Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just so ya know. I do not ONLY have eyes for Katie.

(Ok I meant to post this pic yesterday but Iblogger was messing up.)

In case you don't know well enough yet, here is what I like/believe is BEST about the internet:

finding/seeing pictures of pretty women.

Rest of it is mostly not very interesting to me, but like I said in my last post.

I LIKE girls (or Women, if you prefer that word.)

Oh and just for the record, Jill's show, "Crossing Jordan," is my favorite network (non-cable) drama. Not just becuse Jill is the star. But I confess, it was because of Jill being the star, that I started watching it.

Ok -- that is if for my slavish devotion to pretty women.

Well for NOW at least.


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