Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fear of a Black playing Country music.

So Queen Bey released some Country songs from her new, unreleased album.

Rhiannon Giddens is featured on one of the tracks, playing some banjo.  I discovered her more than a year ago.  And now, some white supremacists are complaining that Blacks are taking Country from them.

Well, that really ain't true.  It might be an overstatement of fact to say they stole if from us, first.  But just like most "American" music. If it were not ours, Black folks' music, singularly, first, it was built on stuff that was first, ours.

I am tagging John McWhorter, because he is the Black man so stupid he runs around saying "Western Culture" is the best.  But that Black man does not mean, far as I know, because it is greatly stolen from other, not white European folk.  And I am tagging the OWL because even if she hasn't mentioned this "story" yet on her blog.  If and when she does, she will either say something so ignorant about Black  folk I will want to lump her in with certain, unsavory and ignorant (regarding not white folk,)  white Americans.  Or she will do that odious thing, given the number of unsavory and ignorant (regarding not white folk,)  white Americans who comment on her blog.  She will post something about the white supremacist driven fake controversy, without real comment, and let the white supremacist trash spew any kind of anti Black white supremacist trash they like in the comments section, short of using the En word.  As if use of the En word is singularly the signifier one is white supremacist?   

I do babble sometimes.   I need to get back to watching the vid.

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