Monday, February 19, 2024

The OWL Hearts Bozo!

 "The nearly $355 million disgorgement was, as the law requires, based on the Trump Organization’s ill-gotten gains, including reduced interest rates on loans and profits from two deals that would not have occurred without Trump having lied about his financials."

Why the Huge Penalty in Trump Fraud Trial? 

I am probably breaking some standard composition rule, for front loading what I think is the most critical fact about the verdict in bozo's fraud trial.  This isn't a figure for a fine pulled out of the air.  Like a punitive damages finding by a jury in some defamation, and shit case.  Like what happened in that case against Oberlin College.  Where the jury awarded $33M when even the alleged compensatory damages were flat out fictitious claims, at best.  In the NY fraud case, the fines are based on bozo's company's ill gotten gains.

And who seems to disagree with that?  The OWL.  Former law professor, who seems to have sweet spot for bozo.  Instead of recognizing that bozo was a crook, and got caught.  Shit.  I used to be a member of the defense bar. Even I admit.   People do bad shit.  They break the law.  And get caught.  It's kind of the social reason for having law courts and shit?  

I mean I get, it when the corrupt political hacks affiliated with The Federalist Society  rush to defend bozo.  It's seemingly required to be a proper member of that club.  But the OWL really isn't a member of those clubs?

What is her deal, I will never know.  She does such a terrible of of expressing her thoughts that, and this is my opinion, only.  They look and smell like ripe stinky brain farts.  That is metaphor.  She just doesn't seem to make a lick of sense.  Often.  Enough.  Even when the subject is law.  It's like she doesn't understand the most basic concepts.  Such as if one engages in fraud, to the verified level of  $355 million. One should be forced to pay the fine.  Of $355 million.

It might be true that some paranoid people might actually have people chasing after them.  And as well, some people who have people after them, might really be bad people.  And the people chasing after them, have factual and legal cause to do so.

Last point, and I will make a similar argument, in form.  I was there at the victory party for Tish James' first election to AG NY.  So I heard her say she was going after that crook. And to me it was less of a personal or political promise.  It was more like when, some 18th century village is plagued by a wolf.  And the previous constable failed to catch the wolf.  And someone else stands up and says something like:  "Make me the constable.  I will go after the wolf.  I will catch the wolf."  

Even if I am not a New Yorker by address,  I am a native of the area.  And for most of my adult life, a NY worker and taxpayer.  So like so many natives.  I knew that bozo was even if not a wolf."  He was a chizzler, and a cheat, and a fraud.  And I like the idea of his ill gotten gains going to the coffers of NY.  Hope they make good use of the money.  The city, particularly, needs it!

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