Monday, May 30, 2022

And The Most Amazing Thing to Me Is . . . They Think They Smart.

 Here I go again, picking the low hanging fruit.  Doing my rendition of Capt. Obvious.

Let's call out retired Constitutional Law Professor, Ann Althouse yet again.

First ,what she said:

Has anyone on the Cheney side ever explained how it could be possible to think that overrunning the building could overthrow the government? I wish people on both sides would use accurate language, but of course, they won't.

Now my response.

Ex Constitutional Law Professor. Now on the one hand, my preferred term for what happened in Jan, 2021, and still continues today insofar as conspirators are still conspiring to seize the Federal government, and never let go?  My term is putsch.

From the web. What Google gave me on it's quick take results with answers:  

Kapp Putsch, (1920) in Germany, a coup d'état that attempted to overthrow the fledgling Weimar Republic. Its immediate cause was the government's attempt to demobilize two Freikorps brigades. One of the brigades took Berlin, with the cooperation of the Berlin army district commander.Apr 5, 2022   
I think that works better because there was inside and outside government conspirators.  And there was violence before Jan. 6,  and on that day.  And we have been living under repeated calls for more violence by people sympathetic to that group of people succeeding in their treasonous goals, since.
So as far as congress critter Cheney and or her people needing to explain what they mean?  Read a fucking dictionary.  And some news reports. Google that shit.  I did.  
And this is what I found:  If that does not suffice, professor, that is on you.
“I think what we have seen is a massive and well-organized and well-planned effort that used multiple tools to try to overturn an election,” the Wyoming Republican told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”     
If that does not suffice, professor, that is on you. 
Like my title says, I am amazed they think they smart. I am not going to go all that much deeper on what Lory and McWhorter said in the full version of their last chat vid.  But I did finally watch all of that pro white supremacy  (that was on Loury, mostly) vid.  They both think they are some kind of thinkers.  My reply to that is:
"Are you negroes sure about that?"
As far as Althouse goes.  I would say she is a very shallow thinker.  She see the surface of something.  Naturally through her own filters.  And I am not saying they are consistently the same, or as locked in, partisan hackish, as a garden variety GOPer. But we all have our own biases.  But one really is not  a thinker unless one can see past their own biases, and go deeper.
She is more of a "Ohh!  Shiny thing!" kind of commenter, than  Loury.  Who works so very, very hard to toe the party line.  He is more of a  . . . .  "Did I say the right thing? Oh. Oh.  I need your approval.  Love me, you white people," kind of commenter,  And McWhorter?  I think he used to be generally reasonable.  But he is seemingly moreso becoming a centrist Dem with a heavy case of "Get off my lawn."  He describes himself as a cranky Dem. I describe him as someone who needs to repeatedly listen to MJ's "Man In The Mirror," song, until he understands, he is greatly what he claims to dislike in other people.  As a side bar.  I confess to being a recovering internet troll.   I have not always been as fair and objective as I am now.  Hope to be?  Maybe someday?  I am still a work in progress.
Oh. In the full version of that last vid, now up on bloggingheads.  At one point he makes a point about not being a sellout, in the context of his remarks at least.  He says something to the effect his reason for not doing that is he does not want to die having done that.
And to that, and to the guy who wrote a book slamming people who disagrees with him?  I say:
"Are you  sure about that, negro?"

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