas, a former vice president for the Moral Majority -- the heart of Christianity is in the home, not the halls of Congress or even the courts. And the route to a more moral America is through good works -- service, prayer and education -- not political lobbying.

. . . . .

"If people who call themselves Christians want to see any influence in the culture, then they ought to start following the commands of Jesus and people will be so amazed that they will be attracted to Him," Thomas told me. "The problem isn't political. The problem is moral and spiritual."

I repeat my biases, and I stand by the following as pillars of my own value system. I distrust religions basically because from my point of view here on planet earth, all of them seem to be under the control of humans, and not God. That makes them all suspect institutions. Beyond that, I particularly distrust any fundamentalist religion, and any attempt to universalize any religion's pov to society at large. I firmly believe in separation of church and state. I think people have every right to believe what ever religion they want, PROVIDED they accept the following limitation:

their religious rights stop at the nose of the next person, particularly if that next person does not want any thing to do with that shit.

Other than that, have at it. Enjoy.

So what do I say about this movement or the idea behind it? I have to love it. I am one of those people who cringe at the idea of people saying this is a Christian nation, and I actively fight against those who try to make it that way. Again, people want to believe in their faith? I have no problem with that. Just leave me alone. Say your prayers and live your own life by your code, and as long as you do not get in my way to reject your beliefs on the principle of the sanctity of my own conscience to be free of anyone else's theology or dogma, I have little to complain about.

So do I hope this movement catches on? Naturally. I am all for people quietly living their lives in contemplation of and under their faiths. It is only when they are so loud about it that I have to deal with their cacophony, or even worse, attempts to convert me to their way, that I get my nose bent out of joint.

I won't Pick on God. Too Many of God's So-called Believers Do That, Seemingly Daily.

So I will trash on the Devil, instead. And by that I mean to say I will trash the mere idea of such a critter.

And I think (as usual, I am mostly composing as I go here, but I think it will be a quickie) we can debunk the need, the place for such a creature in the world of humans, if not then the actual existence of such.

My thesis, in a nutshell, is that given the range of depravity and cruelty that humans are capable of, merely on account of their being human, given the extent of human pettiness, thoughtlessness, selfishness, and deliberate spiteful harmful action, is there really any need for an outside source of wickedness?

The rational answer is no. Humans at their worse are very, very, very wicked. And they need no outside help to be that way.

So that leads to the other point, if there is really no need for Satan to be an independent source of wickedness, and there clearly is not, why would such a creature even exist?

Ok. I admit that the second conclusion is the weaker one. So let me qualify that. As I really did not prove there is no Satan, his job is similar to that of the fabled Matag Repair man. He doesn't get many service calls, I'd imagine. But I hear he can knock out a hand made fisherman's sweater in record time. He has had lots of time to get his knits and perls down cold.

And before I end, as this was not really what I had most in mind since my last post, I guess what I really had in mind was something deeper, and partially religiously inspired (in the topical sense), and that is likely the question why do people believe in the nonsense they believe in?

Hmm. Now if I totally remove this from the world of spiritual, and Theological frames, I guess I was drifting back into my philosophical frame of mind. But I must have not been up for the usual sort of Epistemological chat.

So there it is.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

And I Sort Of Want To Amend My Worst Republican of the Week Award . . .

Yesterday, after giving out the sorta regular sometimes weekly Worst Republican of the Week Award, I saw this animated movie called "Persepolis." I will just jack the summary off of the Netflix site:

Marjane (voiced by Chiara Mastroianni) just wants to be an ordinary kid, but that isn't easy in 1978 Iran. This profound animated film follows Marjane's childhood in a repressive society, her adolescence in France and return to Tehran as an adult. Based on Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel, this Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature Film also features the vocal talents of Catherine Deneuve and Simon Abkarian.

Now that I have looked that over, yes it was from an autobiographical source, as I thought. And that makes my end point here, and why I want to extend the WRW award to all the Obama Haters, each and every one of them. Next to Marjane, all the whining Obama Haters seem to be the most mean and snivelling and contemptible of bullshit excuses for human beings. And here is my case.

This is the short version of Marjane's life. Born in 1969 in pre Islamic Revolution Iran, her grandfather had already been persecuted by the first Shah (on account of being a member of the real royal family.) Her uncle was in jail as a political prisoner during the later years of the Shah, released in the first wave of post Shah jubilation, only to be arrested and killed by the Revolutionary Guard.

Her other uncle died not so much because the family could not afford to send him out of the country for the life saving sophisticated surgery, but because the government would not give him a visa. And remember, all this is happening to her and her family while the Iran Iraq War is raging. The family lived in Tehran and Tehran was bombed and attacked by missiles. It was rather like London during the Blitz. Their building was blown up by a missile attack. Luckily none of the family were inside when it happened. However many of the neighbors were not so lucky. Estimates vary but upwards of a million died during that war.

Her family were able to send her to Europe. She came back to post war Tehran and partially on the serious pressure from her family and her own distaste for the repressive insane government in the Islamic Republic, she left Iran with the commandment never to return again.

Some life, hunh?

Let's compare that to the life of the average Obama Hater.

My party, after controlling all the branches of the Federal Government for 6 out of 8 years, was voted out of the White House.


Get my point?

More Scandal for the Palin Clan. Hey. I Get to Use One of my Archived Pics Now. Yea!

Ok. I admit. I was so jazzed at the headline that I have not yet read the full article. I should be ashamed for the feeling of schadenfreude I get from each and every new nugget of shit that is coming out of the Palin Clan. And this one is a doosey.

"Gov. Sarah Palin's sister-in-law, Diana Palin, arrested for burglary."

There was a little bit more said on the Anchorage Daily website, but there was no comment from either the Governor's office or the "First Dude."

Now I almost hate to say it as I am sure there are some otherwise reasonable people out there who but for their partisan political opinions obviously know left from right, up from down, and their asses from their elbows, but still profess some admiration for Alaskan Evita singularly, or for her Clan. But to any one of that persuasion I issue the following challenge.

What more do you freaking need to admit I am right about these people? Does someone even closer to Sarah herself need to be arrested on a felony charge? Does it have to be Todd, not Todd's sister next time? Or does the second oldest daughter have to get knocked up too? Does Sarah herself have to be literally caught on tape in a quid pro quo, specifically accepting money or goods specifically for favorable treatment towards a corporation that directly or indirectly does business with the State of Alaska -- instead of merely on the one level enjoying the benefit of Todd's "sponsors" indirectly, that is if we discount her wearing the free kewl corporate logo gear in public as merely an indirect quid pro quo?

Well? What say you?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Worst Republican of the Week. If I Overthink it . . .

it could be hard. This week has featured Republican insanity at its most insane.

We had Glenn Beck's Goodwin's law On Crack routine, comparing the Obama Admin. to the Nazis, complete with footage of Nazi troops, not only marching but in combat.

We had Rush Limbaugh in all his hideousness, on the one hand, continuing with his anal sex fetish-obsession. And on the other hand, he said something nasty about NY City. That we do not appreciate, mister.

We had The Obama Haters, as a group. My God, what pathology.

And we had Newt Gingrich. Take your pick. I will toss out the bit about drug testing people. He is one power grabbing wanna be (really as in wants it so badly) despot.

But I am just going to saddle all the Republican assholes who have been bitching and moaning about the Pay Performance law with the Worst of the Week award.


I repeat.

How much of a brain damaged, partisan asshole does one have to be to look at a person who invests money in a company, and based on that whole investing money part, insists on exerting some level of control over that company

and call the investor a commie, or a socialist, or a fascist, or a power grabbing dictator?

Stupid Gits!

In Your Face, Obama Haters! Woo Woo Woo . . .

And before I go any further, I am having fun here. But I am serious when I say that the level of hatred being shown the Obamas is so pathological and wide spread that if they ever come up with an antidote they should skip the idea of targeting vaccinations, and instead just dump the stuff into the water supply.

Anyway, the latest in embarrassing (and I mean, to and for the Obama Haters -- that is if they had the ability to see how sickly warped they seem to the rest of us, the sane and reality based people) caterwaul is over Ms. Obama's alleged gaffe in returning a semi hug she got from Elizabeth Regina.

Now before I go to the punchline, imagine how unhinged, how inherently disturbed, how pathologically partisan some one must be in order to make a stink over this? Right now I am going to describe the scale on the Loony Meter.

Silly -- Daft -- Yumpy -- Maniacal -- Fruity Bonkers -- and Nucking Futs.

And I state with out hesitation that feigning upset (and in the case of some truly mentally ill people, actually getting upset; much in the same way some people speak in tongues or dance at a Grateful Dead show) or otherwise making a stink over this incident definitely rates as Nucking Futz.

And now we are close to the punchline.

Michelle Obama charms queen away from protocol.

By JENNIFER QUINN, Associated Press Writer Jennifer Quinn, Associated Press Writer – Thu Apr 2, 2:15 pm ET

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.

"It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection," he said. "We don't issue instructions on not touching the queen."
. . . . .

(And I particularly like the quote from one of Britain's Daily Newspapers)

The Daily Mail said the "two women clearly took to each other."

Again, what kind of diseased mind would have taken even the earliest tell of this story and blow it up beyond all context and proportion? What sort of snakes and worms and lizards and gnarling rodent-like critters do they have scuttling about in the backs of their minds?


Thursday, April 02, 2009

An-gie. Ohhhh Ann-jaay.

(Think like you are hearing Mick Jagger sing that.)

Actress and now out-of-the-closet celebrity Republican Angie Harmon does not read this blog. She must of missed my last post about how many members of the Republican party are actively working against Political Correctness -- the efforts at reducing the insensitivity and meanness in American Society, so that means (at least those) Republicans are actually in favor of insensitivity and meanness. And she missed all my awards of the distinction of Worst Republican of the Week, and let's just be honest -- a very large % of my content is specifically on some aspect of Republicans acting mean or nasty (or just plain stupid.) So perhaps that is why she is so grossly misinformed (and ya I know that her interview was before my post, last night. Sheesh.)

But the lady has to be either one of the most blatant partisan liars of all time, or so delusional that she makes Pollyanna seem like an Eagle Scout stoned on Truth Serum.

Her incredibly untrue remarks:

"I think one of the greatest things about the Republican Party is the understanding, we don’t point fingers and we have class."

The 'interview' was posted over there in two parts, and there were other very silly things she said, but that nugget was the most delusional one.

"Don't point fingers?"

Lady, have you ever watched any show on Fox? If you removed all the finger pointing stories about President Obama and other non Republicans, all you would have left are the commercials, some human interest stories, and up skirt shots of the female on air 'talent.'

It is ironically humorous that the lead-in hot quote Fox used to hype part 1 of this interview was her statement about how the mere fact she is critical of President Obama does not mean she is a racist. All I am going to say about the racist prong of that argument is that as long as she is not making any reference at all to any race issues or using any racially offensive imagery or language, no one but the most insane Obama supporter will call her a racist, merely for being critical. However, being critical is the essence of the behaviour described by the phrase 'pointing fingers,' right?

Give me a break.

As far as the assertion that Republicans,"Have class," goes, has she actually paid any attention to Alaskan Evita? She says in one of the segments that she respects Palin so much.

Is this her idea of class?

A grandma of a out-of-wedlock child, born to a 18 year old high school drop out. A money grubbing opportunist who had to pay back the State of Alaska for padded expense accounts and wrongfully charging the State for the costs of bringing her uninvited and non-staff-function-filling children along for the ride on multiple trips. A politician who if not personally (and there are allegations of that) allowed her husband to use the office of the Governor to settle personal scores and wage vendetta against alleged enemies? A clueless rube who doesn't quite get it, that running around in public wearing clothing featuring the logo not only of a corporation as if she was getting paid to do that (as her husband is, per contract with such corporation, actually) but of an at-least indirect vendor to the State of Alaska is per se wrong, indefensible, and a glaring example of personal corruption, per se?

That is her idea of class?

Never mind Joe not named Joe and not really ever really a plumber talking about how he is horny about all the attention he has been getting (well at least he is dimly aware of being an attention whore), as an example of the level of class of the GOP?

Ok. I know I do spend a lot of time ragging on Republicans here. But when they say shit that wrong, and that stupid, it is hard to resist. It is like rubbernecking some roadside accident. You might not be proud of the fact you look. But you are going to look, even if just a quick glance, before you turn away.

Look. Ya wanna be a loyal Republican, fine. Not to say I will never poke someone merely for voting GOP as I will if I am in the mood to do so. However, if someone is going to be delusional or blatantly ignore commonly known facts, well that is something else. That is begging to have fingers pointed at oneself.

Yet Another Actual Quick Quickie.

Ok. Follow my reasoning here.

If Political Correctness is basically nothing more than some taboo against saying insensitive things, and those insensitive things are usually bigoted remarks,

And those bigoted remarks are often racist, or otherwise are thoughtless and mean remarks,

And if the Democrats are the political party that is in favor of Political Correctness, and the Republicans not,

Doesn't that mean that Republicans are the more insensitive, thoughtless and mean party?


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ok. So Maybe People Who Accomadate, Excuse or Enable Racists are Not Literally as Evil, but They are Evil.

That much should go with out saying. And if you are one of the few people who have been following my blog, you know that is a core value and belief I hold. But why am I revisiting the the racist enablers?

Well I did make a post a few days ago about some sickening thread going down at the Hannity board. It involved the racist moderator who gave the official seal of approval to some other racist for using a photo shopped image of President Obama's face superimposed on the Disney character Uncle Remus. And that image of the "I's be happy to be a slave, yassir," Uncle has been such a source of embarrassment for the corporation that they have been suppressing the film here in America for decades. The stereotype of the happy slave is perhaps not universally reviled, as remarks on that thread show, but most reasonable people would find it repugnant.
Correction. That should be considered one of the tests of being a reasonable person. You can't have a reasonable view of race relations in America unless you find that happy slave stereotype to be repugnant, per se.

So that is the background. And I originally went way-long about the shit that went down on the Hannity board, but I just deleted all that because I wanted to skip to the chase (and spare you the misery.)

So here is the chase. As a result of those events I had the opportunity to analyze this not exactly new, but disturbing line if reasoning used by by some to excuse racist acts, and by extension, racists. Despite the normal rules of usage of the English Language, and the actual meanings of actual words, some folk will go way out of their way to interpret lack of intent to be a racist. And what I really want to do here is show how fallacious this, for lack of a better word, reasoning is. And I will resort to borderline (at least) sarcasm to make my point.

If you see a person who is standing up, and putting one alternative foot in front of the other, and moving in some direction, do you ask yourself whether or not the person actually intends to be 'walking?' No. You observe the behaviour that is known by the term 'walking' and you move directly to the conclusion, that person is walking.

If you see a person pick up a pen, and apply the tip of that pen to paper, and use it to form letters into words, and words into sentences, do you ask yourself whether the person actually intends to be 'writing?" No. You observe the behaviour that is known by the term 'writing' and you move directly to that conclusion, that the person is in fact 'writing."

So if you observe a person deliberately using a racially offensive if not flat out racist image, and further, expressing a subjective and insulting opinion about the majority of one of this Nation's racial and or ethnic groups, should you ask your self whether they are acting like a racist deliberately, or do you just observe the racist behaviour and move directly to the conclusion they are a racist?

You all know what I do. When it comes to racist shit, if it flunks the looks, smells test, that is that for me. I do not waste my time delving into my own mind's construction of the construction of their mind's purpose. I just take them as I find them and/or observe them. Like the good doctor said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Most of the times, a cigar is just a cigar, actually.

So why did I bother to type and post this? I did it to show how the enablers work. It was to show how they think. And I did not touch on the why, but here is the most slack I can give the folk who do this. Do I think they are consciously furthering the conspiracy of the cause to diminish the sting of the charge of racism, in an attempt to make the nation a safer place for Republican Racists? Nope. But do I see them as acting in a self serving manner? Do I believe that even if they likely don't think they are racists, they know, not too deep down, as you don't have to dig deep to find it, they harbor plenty of racist views and opinions? Do I believe that despite their being sorta sufficiently able to control their true beliefs, they rather grant slack to others hoping they will get the same treatment when they slip up and show their true colors?

Now that is what I believe. And that is why I really really want to say that there is not a lick of difference between those you see actually acting in racist ways so much that it is no stretch to call them a racist, and those who make excuses for them.
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