Thursday, August 18, 2022

Like a Broken Clock, Ann Althouse Can be Accidentally Right.

But she accidentally made a smart observation about something she really wasn't talking about.  On her blog, she has this train wreck habit of obsessing about truly drab, trite shit.  For example, her new, regular feature is curating Tiktok vids. Talk about shit the planet does not need.  But her accidental good observation was in some post based on some idiotic twitter non event regarding something Sam Harris said about the Hunter Biden laptop "conspiracy."

Firstly, there is nothing there there, about that fucking laptop until someone of impeccable reputation says  hey guys.  Actual, indicatable evidence of crimes. Here is a list.  After all, it isn't a conspiracy theory if you can prove it. And the other idiotic part of it is, who the fuck gives a fuck what Harris says about politics and law, and shit?  None of that is within his academic or professional wheelhouse!

Anyway, this story gets away from being trite when I mention that she observed that the particular over use of the word conspiracy in that matter, perhaps instead of being a declaration of fact, it is more of an analogy, to call that a conspiracy?  That is the bingo moment.

But I would say it is a baked in trait of Republicans, to misuse language that way.  They use the most negative and extreme words for people and things they oppose.  And they use the most excessive, exaggerated words to describe their claimed victimization when that is their spin. And so on, and so on.

They did not invent that shit. But they have expanded it to such a point that is it fair to say they used the words of English, but because of their peculiar group usage, it is a different dialect of the language.

So thanks  Ann.  I have been calling that dirty trick Republicans deliberately use, exaggeration and bullshit. But the term analogy helps clear shit up a bit.  The actual words they use in context are well described as exaggeration and bullshit. But the dialect is one where deliberately speaking in analogy instead of literally, is what is going on there.

You might have heard that bit about not taking DJT literally but take him seriously?  Well that dialect is how Republicans have communicated for decades.  He just took that shit to a whole new level.

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