Sunday, February 04, 2024

The Fake Trad Wife to OF trend #tradcon #tradwife #datingadvice #datingr...

I am not promoting this video, as much as I am discussing one of my more minor pet peeves:

mistaking internet trends for reality.

I am not in doubt there is an internet trend towards this . . .  let me find the right word . . .  content.  I will not call it a trend myself, as there is no available data that this statistically counts as more than cosplay, click bait,  fake bullshit.

But some people.  Even some retired law professors often fall for clickbait, be it cosplay or otherwise.  And post dumbassed shit on their blogs without doing the analysis:

Did the writer of the article I mean to share, actually do the research to support the naked claim, this is a trend?

At the next level, google the issue your damn self, and try to find the data your own damn self.

If you do not find data that supports the writer's argument? You should either post with a disclaimer:

"Warning! There seems to be no evidence to support what the article says.  I post for shits and grins, only!"  Or somesuch.

Of you should not post at all. We live in the Age of Disinformation.  Responsible humans should not contribute to the disinformation!

PS. I went with cosplay instead of LARP.  but honestly.  It's the same shit, different label.

I have a BA in Theatre, and my first career was in sho biz.  And after that, became a lawyer.  So I have a finely tuned sense for bullshit.  But I don't think people need the degrees I  have, to be able to ask themselves:

Is this shit I am seeing on line, real or fake?  Even better.  Should I ever assume some shit I am seeing on line, is real?   The answer to the second question is fuck no!  Never assume shit you  see on line, is real.  Wait for the proof, or go look it up yourself. If you are seeing shit on line? You are already likely on line.  Google that shit!

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