Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Glenn Loury Sympathizes With Amy Wax's Immigration White Supremacist Bullshit.

At least in this vid.  But you don't get to play devil's advocate unless you claim to. So I will assume he means to say what he says.  That is ever the default.

Hitler loved the white supremacist American immigration laws so much he referred to them with admiration in Mein Kampf.  I say that mainly to show how  white supremacist American Immigration laws have always been.  Loury is operating, seemingly, under the delusion people can just ignore that history and reality, and just talk about protecting the border.  Insane!

I mean yeah.  He not only avoided the overt kind of white supremacist vitriol an out of the closet white supremacist would use.  And he even avoided the not even believably much less white supremacist bullshit Amy Wax uses;  the culture argument, flat out, at least.  

But he goes there with out using the word culture.

Negro please!  What change from a shift in demographics that can happen over the next 40 or 50 years do you, as a negro, fear?  Either way, black folk remain a minority.  We will never be dominant here.

More is the point, what are white trailer trash Americans afraid of and or trying to preserve?

The demographics are going to change, as long as the white trailer trash Americans do not go full Nazi, anyway.  Which could happen.

Lastly,  I am disappointed in John.  Negro please!  Bozo meant every worst inference when he said that line about Mexicans  all those years ago.  Let us never pretend otherwise.

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