Monday, December 01, 2008

Trying For Some Quickies.

And to think, yesterday I went and spent 20 minutes pounding out yet another, "Them Racist Republicans are Racist Republicans," piece. I posted it, and immediately pulled it down thinking that maybe I was being unfair.

And today, what did I find? Over on the Racist Hannity's message board, yet another racist thread. The first racist republican starts the thread with that old and not exactly innocent question about why do blacks not vote for republicans, and before you could say Sociopath Succubus Sarah said thank you, to the person who called her a redneck, some other racist republicans showed up in the thread, and started repeating the stock and common, oft-overused bigoted and racist remarks that prove the reason why more than 90% of blacks reject the republican party. It is because of all the damn racists!

And speaking of Sociopath Succubus Sarah, if I got to write the headline for the story about her goin' down ta Gawgia to campaign for Saxby Chambliss, it would have looked like this:

Racist Palin to campaign for Racist Chambliss.

We know about her repeated race bating on the campaign trail for Team Maverick. ANYONE who race baits that much has earned the label of "Basically Racist." And Sen. Chambliss is the rube who suggested that to combat terrorism a Georgia sheriff could be turned loose to "arrest every Muslim that comes across the state line."

And he thought by saying it was just a joke made the racist offense less offensive?

Moving away from republican racism, but sticking with Sociopath Succubus Sarah, she is (perhaps, it seems) a shameless crook, too. Succubus Sarah Still Wearing Campaign Costumes.

Moving away from Sociopath Succubus Sarah, let's mention soon to be Former POTUS Bush's epiphany. "I think I was unprepared for war."

But wait a second there, christian soldier, prayer warrior, Instruments of God's Divine Will. Didn't Bush say God chose him to lead his nation. Hmm. Now this is a conundrum, potentially. Either Bush was wrong about God, or God was wrong about Bush.

Personally, I am willing to bet my last dollar that Bush was wrong about God (as one of the quickest ways to convince me that you are a dangerous and crazy loon is to imply or declare either you know the mind of God, or that you are his Special Instrument. Get the sedatives and the straight jacket, I say.)

And ending on a marginally religious point, consider this website.

Republican Party (White Christian Males United). "You're either with us (with God) or against us (against God) !"

I suspect it is meant as satire.


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