Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pick the Adjective to Describe the Miers Story. Or maybe the ENTIRE BUSH Presidency.

Yet again, I am jacking my own stuff. This was my reply/response to a discussion about the appropriate adjective to describe Harriet's Rodeo.

I am having trouble deciding which I prefer? Kafkaesque or Felliniesque?

I am at a loss for a word that combines bizzarness, illogic, and a sense of impending doom, with a carnivalish sense of frivolity.

Grand Guignol meets Comedie del Arte?

Chucky meets Punch and Judy?

Godzilla meets Bambi?

But wait . . . isn't there some Band who's name gets at my meaning?


How about Twisted Circus?


And in line with one of my favorite topics, how Cons who think Bush really was a Con got snookered?

Here is the cover jacket of a yet-to-be released book from some con lawyer/thinktanker, who is one of the ones who is waking up from the coma, coming off the acid trip, waking up and smelling the coffee, (I'll stop there with the cliches.)

According to the blurb I read on Wonkette, this guy got canned from his think tank after his boss read the manuscript.

DISLOYALTY in the name of OBVIOUS TRUTH can not be suffered, by these bastards.


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