Monday, June 10, 2024

I don't have time to read biographies of people I don't respect, unless

 Someone pays me.  That is what I basically do for a living. I read shit you would have to pay me to read.

More is the point. I don't favor biographies. Specifically autobiography.  That sub genre is about as suspect as it gets.  Particularly, when the autobiographer has an ego that is several orders of magnitude above his meager accomplishments.

So I ain't never fucking ever gonna read Glenn Loury's doorstop. 

I read two reviews of it today. Even the one written by a political admirer remarks how much of an unflattering picture Loury on Loury drew of himself.  I don't know for sure.  But seems to me.  This blowhard who not only is a self appointed intellectual.  But also is a self appointed moral agent, at least when he wants to tell other people how they should live.  Because that is what Republicans do no matter how bad material they are, for moral fiber sources.  But more based on the observations of the reviewer in the NYT piece.  Loury seems to admire his own inner thug, and history of his street life.

Sounds like pretty sad shit to me.  And the disturbingly hilarious part of the whole perverse spectacle?  Loury has, seemingly, no idea how sad he is.  Even if he gave up crack years ago.  He comes across as still something of a crack head.  

I don't say that to be insulting. Oftentimes, the main difference between a still crack head and an ex is just the not smoking crack anymore, part.  Note, I do not mean to say every recovering crack addict will always have the personality of a crack head, for life.  But until now, I just took Loury for a delusional, egotistical, narcissist with above average intelligence, but not even a tiny bit of actual genius, who at the same time, was resentful that most of the world clearly was not impressed by him.  And he thinks they should.  However, viewing him as a recovering crack addict?  It makes sense to me now, how he seems to be so clueless to the actual, objective impression he makes on the wider swath of humanity.

And for what ever fucked up reasons.  And there is scholarship on this point, specifically due to the right wing popularity of that human dumpster fire I call bozo, or the Leper Messiah,  The previous president?

Right wingers love them some toxic personalities. So Loury gets some superficial love from the right wing.  Because he is useful for their white supremacist agenda.  But otherwise, he is a not very likeable person who just wrote a book about how not very likeable he is, actually.  As I frequently say or at least think.  There is a market for that shit.  I am not that market.

Like I said.  Sad.

I can end it here.

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