Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Main Difference Between Mad King George, and bozo (45. I avoid his name and image.)


The main distinction between the Mad King George, and bozo. Other than being born to a ruling family, and not having to run for office, ever.

And the main difference is. Mad King George's family loved him enough to see he was treated. They loved him enough to want him to get better. His wife loved the man she had married so much, she fought to get him back.

I guess the same inference I am making about bozo's family applies to bozo's cult. And let's be honest here. Let's be more honest than the either the political scientists, or otherwise credentialed commentators. It's not just bozo using the fuck faces. The fuck faces are using bozo, as well. He uses them to get power, and some fake sense of value, self worth. Because baby Donnie still needs huge amounts of validation. And they use him as their avatar in a fight against all that they fear and or hate. Because baby MAGA morons still needs huge amounts of validation.

It's a very fucked up, co dependent relationship.

Oh. I tagged the owl here on account. She is not as far as I know a bozo voter. But she falls in a weird category of weird. On paper, she is supposed to be smart enough to see the crazy in bozo for craziness. But she doesn't. She is always coming up with excuses. There is no need for excuses. Crazy shit, past a certain level of quirkiness is just evidence of crazy!

Oh. Here is a good yet not clinically approved, rule of thumb. When the crazy gets past being quirky cuteness, and gets into the delusional and or mean? It's at least a personality flaw, if not personality disorder. Both categories of disorder are treatable by credentialed professionals. Don't condone the disorder and or disease.

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