Tuesday, August 30, 2022

So Glenn Loury Yet Again Hosted Notorious White Supremacist, Amy Wax.

 Despite the shininess of the troll play, I stuck to my provisional decision to not watch his trash.  Because he hurts my pretty brain.  

I do allow myself a peek at the comments.  He was met with praise from some quarters. Let's call them the white trash faction.  And he got some contempt and ridicule from the other side.  Call them the voices of reason, and high standards.

In a related story.  Last night I watched a documentary featuring a Scots academic on the origins and history of the Klan.  Who started off not with lynching, but worked their way to that ugliness, starting first with protecting their idea of their "culture."   Nazis started off that way too.  But we need not spend that much time rehashing my old proofs.  According to the US  DOJ Civil Rights Division, discrimination based on culture is the same as that based on race, ethnicity or national origin  (see my screen cap.)  It's the world wide definition based on the UN Declaration against Racial Discrimination  as well.  Not only should law professor  Wax  know this, and know that whenever she criticizes culture she is engaging in white supremacist discrimination, even if not necessarily a crime, as individual people do not violate the law merely by holding insidious points of view.  I accuse Loury of knowing this, not because he is some kind of expert having written books about race.  But because he has been in academia for decades.  He has been given the work books, and the emails  and likely has attended several trainings over the years.


If one is defending, under some fucked up absolutist definition of academic freedom, a white supremacist?  One deserves to be considered an excuseless  piece of shit.  My 2c.

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