Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Harsh! But fair? Maybe!

 I have been a good boy, avoiding watching listening to either McWhorter or Loury.  I still peek at the comments to their vids, as I am hoping for some good if harsh analysis, reaction.  

Here goes something harsh.  I belive the sub topic was whether or not they "hate" black people?

"They do. They foam at the mouth and rail against black people—every episode.

We get it:
Glenn didn’t get the prizes he thinks he deserved. And John didn’t get the women because they found him “corny” and “too white.” FYI: John has admitted as much."

I know about Glenn's wimpy whining about not getting the recognition he believes he deserves.  And John saying as much or at least close to that, about himself.  After all.  John is the guy who wrote a slam book about people who he previously admitted really did not like him, and the feeling was mutual.

Anyway,  This is the first I heard about the cock blocking.  If true how  . . .   corny!  But seriously.  I don't know much about women but for they like what and who they like for what ever static or dynamic reasons, on a one by one basis.  

Some of the sister girls love me.  Some don't.  That's life!


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