Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Have Publicly SWORN off Ranting, So . . .

consider this just another of my observations, please?

Hey that is a good place to start. The word PLEASE.

Please is a charming, mannerly and very useful word. Likewise, I hold the pair of words "Thank you," in such high regard. It is frightfully indecent how many people do not use those words, habitually. Some need to take measures to remind themselves about the need, the timing, and proper circumstances for their mandatory use. Some need prompting. Some need to be smacked in the face with a plank, before the critical synapses fire off the electro-chemical signal to their brains, and they remember:

"OH SHIT! The World Really Does Not revolve around me and my wants and needs. Someone did something for me (or I want someone to do something for me.) I should never expect that. And I should THANK THEM (or ask politely if I want them to do anything even something small for me.)"

In a related matter, next week at work should be sooooo much more bearable. The co-worker who sits near me who so often needs to be "PLANKED" (as described above), will be away for the week.

Ahhh, sometimes life can be rewarding.

Thank you!

(Note to self; consider drafting a longer bit on the pandemic of selfishness.)


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