Friday, February 10, 2023

Does She Not Get the Game, or is She In on the Scam?

 The word racist and its variants have little real meaning in America these days.  That was the result of a deliberate initiative.  Or scam, if you prefer.  And I do.

White supremacist Republicans have mis used the word so much for things outside the original definition, the word is now greatly unhinged from its original meaning.  That is why I say white supremacist instead.

So that begs the following question.  Is Ann Althouse deliberately part of the new version of the same scam, regarding white supremacy as a term?

Granted.  Disparate impact that is primarily a matter of economic bias, status will affect disadvantages groups more.  But don't be that vapid.  There are lots more white people still.  And most of them bitches are poor, too.

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